Tom Brady vs. the NFL

Showcasing One Of Professional Football S Best Players, This Book Spotlights The Life And Career Of Gridiron Great Tom Brady More Than Just A Biography, It Relates Brady S Story While Also Establishing His Prominent Place In NFL History By Examining His Skills And Statistics In A Variety Of Categories And Comparing Him To Other Great Quarterbacks Including Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, Bart Starr, Johnny Unitas, Roger Staubach, And The Guide Makes A Strong Case For Brady As Football S Best Signal Caller Along The Way, His Best Moments As A Patriot Are Revisited, From Championship Seasons And His Favorite Receivers To His Relationship With Legendary Coach Bill Belichick With Detailed Sidebars On Brady S Celebrity Status, Fashion Sense, Much Talked About Hair, And Supermodel Wife, This Is A Must Have For Faithful New England Fans And Pro Football Buffs Alike.Tom Brady vs. the NFL

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Tom Brady vs. the NFL book, this is one of the most wanted Sean Glennon author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Tom Brady vs. the NFL
  • Sean Glennon
  • English
  • 06 September 2018
  • 9781600786365

10 thoughts on “Tom Brady vs. the NFL

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    This book was so good I really liked how it proved it s point that Tom Brady IS the best quarterback in the NFL and in the past I liked how Sean Glennon really compared the facts of one to another and why Brady out does them all I also liked how it brought up the newer, slightly younger quarterbacks In additio...

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    Tom Brady V.S The NFL is a part biography of Tom Brady s life and mostly a book arguing towards the fact that Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback to step foot on the gridiron It is written by Sean Glennon, a sportswriter and football historian that has written several newspapers and books He does a very good job at setting up the book quickly and then making all the points he needs to It is a very numbers book that goes deep into every attempt, interception and 4th quarter drive One thing that Sean Glennon does well in this book is that he not only argues toward his opinion but that he debunks what other people may believe is the best QB of all time Every other chapter is Tom Brady V.S ______ with any other great quarterback argued against In these chapters, Sean analyzes every variable for both players and then stakes his points I loved this book It is a great book for anybody that truly loves football and comparing or debating about America s favorite sport As a Tom Brady fan, I may have enjoyed this book than the average person would, as Brady isn t the most popular player in the NFL What I really loved about the book is that how he never left a single stone un turned Anything against Brady he addressed and destroyed Anything good about Brady he brought up and described why it was important I think that for the kind of book it is hard to really say whether or not it is good writing Despite this I think that the book wasn t boring at any moment whi...

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    I liked this book for many reasons I am a big football fan in the first place so I loved reading about Tom Brady in this book I definitely believe that he is the greatest quarterback of all time I liked looking at all of his stats as w...

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    I have mixed thoughts about this book It wasn t terrible but it wasn t great either Tom was great Tom having better overall stats than everyone was great but this book could ve been much complete What I didn t like The TONE PERSONALITY of the book made it somewhat of a difficult read The most exciting chapter in which the author didn t come across as merely a commentator was The Upstarts, comparing Brady to Brees, Rodgers, Rothelisberger, and E Manning Problem with that chapter, though, is that it didn t include the statistical breakdown chart s that it does for the other quarterbacks Brady is compared to Granted they re all still active players but there was even a chart for P Manning Another thing that was kind of annoying were the QUOTES by industry experts about Brady Would have been better to have had quotes from Brady himself regarding his motivation, work ethic, leadership, and goals The author specifies in the beginning that there have been personal books written about Brady BUT perhaps those books haven t been read prior to reading this one Lastly, the book references Brady s intangibles a lot when giving stats in comparison to the other QBs mentioned, but it stops there For the most part, it s glossed over with a sentence or two at the end of the chapters.What ...

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    Summary This book shows off the life and career of one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time Tom Brady This book shows off Brady s story while also establishing his place in NFL history This book compares him to other great quarterbacks including Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, Bart Starr, Johnny Unitas, Roger Staubach, and the book makes a strong case for Brady as football s best quarterback of all time This book takes you through his best moments as a Patriot from championship seasons and his favorite receivers to his relationship with legendary coach Bill Belichick This is a book for not just for Patriot fans but also for all NFL fans out there.What I liked What I liked about this book is how they compared Tom Brady to other quarterbacks They did not just compare his stats but they compared his throwing style to other quarterbacks throwing styles Joe Montana was Joe Cool Brady s very similar the way he drops back, sits in that pocket, and acts like there s no rush coming And he s a winner That s the greatest comparison 7 Charles Woodson This shows that they use quotes about the way they throw and not just head to head statistics Part of what got colleges to pay attention to Tom Brady coming out of High School was the feast that he worked hard with his throwing coach Tom Martinez 9 This shows that Brady worked hard to get to where he is and that its not luck or just the tea...

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    Worthwhile read for anyone not convinced he s the greatest QB to ever play the game.

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    This basically backs up my opinion on the matter With facts And statistics.

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    A little dry for my taste.

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