Jellyfish Dreams

Since Losing His Fianc E Some Years Ago, Atheist Biologist Sam Rogers Has Blazed A Trail In Immortality Studies He S Learned An Awful Lot About Life And Death But When He Discovers A Mysterious Hole Beneath His Sofa One Morning, He S Forced To Reckon With All That Is Unmasterable About The Universe And Some Of It Has Tentacles.Jellyfish Dreams

M Thomas Gammarino is the author of the novels King of the Worlds Chin Music Press, 2016 and Big in Japan A Hungry Ghost Story Chin Music Press, 2009 , and the novella Jellyfish Dreams Kindle Single, 2012 In 2013 he received Hawai i s highest literary honor, the Elliot Cades Award for Literature He lives in Honolulu with his wife and kids.

[BOOKS] ✪ Jellyfish Dreams  ✴ M. Thomas Gammarino –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 76 pages
  • Jellyfish Dreams
  • M. Thomas Gammarino
  • English
  • 08 May 2019

10 thoughts on “Jellyfish Dreams

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    An atheist professor finds a black hole under his living room couch, invites his friends for a look see, and then the media complicates his life and the public becomes obsessed with the hole, some viewing it as the ultimate religious pilgrimage Then the professor decides to try to use the hole to try to Pet Sematary his dead fiance back to life U...

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    Thought provoking page turnerQuirky humorous read examining the death of God and religion I may read this again to figure out any deeper meanings.

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    Ten years after the death of his fiancee, and ten years before the Immortals walked out of the sea, Sam Rogers discovered a hole beneath his sofa I immediately wanted to know about Sam and the things that happened in his life that led up to finding the hole and Gammarino did not disappoint I was fascinated by his ability to incorporate so many different and thought provoking ideas so seamlessly into one story There was something about his style that made the story so accessible and so easy to read, though I have the feeling that no matter how many times I reread JellyFish Dreams, I will take something different away from it every time.The range of thought and human emotion Gammarino was able to portray was impressive one minute I was deeply saddened and the next I was laughing h...

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    Tom Gammarino is a gem The man knows his way around a sentence, and he makes six times his share of really good ones He is inventive, funny, heart breaking, quirky, astute, erudite, and the dude can tell a story, and never the one you expect to hear It is rare that a writer can command my attention so thoroughly that I lose track of time and other a...

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    If you ve ever had a dream where you ve cut the skull off your dead fiancee to see if you can Frankenstein her back to life by MacGuyvering a toaster with a fish tank and occasionally masturbating onto her corpse finally, only at the bitter end using the escape hatch under the couch symbolizing the act of surrendering to God and hopefully meeting her in the afterlife while it turns out you should have just used the flesh of the zombie jellyfish monsters knocking ...

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    Jellyfish Dreams M Thomas Gammarino I have no idea how I found this, why I thought it would be interesting, or what I liked about the reviews It s about a scientist who finds a black hole under his sofa and...

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    is my first time reading the author.I had a lot of fun with Jellyfish Dreams I loved the premise, weird as hell but intriguing I wanted to see where the story would lead and I wasn t disappointed I liked the way th...

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    3 1 2 stars Funny, sad, deep, sometimes crazy A writer to follow.

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    Dean Goranites of the BookReviewersClub reviewed the book Jellyfish Dreams by M Thomas Gammarino This story revolves around a character named Sam, who is an atheist and a type of biologist The story starts very much like a Twilight Zone in that Sam is reading a book on his couch when he drops a bookmark on the floor He reaches down to find the bookmark, but it s gone Instead, he finds a black hole under his couch, and anything he throws down there disappears Anytime he shines a light into the hole, there is no reflection there is nothing Sam has no idea where this hole came from and no idea where it goes to, so he brings in a lot of experts and scientists to study it The story continues on into a very bizarre love story Sam ends up reflecting on his past and remembering his girlfriend from college He remembers how they fell in love at a very young age, how beautiful she was, and all the different reasons he loved her, even after she passed away from cancer Dean believed this story might be very close to the author s heart and that he may have lived in a very similar situat...

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    Very interestingThis story was an interesting blend of science fiction and theology If you can get through the big science jargon in some spots, it is worth the read The story starts out with this guy named Sam who looses his book mark under the couch When he moves the couch he finds this mystery black hole The book goes on to describe the history and importance ...

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