Little Trouble in Tall Tree

Beneath The Peaceful Exterior Of The Leafy Town Of Tall Tree, The Brutal Baby Gangster Underworld Is Simmering To A Hard Boil Squeezy The Cheeks, Undisputed Leader Of The Long Ruling North Wood Crew, Is Facing The Toughest Challenge Of His Career His Archnemesis Harry The Rash, Who Rules The Poopypants Gang With An Iron Rattle, Is Making A Play For Squeezy S Territory Mama S Boy, The Freshest Recruit Into Squeezy S Mob Of Infant Thugs, Is Unwittingly Thrust Into The Middle Of The Massive Heist Squeezy Must Pull Off To Keep Himself And His Crew In Their Seat Of Power Everything Is At Stake For The North Wood Gang But Can Mama S Boy Keep It Together To Make The Score, Or Will The Mysterious Redhead He Encounters At Story Time Distract Him At His Most Important Hour Join Mama S Boy As He Journeys Into The Dark Underbelly Of The Baby Hoodlum Wars And Is Forced To Change His Worldview Forever.Little Trouble in Tall Tree

Michael Fertik is a published fiction author, poet, produced film writer, and playwright His poetry, short fiction, and novellas have recently appeared in Minor Lits december The Write Launch Eclectica Litro Cease, Cows Feminine Collective etc. His writing has won fiction, poetry, and film prizes and includes a New York Times Bestseller He lives in Palo Alto, California, where he is a Si

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  • Paperback
  • 82 pages
  • Little Trouble in Tall Tree
  • Michael Fertik
  • English
  • 27 April 2018
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    If you take the movie Look Who s Talking, name some babies Dick Tracy styled names and thrown in heist You will get an idea of what this book is all about A laughing fit that have us crapping in our diapers if we were babies again.The Poopypants Gang is trying to score the white colostrum from the day care and sell it on the streets The new baby in town Mama s Boy becomes the head honcho along side Squeezy, Daisy the redhead, Ninja Spit and few others Plan the heist to dump all the white before the Poopypants Gang get to it.I had some laughs and will love to read a sequel to these characters, the ending giving off that there should be one in the making Change your diapers, folks because shit is about to get messy with laughter.

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    Disclaimer I received this book in a First Reads giveawayI wasn t sure what to expect when I received this book, though I was intrigued by the concept of Baby Noir The story has its funny moments, and I absolutely adore the humourous illustrations but it s too filled with drool, bottles, and poopy diapers for my taste I couldn t help but think back to our preschooler s babyhood and compare her to these infant troublemakers Aside from the deviousness bit, she wasn t anything like these droolers so it was hard for me to relate Anyway, this book is like a cartoon with baby characters creating havoc with adult voiceovers, of course If you enjoy that sort of entertainment, this story will be right up your alley.

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    This was not the novel I thought it would be Based on the cover alone, it simply looked like an interesting children s book This is definitely not the case However, it was still a fun read I also enjoyed the fact that it was based off this whole fantasy world that Fertik built around his son, and all the things he thought his son could possibly be doing and imagining himself I think the only thing that I would have liked would have been illustrations They were simple yet very telling of the story and the events that were discussed There isn t really much to say about this story other than if you want a quick laugh then it s something that you should be reading It is a very odd genre, but one that I would like to see develop .

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    In Little Trouble In Tall Tree, Michael Fertik has invented a new genre Baby Noir Mystery A wicked blend of Disney meets The Godfather in Go the F k to Sleep, Little Trouble In Tall Tree is a children s book for adults that lures parents into a secret baby gangster underworld that exists right under their unknowing eyes Set in beautiful Tall Tree Palo Alto , and ripe with cynical wit, hard boiled humor, babies and boobs, this page turner novella is a must read for every seasoned as well as aspiring, ready to laugh, celebrate, and wince at the pleasures, pains, and perils of parenthood Watch out for these cute little monsters The illustrations are all original and hand drawn, reflecting a tribute to true noir chiaroscuro style.

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    This was a pretty funny story but I couldn t place it in an age group It had some bad words in it and the vocabulary was a little old for elementary and yet its too young for older youth It was well written and if it was modified would be a great book for elementary It would also be a good chapter book for some of the early readers I believe that babies have their own way of communicating and they are intelligent than adults can possibly realize I don t think they are quite that advanced in thinking nor thatnegative But it was still quite humorous if it was cleaned up.I won this n a Goodread drawing and appreciate it.

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    Ah So this is what babies doI knew itlol I enjoyed the book It was funny, a one sit read, really short but it s good that it s that way This book is an amusing thought on what we all wonder, what do babies say and do We hear the gurgles and all that but does it mean anything lol It s one of those books that are silly but put a smile on your face anyway.

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    Real fast read Book about baby gangsters

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    Don t let the cover fool you, this is not a children s book Not was that the author s intent Babies truly are experts at getting what they want Fertik s baby noir twist is meant to have some fun with that I can see this as an eye opening gift for new or expecting parents who might otherwise never suspect what s truly behind these distracting chubby cheeks.If you want a book suitable for children but along similar lines, I suggest BOSS BABY by Marla Frazee.

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    Little Trouble in Tall Tree by Michael Fertik is a beautifully written fun short story with beautiful illustrations for adults Michael Fertick created a baby hoodlum world with characters that will have you rolling on the floor laughing Squeezy the Cheeks the leader of the North Wood crew, Harry the Rash the leader of the Poopypants Gang, Mama s Boy, etc The plot is really good with surprising twists and the humor is great I would love to read a few sequels to this book

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    Funny and cute This is a book that parents and even adults without kids will get a kick out of It s the first in Michael Fertik s baby noir series a children s book for grownups that takes you inside a secret infant hoodlum world, where baby gangsters are on the loose Reading the Kindle edition was delightful

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