Read Pie By Sarah Weeks Capitalsoftworks.co.uk From The Award Winning Author Of SO B IT, A Story About Family, Friendship, Andpie When Alice S Aunt Polly, The Pie Queen Of Ipswitch, Passes Away, She Takes With Her The Secret To Her World Famous Pie Crust Recipe Or Does She In Her Will, Polly Leaves The Recipe To Her Extraordinarily Fat, Remarkably Disagreeable Cat, Lardo And Then Leaves Lardo In The Care Of Alice.Suddenly, The Whole Town Is Wondering How You Leave A Recipe To A Cat Everyone Wants To Be The Next Big Pie Contest Winner, And It S Making Them Pie Crazy It S Up To Alice And Her Friend Charlie To Put The Pieces Together And Discover The Not So Secret Recipe For Happiness Friendship Family And The Pleasure Of Donig Something For The Right Reason With Pie, Acclaimed Author Sarah Weeks Has Baked Up A Sweet And Satisfying Delight, As Inviting As Warm Pie On A Cold Day You Ll Enjoy Every Last Bite.Pie

Sarah Weeks has been writing children s books and songs for the past twenty years She is a graduate of Hampshire College and NYU and recently became an adjunct faculty member in the prestigious Writing Program at the New School University, in New York City.Her first YA novel, So B It, which appeared on the LA Times bestseller list was chosen as an ALA Best Book for Young Adults and received the

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  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Pie
  • Sarah Weeks
  • English
  • 19 February 2018
  • 9780545270120

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    Nice but I don t see what all the hubbub is.

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    Thoughts After Reading Pie was a really sweet story with recipes mixed in the chapters The whole town s love of Polly s pies and Polly herself was heartwarming I m happy with how everything turned out I m a little surprised there was an epilogue, but I didn t see it as a bad thing.Review Aunt Polly, the Pie Queen of Ipswitch, has passed away Her pies were famous and she was known as a kind, caring woman She gave away her pies and with the help of her neighbors has been supplied the ingredients The thing with Polly was that she didn t get money out of making these delicious, famous pies She got satisfaction and happiness out of it Her sister, our narrator s mother, didn t see eye to eye with Polly She thought she was selfish not to make money off her pies and she was selfish when she foud our she left her secret pie crust recipe to her cat Lardo Alice, Polly s niece and our narrator, with her friend Charlie go on an adventure to find out what the strange goings on are in their hometown of Ipswitch There s something that just doesn t feel right to Alice, but her mother who s all hung up on creating a winning pie doesn t believe her Alice is also dealing with the loss of her aunt who she loved dearly She s the only one who really knew her and encouraged to be a songwriter Alice is a perfect narrator I absolutely loved how she and he whole story was written Pie is the perfect book fo...

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    I like things that are not pie but which remind me of pie Pushing Daisies Twin Peaks which I am, coincidentally, re watching right now Er, other things I can t think of right now Will I be adding this to the list Sure, why not It s a cute little slice haha, puns are dumb of historical mystery small town whatever I didn t love it and, while others found the Blueberry Award and Mock Blueberry competition cute, it was a little too insider y, wink wink, nudg...

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    This book was an absolute delight to read I would have loved it when in 3rd or 4th grade and am pleased that now in my mid 50s I got immense pleasure from reading it.I am happy to see wonderful stories ar...

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    Weeks, Sarah Pie.Alice s Aunt Polly is the very best pie maker in her small town, and has even won multiple Blueberry Awards from her pies, but she gives them away instead of making a huge amount of money She is very supportive of Alice, so when she dies suddenly, Alice is crushed The people of the town react in their own ways at the loss, many of them trying and failing to bake similar pies Alice s mother is bitter that Polly had such a loyal following and such talent, and when it turns out that the only thing Polly left Alice was her cat Lardo, and she left Lardo the recipe for her pies, the mother is downright angry When someone kidnaps Lardo, Alice and her friend Charlie try to figure out who is after the recipe.Strengths I adore Weeks Regular Guy series, and So B It is one of the few quirky stories that I like She is a great story teller, and even though I didn t ...

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    I always loved this book It is so heartwarming with stories of family, experiencing loss for the first time, and catching a culprit It was also very funny when Alice was trying to catch the culprit with her friend Cha...

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    I liked this book I found it hard to believe that reporters would climb through children s windows in the 1950 s, but the pie descriptions prompted me to get in my car and find a pie Overall, a really sweet read.

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    Perhaps I am not the right audience for this novel It was loaned to me by my younger sister, maybe it is intended for a younger audience For me personally, however, it missed the mark This brief 180 page story follows the protagonist, Alice, as she tries to cope with her beloved Aunt Polly s passing, and solve the mystery of a catnapping This is a lofty goal for anyone, but considering Alice is trying to accomplish this over the course of only a few days and 180 pages , for me, that goal might have been too much This book was a nice little, 180 page eclair It was kind of nice to find such a light page turner in wake of the heavier war novels I have been reading, and I did enjoy the pie recipes the author included But the limited page count also accounted for limited character development, which is where my main issue with the novel lies For me, believable characters make a novel All the characters in this novel seemed very one dimensional Alice s mother is jealous of her Aunt Polly s success, her father is allergic to cats and reads newspapers, the mayor s wife is ambitious, Aunt Polly was humble and nice, etc Such a bland cast of characters makes for a story that is difficult to get into Even Alice is pretty flat she goes throu...

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    5 Star Book Lovely Story.Will make youlaugh and cry 5 Star PerformanceNarrator Kate Ruddwas great.100% Clean

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    A feel good mystery set in the mid 50 s which will leave you yearning for pie, and grateful for loved ones.

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