Martin Luther King, Jr. (Penguin Lives Biographies)

.Martin Luther King, Jr. (Penguin Lives Biographies)

A native of South Carolina, Marshall Frady was a journalist for than twenty five years, writing for Newsweek, Life, Harper s, Esquire, The New York Review of Books, The Sunday Times of London, The Atlantic, and The New Yorker He was a correspondent on Nightline chief writer and host of ABC News Closeup, for which he won two Emmys and the duPont Columbia Award and the author of six books.

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    I have a pretty good idea that with this review I m going to step on peoples toes So, be forewarned You see, there really wasn t much I cared for I don t like the author s writing style, I don t like the way he brushed over some really scarring things, and I really don t care for Martin Luther King, Jr himself Therefore, I ll probably disagree with many who read this.Well, now that that is out of the way, let s get into the why and how of the book Martin Luther King, Jr A Life by Marshall Frady, and why I took the precautions of putting a disclaimer in my introduction.My main problem with the book was that I learned several things I really didn t need or want to know For one, the author has a very expansive vocabulary that bogs readers down when he uses it He also has nothing against quoting cuss words in his book And while I like description, I really don t need to know extreme details about minor characters, information he seemed overeager to share.Even with all this detail, or perhaps because of all this wordy detail, there were times that t...

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    Ralph Bunche Albert John Luthuli Desmond Tutu Nelson Mandela Kofi Annan Wangari Maathai Barack Obama Like Martin Luther King, Jr., they are among the black Nobel Laureates for Peace.Martin Luther King, Jr 1929 1968 was an American Baptist minister that led the African American Civil Right movement He was born in Atlanta, Georgia where his mother used to tell him Martin, you are as good as any child in Atlanta These words made the boy Martin dreamed high despite being born black In this biography, he made references for the people who he got his inspiration from Jesus Christ his mother was a devout Christian , Gandhi for his non violence , Thoreau for his effective civil disobedience and Abraham Lincoln for his earlier contribution on racial equality.If I am not mistaken, this is my first autobiography book Having read Antonia Fraser s Marie Antoinette A Journey and Randy Taraborreli s Music and Madness The Michael Jackson Story I think I prefer biographies Because the book was written by the person himself and ...

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    I came to read this book because I admittedly don t know much about Martin Luther King, Jr, and I decided that now that I m middle aged, it s high time I learn something about such an influential man And so, this book.Marshall Frady did a good job at capturing the highlights AND lowlights of King s short life, and I learned a lot One thing that annoyed me about the book, however, was the fact that Frady has an enormous vocabulary and doesn t hesitate to employ it in his writing I can t imagine how your average reader would understand half the words he uses I have three English and writing degrees, and I found words I d never heard of or knew what they meant It was unnecessary and I felt like Frady was showing off, perhaps because he s a narcissist, I don t know It was frustrating.I learned that Martin was born Mike and that he got his Ph.D at Boston University I learned his father was an Atlanta preacher, and that King later served at the same church, after he had been at a church in Alabama I learned about the marches, the details of non violent demonstrations, the arrests and jailings I also learned an awful lot about the beatings the non violent black marchers took, sometime...

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    Martin Luther King, Jr was one of those Americans like Ben Franklin, George Washington, Abe Lincoln, and FDR, who, to me, were far too perfect to be interesting When we learn about these people in grade school, we are taught about how awesome and nice they were to the point they become rather dull When I got older and I started to read about these people, I discovered their true greatness King was probably the greatest American never to hold public office, yet, had had an effect on this country similar to that of Franklin Roosevelt or John Marshall Unfortunately, like many great leaders of our past, King s legacy now clouds the image of who the man was When I read King s Autobiography, I felt I had come to a greater understanding of him as a person and his perspective on himself Reading Marshall Frady s Martin Luther King A Life has given me of a clear image of who the man was and times that he lived Frady s King is a man who, like all men, is flawed human being Here he is presented as Oliver Cromwell once said with warts in all But even the sins of Martin Luther King are very minor when compared to other American icons, and King clearly paid for them then he should have in h...

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    Like that of most famous men, Martin Luther King Jr s life is one largely remembered as a series of events the Montgomery bus boycott, the Birmingham marches, his I Have a Dream speech, his march in Selma, and his assassination in Memphis While this list includes its most triumphal moments, it does little to cover the full range of his activities or the private life he lived This is what Marshall Frady provides in this brief book In a little than 200 pages, he conveys the span of King s tragically short life, from his Atlanta boyhood through his early ministry to the activism that made him famous and helped to transform the nation Though the familiar highlights are there, he adds to the reader s understanding elements that King s achievements have overshadowed, such as his failed campaign in the Georgia town of Albany, or the brutal resistance his efforts faced in St Augustine, Florida Their inclusion certainly qualifies the scope of what Kind accomplished, but it also helps readers to better understand the size of the challenge King and other protestors faced in challenging Jim Crow segregation.Frady adds little that is new to the story of King s life, yet his analysis is informed by his personal experiences covering King as a young reporter in the 1960s His account of the St Augustine protests is a particular highlight of his book for that reaso...

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    A Life of martin luther king jr because it shows and tells the life of martin luther king jr This book is amazing to young readers if they want to learn about martin s life He is a very inspiring man and leader He changes all of our lives because if it weren t for him we would all be separated but because he did what he did we are all together as one and king, not mean He once s...

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    Written in the flowery, vivid language of Frady, a veteran southern journalist who covered King for Newsweek in the mid 60s , this story tells the rise of King s popularity and leadership and his fight to maintain it despite a popular sway towards the movements of Malcolm X, Black Power and violent retaliation It is told in a non linear style, rarely referring to dates, often glimpsing back into King s past or foreshadowing into his future Frady s language seems to echo the sweeping drama of King s own pastoral speaking style and the capture the mounting excitement surrounding the Civil Rights Movement A typical sample sentence of Frady s writing At the...

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    I really liked this book and it s representation of Dr Martin Luther King a lot The book gave a honest analysis of Martin Luther King and his life, presenting him as a civil rights leader but also as a human being with faults Many of the books try to co...

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    Borrowed this book from a library where I use to live but moved before I had a chance to get into it, will buy it finish it off soon MLK was the Godfather architect of change not just for black people but for every race that su...

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