Hard Bite

The Hit And Run Driver Took Everything His Wife, Child And Legs Now A Paraplegic, Dean Drayhart Unleashes Payback On Suspected Hit And Runners In Los Angeles With Helper Monkey Sid As His Deadly Assistant.Dean S Gentle, Doting Nurse Knows Nothing About What He S Up To When Sid Tears Out The Throat Of A Mexican Mafia Member, Marcie Gets Kidnapped In Order To Force Dean S Surrender.Armed With Nothing But His Wits, Sid, And A Sympathetic Streetwalker Named Cinda, Dean Manipulates Drug Cartel Carnales And The Los Angeles Sheriff S Department In A David Against Goliath Plot That Twists And Turns To A Heart Pounding Showdown.Hard Bite

HARD BITE and BITE HARDER are coming home For years now, the e books and the paperbacks have been split between publishers in UK and the US Now, I m proud that the whole family will be with Down Out Books, helmed by Eric Campbell The name Anonymous 9 came about because I wasn t sure if my experimental stories would be accepted But they were Tragic, comic and hardboiled are words that

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    Note, March 13, 2015 I edited this review just now to correct a minor typo.Although I sometimes say I don t read e books, a accurate way of putting that would be that I very, very seldom read them on that below , and then only under unusual circumstances In this case, the author, Elaine Ash, and I are Goodreads friends in her Anonymous 9 incarnation her real identity isn t secret, and is indeed mentioned in the author info at the end of this book Awhile back, she wound up giving me quite a bit of computer advice information, and only asked in return that I d buy a copy of her book She didn t ask me to review it and when I said I would if I liked it, she replied that she wouldn t be offended by a honest review even if I didn t Since I figured that a gracious favor from a lady deserved one in return, and I d already heard of the book and found it intriguing, I did buy it at 99 cents, it won t break anybody But her publisher basically only does e books as I understand it, the paperback edition in the Goodreads database was a very limited run for review copies, now out of print So in this case, it was e book format or nothing.As the Goodreads description indicates, this boo...

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    Hard Bite kicks off with revenge, like one of those lone wolf retribution thrillers where the main dude s family gets wiped out and he gets all upset about it But that s exactly what happens here when Dean s life gets smashed to a twisted wreck and he is left to live with the consequences of carnage What would you do if you had a wild eyed helper monkey trained to obey every command, a simian companion in your days in oblivion Dean wills his plan into action, his restricted mobility focusing his mind, motivated by righteous fury he takes to the city With his furry sidekick acting out what he is unable to do physically, they function as a dastardly team and work to clean up the streets Together the bring vigilante justice to those who have evaded the law, in an attempt to right some wrongs and bring some elusive peace to Dean s battered psyche It helps to keep busy.As events unfold their lively spree of violence inevitably gathers unwanted attentions, bo...

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    Blurb.The hit and run driver took everything his wife, child and legs.Now a paraplegic, Dean Drayhart unleashes payback on suspected hit and runners in Los Angeles with helper monkey Sid as his deadly assistant.Dean s gentle, doting nurse, Marcie, knows nothing about what he s up to When Sid tears out the throat of a Mexican Mafia member, she gets kidnapped in order to force Dean s surrender.Armed with nothing but his wits, Sid, and a sympathetic streetwalker named Cinda, Dean manipulates drug cartel carnales and the Los Angeles Sheriff s Department in a David against Goliath plot that twists and turns to a heart pounding showdown.Hard Bite is outlandish in every way a crazed noir excursion into an unprecedented heart of darkness From the opening line on, it challenges and confronts, attacks and confounds Violent and sometimes funny, always entertaining T Jefferson Parker, three time Edgar Award winner, author of The Jaguar and The Border Lords My take.I would hazard a guess that I m unlikely to read about a stranger couple this year than paraplegic Dean and assassin monkey Sid, unless of course Anonymous 9 cranks out another weird blend of pulp ish noir prose a bit sharp ish.Anon 9 has given us a serial killer with a conscience, ...

