The Tapestry In The Attic

Annie Dawson Was Just A Child When She First Noticed The Small Tapestry Hanging On A Wall In Grey Gables, The Victorian Home Bequeathed To Her By Her Grandmother, Betsy Holden.But When Annie And The Members Of The Hook And Needle Club Search For Props For A Play To Be Held In Stony Point S Cultural Center,they Discover A Secret Hidden For Than 45 Years In The Old Home S Attic There Is A Sister Tapestry This One A Wall Size Work By The Same Needle Artist Based On The Ideal Woman As Described In Proverbs 31 In The Bible.What Artistic Hand Stitched The Tapestries Of Grey Gables The Mystery Deepens As Annie And Her Friends Discover That The Larger Tapestry, Like The Proverbs 31 Woman, Has A Price Above Rubies Will The Path To Solving The Mystery Once Again Put Annie S Life In Jeopardy Annie And Her Friends Are Drawn Into The Production Of The Play Because It Will Benefit A Fund For Breast Cancer Research, A Matter Most Urgent Since The Very Disease The Hook And Needle Club Members Are Fighting Strikes One Of Their Own.Join Our Mystery Solving Band Of Handcrafters Needlecrafters As They Tackle Another Whodunit From The Labyrinth Of Annie S Attic.The Tapestry In The Attic

!!> Epub ➣ The Tapestry In The Attic ➢ Author Mary O'Donnell –
  • Hardcover
  • 223 pages
  • The Tapestry In The Attic
  • Mary O'Donnell
  • English
  • 23 October 2018

10 thoughts on “The Tapestry In The Attic

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    Book 18 has been read I am really enjoying this series of books Annie is such a good observer of people She gets to participate in a production of a play along with the others from the Hook and Needle Club This brought out hidden talents of each woman One of the women in the group had a scary, real life situation to deal with The others in the group dealt with this situation with grace and assistance This is how God wants us to treat others I am so thankful for great stories with great outcomes.

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    Yet another enjoyable mystery in this series.

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    OK an easy fast readsomewhat believable and yet it is a tad crazy how many rather trivial mysteries can come from one attic

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    Annie s friend Stella has a new project for the ladies of the Hook and Needle group, this time to be involved in a play They are assigned positions whether they are to be in the play or behind the scenes and go to Annie s attic to search through her grandmothers , Betty s , belonging hoping to find some things up there that would be great to use for the play.While they were digging through thinga, they find a piece of artwork that has the same initials as one of her hanging pieces of artwork in her house Who is L.C and why does this person mean so much to her grandmother , especially enough to have multiple pieces of the artwork and hanging up.When she went through old boxes of letters , out fell one in particular that has a college name and again, L.C but this time with it, was a name Who is this Lily person Was she a professor at the college oe just a old roommate of her grandmother What a find for Annie at the college to see another tapestry and who Lily really was Unfortunate for her as well to have what happened to her later but you have to read the book to find out.

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    This wasn t one of my favs in the series.

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    I picked this up at the library last week, knowing that it was part of a series However, there was no indication that it was 18 in the series I found out later only by checking it out at Anyway This is a simple story The members of local needlework club agree to participate in staging a play at the newly opened town cultural center Annie, who lives in an old house she inherited from her grandmother, finds a gorgeous tapestry in her attic which she agrees can be part of the stage set for the play The tapestry is stolen, and a mysterious accident injures one of the participants in the play Since this is a cozy mystery, all s well that ends well The plot was overly simple, and it was pretty clear from the start, who the bad guy was I also found the frequent Christian messages distracting Some authors Jan Karon, for example do it well because it s woven seamlessly into the story In this book, I felt that the narrative was interrupted by the Christian message break, just like a commercial break on TV I doubt I ll be reading others in the series.

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    When Annie her friends are rummaging in the attic of Grey Gables looking for items to be used in a theatrical production the community is going to take part in, they come across a tapestry that Annie has never seen before The theater decides to use the tapestry for a backdrop in various scenes but, the tapestry disappears from the storage area of the theater.The proceeds from the play will be donated to breast cancer research so theres s a lot of enthusiasm in the cast members Twists and turns as the mystery of the missing tapestry unfolds surprised me and I enjoyed reading this book

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    Annie and her friends are going to help in putting on a play as a fundraiser for breast cancer Mary Beth gets a terrifying diagnosis While looking for props in Annie s attic they find a tapestry rolled up in a rug Annie consents for it to be used in the play, but before the performances it is stolen

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    Best book of the series so far Loved all the activity the characters did to put on the play The author did well with tying on the cancer theme with the characters and making everyone show what good friends they really are.

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    This one was mysterious and had the whole community involved in a work of charity Everything tied together well Culprit caught and fences mended.

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