Curiosity Satisfied (Avondale Stories, #8)

[PDF / Epub] ★ Curiosity Satisfied (Avondale Stories, #8) Author Etienne . – Mitch Edwards has it made at twenty nine he’s just been named partner at a law firm and he’s just bought his first house But he has the feeling something is missing and he’s pretty sure he knows Mitch Edwards has it made at twenty nine he’s just been named partner at a law firm and he’s just bought his first house But he has the feeling something is missing and he’s pretty sure he knows what it is So when the woman he’s been dating goes out of town for three weeks he seizes the opportunity and summons the courage to visit a gay barHe takes home Rion Murphy and they hit it off so well that after a few weeks of exploration on Mitch’s part they decide to make the arrangement permanent But then Mitch’s past catches up with him and it’s up to Rion to help him cope.Curiosity Satisfied (Avondale Stories, #8)


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  • ebook
  • 192 pages
  • Curiosity Satisfied (Avondale Stories, #8)
  • Etienne .
  • English
  • 19 October 2015
  • 9781613721377

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    I gave up 23rds through because I couldn't stand the telegraphic like delivery; it's a little like reading a court transcript at times And then at other times it's like reading an overly enthusiastic Cosmo style how to article on gay sex Given that the characters have sex several times a day they must get a friction burn somewhere And no one and I mean no one would dare wake me up with a dick in my ass in the morning I'm sorry has anyone heard of douching or do these guys like tootsie rolls? Spoiler Alert And let's not get started on the blatant misogyny that permeates every page of this book This guy screws around with a woman leads her on a string turns gay when she's away and then gets all huffy and puffy at her bitchy reaction This story would have worked so much better if his jilted lover had sliced his dick off instead of just stabbing him I had no sympathy with any of these characters except for the alleged antagonist Poor woman And then we find out he had a child with another woman in the past In real life I can't stand men who use women and then turn around to proclaim I'm gay so why should I like that in the books I readThe author makes the gay lifestyle sound like an elitist club that excludes women and working class people Heaven help us if being gay is all about hanging around naked with wealthy male lawyers all day

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    This is Etienne's first novella and tenth book and as usual he does not disappointMitch Edwards has it made he's just made partner in the third largest law firm in town; he's just purchased his first home a fixer upper in Riverside; and he has a regular routine playing racuetball three times a week with three lawyer friends But wait what's wrong with this picture?Mitch has long sensed that something was missing in his life something related to his suspicions about his sexual identity So while the women he's been dating off and on for a few months is out of town Mitch visits a gay bar for the first time More than one bar in fact He meets Rion Murphy a successful Realtor and uickly discovers what he's been missingHowever fate throws him a curve A couple of curves in factThe woman he's been dating doesn't want to move on and this results in near fatal violenceLater his past catches up with him in spades To go into further detail would constitute a spoiler so we'll leave it there

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    The events of the book seemed to happen too uickly and too easily Also I had the same niggles with this book that I had with the other book that I've read by this author In both books I've read by the author the characters seem to be a bit snobbish Comments are made about not being the kind of gay men who would walk in parades and about how it's rare to find lower class gay men in permanent loving relationships It comes across as elitist and from reviews I've seen of some of the author's other work that seems to be a theme

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    CURIOSITY SATISFIED is a wonderful book full of marvelous characters that you care about and want to end up happy well most of them anyway and well connected plots that take you where the overall story needs to go without making the book sappy I loved this book and can hardly wait to read the rest of Etienne’s backlistPlease see my complete review at March 6 2012

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    Read like a screenplay than a fiction novel Flat and barely nothing but dialogue

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