Return Engagement

LIGHTNING THAT LINGERSCyn Was Certain The Harcourt Wedding Would Finally Launch Her Bridal Consulting And Catering Business But Anticipation Turned To Shock When She Met The Groom Wolf Thornton, The Man She D Once Intended To Marry.Clearly, The Upcoming Union Was Not A Match Made In Heaven And If Wolf Could Still Kiss Her With Such Passion, Then He Had No Right To Marry Rebecca Harcourt At All But How Far Could Cyn Go To Assuage Her Own Burning NeedsReturn Engagement

I have written almost 250 romance novels in contemporary and Regency I am a USA Today Bestselling Author and recipient of the 2015 RWA Lifetime Achievement Award In 2014 I received a Pioneer of Romance Award from Romantic Times in the US and in 2012 I was recognised by Queen Elizabeth II for my outstanding service to literature I am very happily married to Peter with six sons, and live on the

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  • Return Engagement
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  • 12 January 2018

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    Re Return Engagement Carole Mortimer continues the bonus HP Plus tradition with this one.We get a reconciliation story that relies on the other staple of HPlandia, when it s denizens aren t plotting grand plans o revenge for a unicorn grooming h stealing their dog s second favorite chew toy ten years earlier That would be The Big Misunderstanding.It takes a certain amount of skill to pull this off and sometimes in the HP s that we all love and adore, our storytellers get a wee bit too enthused with the bitter fury and hurt feeling retaliations that build up to the big Reveal of How It Was All A Big Mistake and We Should Have Never Been Apart All These Years and frankly, mess things up royally.It takes subtlety and a wicked OW usually to pull this trope off Unfortunately in CM s eagerness to present extra fiery repressed passion and page counts, she only succeeds in one of those requirements.Yes, the OW is extremely wicked, so you can probably guess where the fail is.The book starts with the 27 yr old h, she is a wedding planner She grew up in foster homes and over the years of having to support herself, took several different jobs in the service industries After she got fired for misprinting several posters for a big dance, the h decided it is better to be your own boss So after years of making contacts in all aspects of catering and party services, the h opens h...

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    Return Engagement is the story of Cyn and Wolf.Our h is a new and emerging wedding planner, who gets a prestigious contract to plan a wedding..only to realize that the groom is her ex The h and H had been passionately in love, until the evil OW caused misunderstandings after a tragedy and they separated in a slew of hurt feelings and lies.They reunite, realizing their feelings never changed, and finally at the very end realized the truth about the past.Honestly, I enjoyed parts of this book very much The couple was obviously in love the hero was a beta man, burdened by guilt and responsibilities, the heroine was a strong, misguided woman, bought down by her own insecurities their lack of communication caused the sepa...

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    This was a surprise for me I didn t read any reviews before reading and just dived right in I found the story enjoyable and interesting enough that I didn t want to put it down Cyn and Wolf met while she was working his mother s bday party at his family hotel Their attraction was instant and mutual Wolf was an artist with lots of promising talent After meeting Cyn he went home and painted her Their relationship grew and they soon got engaged Then tragedy struck and Cyn learned that there was another woman in Wolf s life and he was using her as cover to the affair She ended the engagement and walked away Seven years later Cyn is a successful wedding planner She s asked to plan the wedding of a wealthy man s daughter A serious coup if all goes well Until she learns that the bride is having a fling with the gardener and the groom is her ex fianc , Wolf After seeing Wolf again, things take a swift turn for worse Cyn finds herself embroiled in the bride s drama and Wolf is literally at her heels The story was told at a nice pace It didn t drag The MC s were like able, even when Wolf was being a beast The reader knew he loved Cyn and was like a sore bear cause he was still in love with her Cyn so wanted to not love him, but it was not to be She thought he betrayed her and now he was marrying someone else But the attraction both had them bac...

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    I usually enjoy Carole Mortimer s work She is one of my most read authors However, this one just didn t work for me Mostly because the constant misunderstandings could have been easily cleared up with some very simple, basic communication For the most part, I can suspend reality when I read these HP s, but this story was fraugh...

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    Well, what I learned from stories with this type of plot is talk to your partner even if you think that he s having an affair and even if it s true or not Don t walk away from a relationship with lots of questions, it sometimes mess around o...

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    It wasn t a bad book per se but the romance fell flat for me.

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    Cyn has turned into a wedding planner and she s in for a big surprise when the bridegroom for a particular society wedding is her ex fiance It s a roller coaster ride on this one Wolf is under the impression that Cyn ran away when the going got tough and she believes he s having an affair with his sister in law They both have some really heated mo...

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    This book annoyed the crap out of me It just bothered me because in any good relationship, communication is a must In this novel most of the fights, doubts, etc could have easily been cleared up So maybe they just weren t mean...

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