The School for Good and Evil

The New York Times Bestselling The School For Good And Evil Is An Epic Journey Into A Dazzling New World, Where The Only Way Out Of A Fairy Tale Is To Live Through One Start Here To Follow Sophie, Agatha, And Everyone At School From The Beginning With Her Glass Slippers And Devotion To Good Deeds, Sophie Knows She Ll Earn Top Marks At The School For Good And Join The Ranks Of Past Students Like Cinderella, Rapunzel, And Snow White Meanwhile, Agatha, With Her Shapeless Black Frocks And Wicked Black Cat, Seems A Natural Fit For The Villains In The School For Evil.The Two Girls Soon Find Their Fortunes Reversed Sophie S Dumped In The School For Evil To Take Uglification, Death Curses, And Henchmen Training, While Agatha Finds Herself In The School For Good, Thrust Among Handsome Princes And Fair Maidens For Classes In Princess Etiquette And Animal Communication.But What If The Mistake Is Actually The First Clue To Discovering Who Sophie And Agatha Really AreThe School for Good and Evil

Soman Chainani s first novel, THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL, debuted on the New York Times Bestseller List, has been translated into 26 languages across six continents, and will soon be a major motion picture from Universal Studios The sequels, A WORLD WITHOUT PRINCES and THE LAST EVER AFTER, debuted on the New York Times Bestseller List as well Together, the books of the series have been on the

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  • 14 March 2017
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    The boys went off to fight with swords while girls had to learn dog barks and owl hoots No wonder princesses were so impotent in fairy tales, she thought If all they could do was smile, stand straight, and speak to squirrels, then what choice did they have but to wait for a boy to rescue them If any book ever deserved to be Disney fied, this would be it.This book is seriously sweet It was just delightful It is a middle grade alternative fairy tale which parodies and utilizes fairy tale tropes to excellent effect, and I constantly sniggered with laughter at its tongue in cheek hilarity.It is a light book, a Harry Potter style boarding school novel based around fairy tales It was just fucking adorable, let me tell you, but it is not too sweet at all For a middle grade book, this story had a surprising amount of darkness and depth It questions the nature of friendship, it questions good and evil, it tells us that it is our choices in life that matters in the long run, that our nature is self determined She was...

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    Two towers like twin headsOne for the pure,One for the wicked.Try to escape you ll always failThe only way out is Through a fairy tale I would love to say that this was a cute story filled with beautiful and lovely themes like friendship, love and trust but it was actually the opposite.And it was violent Quite violent.While I didn t expect the story to be like that, I did enjoy it and found it very entertaining.Sophie is a princess like girl who dreams of princes and forever beauty, while Agatha is a gothic girl Boys are not what she seeks She wantsa friend, a true friend who will be there for her whenever she needs one.I really really thought this was going to be a lovely tale about friendship but the truth is Sophie uses her friend Agatha to accomplish her goals She doesn t understand why she has been put in the Evil school while Agatha, the ugly one, was sent to the Good school.What was interesting is to see how much effort Sophie put in trying to prove to everyone, especially Tedros, that she was the good on...

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    spoilers Sooooo this is a lesson on how an amazing cover can sell even the worst book I deeply regret buying this Let me tell you why.At first, I read the way Good was portrayed especially the girls and I thought, this will be overturned By the end, it will be revealed that these vain, catty, boy obsessed children are actually evil And I can t really blame them for being vain and catty, because if they aren t asked to the ball by a boy, they fail aka, they die Literally But then I start to realize, that the divide between Good and Evil is REALLY confusing Evil can never have love the catch phrase of the book , and yet according to Dot, being a friendless villain is humiliating Evil does not forgive, they seek revenge, and yet Dot who is evil saves her roommate s life and they re friends again.Good is about purity and not vanity, and yet at the end when the evil students do good things, they become beautiful Dot even becomes skinny and the good students become ugly some even go bald Aside, I fin...

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    I was pretty excited to read The School for Good and Evil until I realized it was a middle grade book Don t get me wrong, I don t have anything against middle grade books generally, but the ones I prefer tend to be the meaningful stories starring kids with deeper themes anyone can appreciate, rather than the dumbed down, intentionally silly, or overly simplistic takes most middle grade authors choose to write instead Still, I gave this one a chance and Soman Chainani actually surprised me at first, after a few chapters I really thought The School for Good and Evil would fall into the former category rather than the latter, but by the end my overall impression is a book that s rather shallow yet completely incoherent.First of all, I m not a fan of black and white good versus evil I tend to find those kinds of stories played straight, well, boring and judging people based on their looks just plain dumb and not a lesson any kid should be learning no matter how many cheesy fairy tale riffs are used to liven up the story I guess I m just one of those people who much prefer a book that asks questions wh...

