Carlo Salvino Returns Home Missing An Arm And A Leg He S Keen To Win Back The Affections Of His Teenage Girlfriend And Mother Of His Child If He Can Take His Revenge On The Ramsays, So Much The Better.The Ramsay Brothers Are Keen To Move Up In The World And Get The Hell Out Of Town They Gather All Their Hopes In One Basket, The Scottish Open Dog Fighting Tournament In Leo They Have The Animal To Win It All They Need To Complete The Plan Is A Fair Wind.The Hooks, Well They Re Just A Maladjusted Family Caught Up In The Middle Of It All.Smoke

Nigel Bird is the author of several novels, novellas and short story collections, including The Shallows, the Southsiders series, In Loco Parentis, Smoke, Mr Suit and Dirty Old Town His work has appeared in a number of prestigious magazines and collections, including 2 editions of The Best Of British Crime,The Reader, Crimespree and Needle.He is currently an editorial consultant for the publisher

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    This was a wee story that had plenty of punch and hook.The story starts straight into the thick of a scene that hooks you in and does not let go, the story just grabs you by the jugular up north into the grittiness of the Scottish lands Sharp dialogue with visceral prose that serves up a delightful guilty pulp pleasure The author does well in keeping it old school in style straight to crux of the story carving scenes in your thoughts.An author to add a group of writers i am learning of, whom i would say come from a stable schooled in noir pulp grit writing.His story goes from one funny scene He ran for the fire doors at the end of the corridor wit...

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    Set amongst poverty and upper class loathing, the residents of Tranent ooze realism and conform to the welfare support typecast to perfection The gritty and densely enraged streets of Tranent are defined to a point that they could easily assume any local neighbourhood or neighbouring hood The inhabitants made real by Birds exceptionally well structured POV split scenes which draw different aspects together to form a single picture of a landscape in deep decay So hard are the lives of Jimmy a good hearted teen with a target on his back , Kylie teen mother , Carlos wheelchair bound amputee , and the Ramsay brothers local thugs that the notion of a greener pasture is lulled by a grey reality where illegally obtained funds are the only method to rid themselves of poverty stricken madness Central to Smoke is the underlying theme of retribution and payback Jimmy is the perfect unassuming victimised youth prone to being bullied yet determined enough to lie in wait and strike when the opportune moment presents Unfortunately, vindication is not witho...

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    I have come to really enjoy the British fiction I have been finding lately It goes deeper than just my love for Monty Python it is the way the authors write about life, the manner in which they embrace the struggles, the toughness they exude, and the rawness of their emotions I find that missing in much of what I read that is produced here in the good old US of A I know it is there also but the style seems to be, to just gloss over it The writing I have found of some of Bird s contemporaries Paul D.Brazill, Darren Sant, Luca Veste, Jochem Vandersteen, and Mark Cooper to a name a few I could go on if you want , go so much further in pulling that out and making it a main element in the story, to focus on it and to make it so much tangible The violence then becomes much of a tool and device in their hands for me at that point.It is not senseless, but sensible Don t get me wrong I enjoy explosions, car chases, of any of that type of stuff in general, but why is it there Nigel Bird makes it part of the rhythm of the story, it flows, and it s smooth I hope to get to read of Nigel Bird I enjoy the honesty in his wri...

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    Synopsis blurb Grim, but really good Ian RankinCarlo Salvino returns home missing an arm and a leg He s keen to win back the affections of his teenage girlfriend and mother of his child If he can take his revenge on the Ramsays, so much the better.The Ramsay brothers are keen to move up in the world and get the hell out of town They gather all their hopes in one basket, The Scottish Open dog fighting tournament In Leo they have the animal to win it all they need to complete the plan is a fair wind.The Hooks, well they re just a maladjusted family caught up in the middle of it all.A tale of justice, injustice and misunderstanding, Smoke is a 22,000 word novella that draws its inspiration from characters introduced in the short story An Arm And A Leg first published by Crimespree Magazine and later in The Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime Stories 8.PRAISE FOR SMOKE Nigel Bird takes his readers to some dark places, but there is also beauty in this harsh reality The twin narratives of Jimmy and Carlo weave through the story like sparring boxers, ducking and diving before closing on each other as bell sounds for the brutal final round Rarely have I come across an author who writes with such humanity and feeling for the people he cre...

