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Elin Hilderbrand, Author Of The Enchanting Summer People And The Beach Club, Invites You To Experience The Perfect Getaway With Her Sparkling New Novel.Adrienne Dealey Has Spent The Past Six Years Working For Hotels In Exotic Resort Towns This Summer She Has Decided To Make Nantucket Home Left Flat Broke By Her Ex Boyfriend, She Is Desperate To Earn Some Fast Money When The Desirable Thatcher Smith, Owner Of Nantucket S Hottest Restaurant, Is The Only One To Offer Her A Job, She Wonders If She Can Get By With No Restaurant Experience Thatcher Gives Adrienne A Crash Course In The Businessand They Share An Instant Attraction But There Is A Mystery About Their Situation What Is It About Fiona, The Blue Bistro S Chef, That Captures Thatcher S Attention Again And Again And Why Does Such A Successful Restaurant Seem To Be In Its Final Season Before Closing Its Doors For Good Despite Her Uncertainty, Adrienne Must Decide Whether To Open Her Heart For The First Time, Or Move On, As She Always Does.Infused With Intimate Nantucket Detail And Filled With The Warmth Of Passion And The Breeze Of Doubt, The Blue Bistro Is Perfect Summer Reading.The Blue Bistro ElinHilderbrand

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  • Paperback
  • 356 pages
  • The Blue Bistro
  • Elin Hilderbrand
  • English
  • 04 January 2017
  • 9780312992620

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    There s some sort of magic in the air at The Blue Bistro the food, the ambiance, the people take your pick, it s all intoxicating If you haven t found the time to read an Elin Hilderbrand yet Ahem what are you waiting for , be prepared to make a new entry on your bucket list a trip to Nantucket or maybe even two Making a choice between sun and sand or holiday cheer during Winter Stroll might seem easy I m a beach girl , but then again, I m not so sure All I know is, after being transported by the author s words many times, I m determined to see it all with my own eyes.Through Adrienne Dealey, we get to experience Nantucket from a newbie s perspective A twenty something prone to flitting from one resort town to the next, usually when her most recent relationship goes south, Adrienne is determined to leave the hotel scene behind and make some real money working in a restaurant Armed with three self imposed rules, she heads from a ski town to the beaches of Nantucket Lucky for her, she lands an assistance manager position at one of the high end restaurants on the island, The Blue Bistro.A world renowned chef, who balks at interviews and is best described as a kitchen hermit, Fiona s food is remarkable It s not foofoo or over the top fancy, it s rich and delicious it s foodgasm worthy by all accounts I m warning you now, munching while reading is pretty much a given the vivid descriptions of Fiona s yummy dishes are bound to get your stomach growling Fiona and Thatcher, her best friend and business partner, have created a familial feeling amongst the staff, which makes the inner working of the restaurant incredibly fun to watch There s an instant connection between Thatcher and Adrienne, but things are complicated by his lifelong friendship with Fiona There s something going on there and Adrienne seems to be the only one that s not in on the secret The author plays up the intrigue well, but it s obvious what s going down That s not to say figuring things out took away from the story in any capacity my heart was still torn in two.A ton of emphasis is placed on the food and the day to day of the restaurant, which I enjoyed, but I would have appreciated the same level of emphasis on Thatcher and Adrienne s relationship There were aspects of their budding romance that were glossed over and sort of left to the reader to infer The ending also felt a tad rushed not quite as satisfying as I imagined Fiona s savory doughnuts to be.All in all, this was a great read and definitely one worthy of being dogeared during a day of beach reading.

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    The Blue Bistro is about a woman in her late twenties named Adrienne who comes to a crisis point in her life after her boyfriend, a drug addicted, unemployed loser, steals her life savings and thousands from her employer She turns him in to the police and flees town, heading to Nantucket where she hopes to find the next in a long line of hotel resort jobs she has worked since graduating from college.Adrienne has made a string of bad romantic choices, opting consistently for men who are emotionally unavailable or flawed in major ways When a kind college professor falls in love with her, she freaks and runs, breaking his heart Her fear of commitment to person or place has its genesis in the death of her mother when she was a young girl Her grieving father, a dentist, embarked on a nomadic existence, dragging her with him This sets a pattern Adrienne continues in adulthood.Flash forward and Adrienne lucks into a job as assistant manager at the wildly popular, magical Blue Bistro on Nantucket Hilderbrand s description of the island eatery, the camaraderie of the staff, the food, the wealthy, famous customers, were richly detailed and drew me into a world that I could see, hear, smell, touch, and taste.Adrienne is attracted to her boss, Blue Bistro co owner Thatcher The problem Thatcher s complicated enmeshment with his partner, Fee, his first love and best friend since childhood Fee suffers from cystic fibrosis Her lifespan is likely to be short and she has emotionally manipulated him into investing in her dream restaurant Despite having what should have been a sympathetic story, I didn t like her She is brusque, selfish, and controlling She is also seeing a married man This is presented in such a way as to make her role sympathetic, but it didn t work It is another manifestation of her selfishness.Thatcher falls in love with Adrienne, but Fee s medical and emotional needs trump Adrienne s every time I understand that he has a strong commitment to his longtime friend, but his treatment of Adrienne is dismissive and inexcusable I never got a clear sense of him For me, he never evolved into the hero of the piece He doesn t choose Adrienne until after Fee dies I felt he was weak and spineless, not man enough to take a stand, ever the slave to dominating Fee A pantywaist A milquetoast A poltroon The thesaurus has some pretty great synonyms for wimp Not a man who would move Heaven and Earth to be with the woman he loves Adrienne deserves better.Although I enjoyed descriptions of food, after a point it became repetitive I found myself skipping forward The romance throughout was fleeting and fade to black I don t need porny sex scenes, but I would have liked a stronger emotional connection and sense of intimacy between the main characters In the end, the conflict was resolved too easily and at the speed of light When Adrienne felt Thatcher s new wedding ring on her cheek as he kissed her, she should have had a strong reaction, but she didn t If he went back to Nantucket looking for her, why the hell didn t he take the damn ring off I was left thinking, That s it All s forgiven They re going to breakfast WTF I am ambivalent about this book I went back and forth between 3 and 4 stars It could easily have been a 5 if Hilderbrand had put as much rich detail and development into the relationship between Thatcher and Adrienne as she did into describing the inner workings of The Blue Bistro Also, it would have helped if Thatcher had grown a pair.