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    EDIT After finishing A World Without Princes I realised that I didn t remember what happened in the first book So, I had to re read it The first book is slightly better than the second one Btw, Tedros needs to be punched Hard Naprosto bo Jedna z nejlep ch knih, kterou jsem letos etla Chystala jsem se na ni u dlouho, ale kala jsem si, e po k m a vyjde u n s Pak jist osoba z n byla tak nad en , e jsem si ji musela p e st taky A te ji doporu uji naprosto v em.Je spousta retelling poh dek nebo kn ek, kter se na nich zakl daj , ale nikdy jsem ne etla n co takov ho DTy mal vky jsou naprosto bo Jestli z stanou v esk m vyd n , tak si ho p jdu koupit DSophie m naprosto tvala, takov n na nafrn n A v te, co je na tom nejhor Kdyby to myslela v n , tak by z n byl jeden z nejlep ch villain Ale to ona ne Ona si rad ji bal okurky N kdy jsem m la chu j je vrazit n kam Sice jsem Team Evil ne ekan , ale rozhodn ...

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    4.5 starsNow before you do anything, I want you to take a good long look at the blurb.Sounds cute, right A re imagining of fairytales A Hogwarts like school where princesses princes and villains are trained Two very different girls that hint at an unlikely friendship.Okay, now throw those thoughts in the lake Go on.This book will not be anything like you imagine Many times have I found myself questioning whether or not it should even be classified as middle grade The pretty cover clothes a disturbingly dark story, but one of humor, friendship, and dare I say it, true love.Sophie and Agatha are two very different girls Sophie is gorgeous, stuck up and only dreams of being a princess and marrying a prince Agatha, on the other hand, is hideous and after getting kidnapped to the school, she only wants to go home with her best friend, Sophie Who, as you can guess, is so not interested.I did not like Sophie at first The girl is supremely shallow and bitchy She only does good deeds so she can get into the school of Good and her friendship with Agatha in the beginning is nothing than ...

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    She had always found villains exciting than heroes They had ambition, passion They made the stories happen Villains didn t fear death No, they wrapped themselves in death like suits of armor Story Did you ever wish you were part of a fairy tale like Snow White or Cinderella Yes Than that s the perfect book for you Every four years two children are kidnapped from Gavaldon and disappear This year the mysterious man takes two girls, two friends Sophie and Agatha But when they arrive a strange thing happens the beautiful Sophie is send to the school of evil whereas Agatha is send to the school of good The confused girls try to get into the right side of the schools and learn that nothing is as it seems Now an adventure begins in the school of fairytales, of good and evil First I was a little bit skeptical about the whole story, but the I read, the I loved the story It was really really entertaining and the last 30% were filled with action, betrayal and really crazy stuff It was absolutely awesome Characters I need to say I was a little bit skeptical with the characters Even though they fitted the story, they felt a little bit simple Their thoughts, dreams etc So so simple Go home get to the right school save my friend get the princeBut the farther I got the I learned to love the characters, especially Agatha But next to Agatha and Sophie the other character...

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    REVIEW TO COME TOMORROWSecond Read Review THE REVIEW IS POSTED For he looked into your hearts and saw something very rare Pure Good and Pure Evil this book was recommended to me by my big sister, she said that this book was good and she thought I would like it and I should tried reading it but that time I hated reading novels for no apparent reason I just hated so I just ignored her recommendation until February 2015 I don t remember the exact date but I do remember that on February 2015, I went into a bookstore just because I wanted to buy comics not a novel but I couldn t find any comics that I wanted to buy and then I saw this book and I remembered how my sister recommended it to me and she even said I would like it and I should tried reading it, So I decided to buy a copy and I didn t even think I would become a book lover, I just wanted to try it and if it s boring then I would stop reading it but my life has never been the same after I read this book I have changed from being a person that hated novels to a person that can t live without novels because they help me to become a better person and they make me stronger to get through hard times I just can t live without books any so I wanted to say thank you very much to Mr Chainani for writing this book because without this book, I wouldn t become this person and I woul...

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    AFGHASDFGASHDF THIS BOOK I ve never been emotionally unstable in my life Far from true, but still I m torn up inside.https emmareadstoomuch.wordpress.coI love the premise of it so much it hurts me to try to put it into words But I will suffer through this pain for you.So, The School for Good and Evil focuses on Sophie and Agatha Sophie is beautiful, shallow, and a bit of a snob Agatha is ugly, insecure, and very kind They live in a world in which fairytales happen, and every year, the two kindest and most terrible children, respectively, from their village are kidnapped, never to return.But eventually, they show up in the fairytales the children read.That s actually one of about a thousand massive plot holes, but whatever We re not done yet, synopsis wise.Sophie is obsessed with the idea of ending up in a fairytale Agatha dreads the idea of becoming a witch.They re both kidnapped, unsurprisingly BUT PLOT TWIST Agatha ends up in the School for Good, and Sophie, in the School for Evil.DUN DUN DUN.It s actually a whole lot boring than that This book is a million pages long, and every possible bad side effect that could come with that does It s boring it s repetitive it s slow moving it s filled with plot holes it s supremely indecisive about its own themes, characters, and storylines.But That premise tho.I am so fully torn on EVERYTHING ELSE about this book The characters equ...

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