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    So this is how it went for me last night I went to bed thinking I d make a start on Nigel Bird s brand new novella SMOKE and then hopefully manage to get some sleep in Two hours later I was still reading Feeling guilty that it was 3am I turned off the light, only to switch it back on at 4.30am to finish reading this superb tale about the high jinx that two young lads get up to in Tranent.Today will probably call for a sneaky nap at some point but do you know, this story is well worth losing sleep over What an excellent storyteller Bird is in this tale of love and revenge.The story alternates between its two main characters, Jimmy and Carlos Jimmy is still at school, theoretically, but is one of those lads who has fallen through the cracks in the system and is likely to be seen pounding the streets of his local community begging smokes or getting blitzed out of his head with his mates.Carlos has a swanky new motorised wheelchair, top notch, and was Jimmy s sister s boyfriend before somebody tied him to a railway line and he lost an arm and a leg After a long period of therapy he s back on the local scene and hopes that Kylie will take him back and will allow him access to their young son Problems start when Kylie declares that the child isn t hisIf you want to know what else h...

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    Ever since I first read Dirty Old Town by Nigel I have been a fan of his short stories The collection which followed it Beat On The Brat only reinforced this feeling When I heard that Nigel had a novella out I was excited at the prospect of reading it I wanted to see how Nigel would handle longer fiction and he didn t disappoint me.Bird brings us a unique flavour in the setting of the town of Tranent Like most writers of his considerable talent you can t quite put your finger on the singular thing that makes his writing unique Smoke is Brit Grit at its very finest Think in terms of Layer Cake or Snatch The story starts with Jimmy being humiliated at school and vowing revenge against his nemesis Sean Mulligan Things go downhill for Jimmy very quickly from there This is also the story of Carlo who we first saw in Nigel s story An Arm And A Leg which appeared in The Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime 8 The story is set in the middle of a huge dog fighting tournament and one or two scenes excellently convey the brutality of this horrendous pastime I won t grace it with the word sport Nigel s writing often deals dark settings and damaged characters and ...

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    grimthis story was fast paced and full of action exposing the unseemly lives of council estate thugs, their dogs, and others who are unfortunate enough to get caught up in it all.

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    For many people, the way they are raised influences their entire life for the good or the bad Due to their upbringing, some never see the good that is hidden among the rotten filth that lies before them And for others, even when they do see the good, they don t know how to leave their existing lifestyles behind to obtain it.Which brings us to Smoke by Nigel Bird At the beginning of Smoke by Nigel Bird, we read about a young man named Jimmy being humiliated at school by a boy named Sean Mulligan Jimmy s been stripped down to his privates in front of a group of other kids, left to run home in the buff, and then forced to go back the next day only to find his trousers flying from the flag pole Jimmy seeks revenge, but things don t go as planned and I think Jimmy even develops a little sympathy for the bully and his living conditions in the process Eventually, Jimmy drops out of school, is attacked by a dog, and spends the rest of his life with half of his face hidden behind a mask.And then there s Carlo He s obviously a guy with a troubled past an odd pas...

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    What a delight Nigel Bird s novel, Smoke was to read Not simply because it was a crackling good story, wondrously told which it is , but it was simply refreshing since it began with the depantsing of a young boy and then centered around a dog fight In these days in this country U.S of rampant Political Correctness gone absolutely amuck and insane when great books such as Huckleberry Finn are sanitized to suck the very marrow out of their brilliance to satisfy some politicized bullshit group or other who aren t satisfied to run just their lives or thoughts but want to control the rest of us, refreshing is precisely the word to describe work like Bird s With groups of grim faced citizens who appear to have sphincteritis extremis along with a secret handshake and generous funding for television ads seeking to control the rest of us it seems to be up to the Brits to show us what this freedom of speech thing that we read about in history books is all about.Personally, I like dogs I find most breeds to be fine eating, and, if harvested at younger ages, approaching gourmet status, particularly when sage is used judiciously and not overmuch.This is a great piece of fiction that shows us a world many aren t exposed to that s a value in itself but , it shows how young boys are shaped by the cruelty visited upon them Now that is valuable If Jimmy hadn t been depantsed, if he hadn t grown up in a world o...

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    Smoke is the first novella from the pen of the accomplished, Nigel Bird critically acclaimed short story writer extraordinaire, and proper nice bloke to boot.Being familiar with Nigel s bitter sweet short stories, I was fascinated to see how trying his hand at a longer piece would turn out This novella is a little different from many of Nigel s aforementioned short stories in that the writing voice is unashamedly Scottish And brilliantly so I think of all the UK short story writers plying their trade at the moment, along with the inimitable Mr Paul D Brazill, Nigel is the one writer that has most successfully found a voice for the US market That being so, I loved the fact he s returned to his Scottish roots for Smoke Smoke centres around a lad called Jimmy Not a bad lad, but a lad who gets into the odd scrape every now and then In Smoke , one of these particular scrapes involves the psychotic Ramsay Brothers and their incredibly vicious, and incredibly well written, dog fighting competition, and also a one armed, one legged bloke in a motorised wheelchair, called Carlos The bloke is called Carlos, I has...

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