The Quaternary Vote

It S Democracy With Omnipotence What Could Possibly Go Wrong Following The Resignation Of God, An Extraordinary Election Is Scheduled Humanity Will Watch The Advertisements, Sort Through The Promises, And Then Go To The Polls To Determine Which Of Five Very Different Candidates Will Become The New Almighty With Literally Anything Possible Under The New Administration, What Might Be Promised To Gain Our Support And In A World Of Hour News Cycles, Talkback Radio, Push Polling, Attack Ads, Soft Money, Twitter And Billion Dollar Advertising Campaigns, Which Of These Candidates Might Then Win Such A Contest Chronicling These Events Is A Veteran Political Journalist With Unrestricted Access To Each Of The Campaign Headquarters, And Their All Too Human Triumphs, Gaffes And Scandals But His Role Is Complicated By His Discovery Of Shadowy Links Between The Publisher Who Is Financing His Account, And The Campaign Itself, And The Growing Realization That He Is Not Just Reporting These Events, But Is An Unwitting Catalyst For Determining The Outcome, As The Election Hurtles Towards An Assassination Of Unthinkable ProportionsFor Information Visit Quaternaryvote Available Now AtThe Quaternary Vote

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Quaternary Vote book, this is one of the most wanted Philip A. Johnston author readers around the world.

[Ebook] ➩ The Quaternary Vote  Author Philip A. Johnston –
  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • The Quaternary Vote
  • Philip A. Johnston
  • English
  • 15 May 2019
  • 9780958190565

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    The title and idea of the book grabbed me immediately It is one of the most remarkably unique books I have read As a God believer I wasn t sure what to expect I had visions of Billy Connelly and the Man who sued God but this work is very different It is erudite, challenging, at times satirically very funny, and constantly had me engaged regarding my own spirituality It is obvious the author is well read in so many disciplines philosophy, religion, science, mathematics, economics, politics, ecology, sociology, literature, media all of which is woven into the book It is a very clever book and had me guessing as to how Johnston would bring it all to a final denouement As an avid reader of detective fiction I did not guess A surprising and unexpected ending I have found it difficult to describe its genre but think speculative fiction may fit the bill I heartily recommend this book for those who are drawn to read something out of the ordinary by a promising new talent in the field of fiction.I give it 5 stars Annie.

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    Very interesting story with in depth descriptions of characters and plot movement May be tough read for some readers with the amount of detail told at each point in the timeline of events Gives much detail of how the public and different social groups would react to a given situation.Johnston creates twists and turns in the story line that give it unexpected results to move the reader through stimulating and challenging scenes that can keep the reader guessing until the end.

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    Quaternary vote is the read of the year It deals spectacularly with the most pressing philosophical questions of the time Written in a style that is easy to read, it nonetheless remains sophisticated and intellectually stimulating Johnston deals not only with religious issues but the nature of humanity itself I strongly recommend it

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    Disclaimer I received this book from the Goodreads Firstreads program I read this book over the course of the U.S election season, and it was an interesting complement to This is a biting satire of elections, media manipulation, low information voters, and all the shenanigans that accompany the desire for power I have conflicting feelings On the one hand, this has simply brilliant ideas, centered about the idea of God resigning and new elections being held I give the author five stars for his intellect and creativity His writing style, however is dry, and he seems to have a bit of a love affair with commas his sentences tend to be long, complex and run on, making it a bit challenging to read There are a few minor grammatical errors it s its, ectopic commas My biggest issue was that the book was so full of ideas that the characters were not very developed, and this led to the novel s not being particularly emotionally engaging Even the gods running for office were described minimally I think this was a lost opportunity It was quite clever, however, having his actual publisher having a major role in the novel itself In summary, I give it four stars five for the fascinating concepts and scathing satire, but three for character development and general readability The author is a journalist this is his first novel If he ever reworks the book, I would like to see exploration of who these gods are, and about the major players.

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    I won a copy through the Goodreads Firstreads program The idea is inriguing My first thought was it seems even a bit blasphemous, but after delving into this novel I discovered otherwise This is a study on humanity what would happen if we had the power to decide who ran the universe Would we make God obsolete in all our self proscribed divine wisdom As a person of faith, I found myself asking and finding the answers to questions no one wants to ask Disclaimer I don t believe anyone but God should run the cosmos I would like to say here that yes, there may be times you wish for a less documentary feeling yet that s exactly what this book was written to feel like Basically, read it like you would the morning newspaper Pretend you lived through such a time when God would resign If you do this, you will enjoy this book Without giving too much away spoilers I want to address the no character development issue With a book that s a study of humanity and gods over a seemingly short period of time, there really wouldn t be much character development With quirky, at times laugh out loud writing, this is one of those books to take for what it is a study on what might be Reminiscent of the movie Idiocracy I thoroughly enjoyed, and get this I m not that into politics Read on

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    The premise of this book didn t really grab me in itself I read it on recommendation But it was entertaining, the plot twisted about, and, perhaps because I didn t really have any idea what to expect from it, it consistently, if infrequently, surprised.The writing is serviceably transparent, the story is interesting, and the way the themes of the book develop, only really becoming clear quite late in the piece, really hit the spot for me.This book reminded me of The Maxx in the way it treated nebulous issues with vaguery and suggestion, not falling into the trap of trying to nail down an idea that is too illusive to be nailed down, instead pulling on the right strings to set the reader s mind in motion It is a damning indictment of a short list of Things That Are Wrong With The World Today without being overly and only occasionally overtly preachy about it.

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    One of the best reads ever Tracing the electoral campaign of the contenders for the job of god, following the very public resignation of the former incumbent, Vote explores a range of fundamental human motivations and philosophical concerns In my reading perhaps the most honest piece of Humanism I ve encountered.

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    I received a free copy from the Goodreads First Reads Program Interesting concept I liked it.

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    I enjoyed reading The Quaternary Vote As I enjoy politics, this book was a great read for me At times even a little comical, if I may Which is a good thing for me.

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