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    I have mixed feelings about this 1 Thatcher was so selfish it drove me nuts 2 The ending I want to know what s next for Thatcher and Adrienne 3 What about Dr Don s wedding A good portion was spent on the wedding and Adrienne s acceptance of Mavis How does Dr Don feel about Thatcher now As long as it took me to finish this book, I feel a little let down.

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    Every so often I like to pretend I m an open minded person So, one day, when I am innocently shelving this book in the course of my library duties, and for some reason it catches my eye, I check it out and think to myself, why not I almost never read this kind of thing, so why not try something that goes against my grain After all, I reason, as a writer, shouldn t I read as widely and voraciously as possible, including stuff I wouldn t normally And hey, I like mental mashed potatoes, fluffy and overladen with butter, as much as the next guy Who doesn t need the occasional or frequent reprieve from, well, thinking But man, oh man This was insipid, even as insipid fare goes The protagonist, Adrienne, is a nonentity who evidently looks good swathed in silk and sipping champagne There is endless and deeply irritating talk about teeth Adrienne s father is a dentist , and Adrienne s email correspondence and face to face interactions, and hell, her whole relationship with her father will have you wanting to toss your cookies Of course she has the requisite dead mother And of course someone else important is dying Human Tragedy Where would we be without it Certainly not on a Nantucket beach, looking gorgeous in silks and sipping champagne That said, I saw this through to the bitter end, which is unusual for me, especially when a book makes me grind my teeth sorry, Dr Don as much as this one did There must be a reason for this Maybe it s because I m a sucker for food porn Maybe because the character of Fiona was alright Maybe it s because instant mashed potatoes don t come close to homemade represented in this genre, I guess, by Maeve Binchy , but they re still mashed potatoes, so suck it up, pile on the butter, and clean your plate Okay, now, back to the Tolstoy.

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    Another great beach read by this author The Nantucket setting, a little romance and a slight mystery makes this a charming chick lit book I was not expecting to read the ins and outs of the restaurant business but I enjoyed it nonetheless 3 stars but not quite 4.

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    I really liked this bookuntil I got to the last few pages It ended so abruptly and not in keeping with the rest of the bookit was like the author got sick of writing it and just wanted to end it as quickly as possible It was a fairly lengthy book, so why not add a few pages and have a well developed ending I think it would have been worth it With Elin Hilderbrand books, you always pretty much know what you re going to get but, since this one was set in a restaurant, it was a little different and I liked that I had a picture in my mind of what The Blue Bistro looked like, from the author s description.

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    I have read quite a few books by this author and normally really love reading them This book was quite different for me The plot being focused on the restaurant and food became tiresome as the book progressed Also, I did not find myself rooting for the main characters to be together A guy who is controlling, deceiptful, and doesn t drink but requires you to get drunk is not a good person for you to be around Also, he takes her to dinner but doesn t eat weird At the end of the book I found myself rooting for her to have the courage to stay away from him

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    Quick Summary The Blue Bistro follows a woman with a transient lifestyle as a hotel concierge who starts a job as a Nantucket restaurant assistant manager after being left penniless by her scumbag boyfriend Over the course of the novel she learns the ways of the restaurant world, rubs shoulders with important and wealthy Nantucket residents, makes friends, and finds love The Blue Bistro is an okay beach read I went in with exactly those expectations and, after the slow ish start up, was fairly entertained for the majority of the book The best parts were by far centered around Adrienne s main character shifts in the restaurant, which are well written in Hilderbrand s fast paced style I have to say that the underlying mystery is INCREDIBLY weak, bordering on pathetic Within the first couple chapters readers have solved this mystery and it s really not that earth shattering The love story is expected, predictable, and while fun to read slightly boring Overall, if not for the restaurant moments this book would have been a dud There are so many beach reads out there that it s not necessary to clutter your bookshelf with this one

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    Okay, I just didn t get the obsessive friendship between Fiona and Thatcher It sure seemed one sided all on Thatcher s side I felt for Fiona, who wouldn t but show a little something ANYTHING that resembles warmth or friendship Sure I get really strong, solid friendship but why did this friendship have to be sooo dramatic to the exclusion of all else for Thatcher That said, there were some really touching moments between Thatcher and Adrienne not fully developed, but I felt them I was totally not getting the whole priest AA bit falling off the wagon was pretty cliche and getting married at the end was just not necessary The best most true part of this book was the depiction of the menu and the busy restaurant life Didn t like the ending it was missing something for me detail or something kind of blah.

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    Definitly a fluffy beach read unrealistic in many ways Has anyone been to a restaurant where employees are told to drink during the job Some restaurant research might have been helpful having worked in restaurants this really irked me Some of the writing got a little annoying after a while phrases like love love love And last but not least it seems the author spent too much time describing food that she plum forgot to give the book an ending Oops

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