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    HARD BITE is modern pulp with a paraplegic protagonist and a side kick worthy of a cult following, in Sid, a serial killer money HARD BITE is laced with satire and dark humour likened to other Blasted Heath titles, notably Douglas Lindsay s Barney Thomson series despite the murderous plot, Anonymous 9 keeps the laughs and lighter moments rolling along I didn t know whether to cringe when Sid went in for the hard bite or laugh at the overall outlandish concept great stuff.Not your typical portrait of a serial killer, Dean Drayhart is wheelchair bound and uses a unique accomplice to carry out his killings In a twisted way, Dean gets some redemption with every kill of a hit and run driver, slowly accounting for his predicament courtesy of a hit and run which not only caused his loss of movement but also cost him his family HARD BITE really comes to the boil when it s discovered one of Drayhart s victims has strong ties to a Mexican drug cartel Soon he encounters bullets, a scornful mother, and the police in an all out action packed story that s entertaining all the way through The characters are superb, from Drayhart and Sid, to Drayhart s nurse Maric Blattlatch and prostitute girlfriend Cinda Cop Doug provides a glimpse at the police ...

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    HARD BITE is based on the hilarious, award winning short story of the same name Think of the short as the icing on a giant quid pro quo, a french farce that went out of control and you have somewhat an accurate portrait of HARD BITE It s a novel that s running wild into the streets of Los Angeles.The ultra charming, seral killing, monkey loving, wheelchair bound narrator Dean Drayhart is still quite the philosopher, but he shares the pages and the point of view with several other characters, including a no nonesense police investigator and two bad girls blinded by grief It s both good and bad, because it contributed to the ambient wackiness, but the point of view switches so often it can become confusing.I liked HARD BITE I thought it was wild and daring I loved Dean Drayhart s chapters, thought The other ch...

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    I read the collection The 1st Short Story Collection about a year ago and really enjoyed all the stories but a few stood out and the Hard Bite short was one that had a unique premise I ignored the listing for Hard Bite assuming it was for the short What an idiot I was very excited to see how my favorite short was fleshed out in this novella I had some preconceived notions of where this might go but Anonymous 9 really went in a direction I did not expect and what a great ride The original idea of hit and run victim turned wheelchair bound vigilante with help from Sid remains but instead of multiple uses of the hard bite several other methods come into play He employs several different techniques to pick his targets and up to the final incident in this book, he is utterly convinced of the righteousness of his process and targets.A much larger cast is introduced and we swing from a Mexican dr...

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    Dean Drayhart is an unusual serial killer A paraplegic, rendered so by a hit and run driver, who also took his daughter s life and eventually killed his marriage His weapon of choice is a small monkey named Sid, a helper animal trained for work with crippled people Sid s training goes much further though.Dean has an obsession to rid the world of hit and run drivers and has a website where he poses as a crime writer looking for paid interviews with hit and run drivers, discretion guaranteed He has a hooker girl friend who knows what he does and a care nurse that doesn t.When Sid, with his razor sharp teeth, rips out the throat of a member of a Mexican drug cartel member, Mother gets very angry She s run the cartel ever since her husband died in prison and with her other two sons, it doesn t take her long to get on Dean s trail And the cops start to put things together when they find strange animal hairs at two of the murder scenes, not a canine of any sort, b...

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    i have finished Hard Bite and would give it a solid 3 stars kind of a Stephen Hawking meets Dexter if you can imagineit was fast paced and had enough going on, however i just didn t find myself connecting too much with any of the characters but may...

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    I liked this book it was definitely different but thats how I like them it keeps me reading Thumbs up to Anonymous 9

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    At this point, you re wondering why I do this eradicate hit and run drivers At first I called myself an assassin but Merriam Webster ruined that idea by defining assassination as killing for impersonal reasons and that s incorrect I kill for extremely personal reasons Starting with the individual who hit me, shattering my neck, crushing my left arm and feet, and squashing my large intestine to mush I can t digest much of anything, but my dick still works Go figger.After suffering a near fatal hit and run accident that does kills his young daughter and leaves him in a wheel chair, Dean Drayhart decides to become a serial killer to eliminate hit and run drivers that have led to the same type of harm that he has faced I thought this was an interesting premise, especially since he uses a trained pet monkey Sid to assist in the killings a monkey that has a Hard Bite way of killing However, I wasn t really sure how this would hold up over the course of a full book as how many killings by monkey bites would be interesting not many Fortunately, Anonymous 9 please change your name back Elaine, this is hard to type does not just stay there, but takes the book in a couple of different directions with some interesting and often funny dialogue along the way The excerpt above is a good one it tells about why Dean is doing what he is doing and gives some sense of the h...

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