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❮PDF / Epub❯ ☄ Justice for Colette ✑ Author Jacqui Kirkby – E17streets4all.co.uk When Jacui Kirby’s 16 year old daughter Colette went missing just minutes after leaving home her mother knew instinctively that something was very wrong Colette had left to walk to her boyfriend’s When Jacui Kirby’s year old daughter Colette went missing just minutes after leaving home her mother knew instinctively that something was very wrong Colette had left to walk to her boyfriend’s home but never arrived The following morning her body was found by her elder brother Mark Colette’s body had been arranged in a provocative pose and left by a hedgerow What Justice for PDF or Mark saw that cold October morning would haunt him for the rest of his life The police launched one of the biggest manhunts ever seen and the inuiry was to last over a uarter of a century Colette’s killer Paul Hutchinson not only managed to evade capture but also led a double life slipping back into a respectable position in the community as a charity and children’s worker After Jacui appeared on Crimewatch to appeal for information the police were provided with many leads but still no killer While the investigation continued Jacui was tormented by ghoul hunters and pranksters who taunted her family with crank calls Paul Hutchinson even sent police “ripper” style letters in which he wrote you’ll never catch me But the police did catch him using a relatively new techniue of DNA profiling The chance arrest of Paul’s son for a minor motoring offense years after Colette’s murder led cold case detectives directly to Paul’s door After years he was now cornered Colette’s murder not only robber Jacui of her daughter but also her marriage and at times her sanity but she never gave up hope This is her remarkable story of how she never gave up on getting Justice for Colette.Justice for Colette


Justice for Colette PDF ✓ Justice for  PDF or
  • Paperback
  • 274 pages
  • Justice for Colette
  • Jacqui Kirkby
  • English
  • 08 April 2016
  • 9781843587613

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    Painful to read this account of Colette Aram's death is told by the rain who knew her best her mother Jacui Jacui describes the turmoil anguish and heartbreak her family has gone through ever since 30th October 1983 when beautiful Colette was brutally attacked and murdered Only 25 years on was the killer finally brought to justice but that wasn't the end of Jacui's nightmare Gripping to read

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    We have a programme here called Crimewatch which has been running almost 30 years now It's caught a lot of criminals in its time Colette's murder was the first reconstruction ever featured and was featured three times over the years This is because it took 26 years before her murderer was eventually caught She was sadly killed in 1983 and was only 2 years younger than me and I don't recall the photo of her but did remember that she was found very close to home Her name wasn't familiar to me either and I always follow cases like this and always watch the TV show as well so I hate that her family's story somehow slipped by me This murder tore her whole family apart and Jacui her mum the author tells you what happened behind the scenes and some of it is jawdropping stuff The police insisting on searching their loft before the streets the arsehole solicitor who refused to let them film the reconstruction on his side of the street and the fact so many people avoided Jacui after the event and wouldn't speak to her Then of course all the shite in our justice system that worries about a prisoner's rightsColette's brother Mark suffered especially after losing his little sister One sentence in particular had me sobbingthe day Jacui brought baby Colette home from hospital Mark said Is that my baby Mummy She was always adored by him and his life was totally ruined by her lossIt certainly opened my eyes about all the happenings behind the scenes of such a horrible life altering event and Jacui told it well I admire the way she held her head high upon encountering the killer in courtthere's no way I'd have behaved with the dignity she and her whole family didIt's a book I'd highly recommendIt's a pity too that and here on Goodreads that Jacui's surname is misspelt by the way

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    A decent read The story was very interesting and it grabbed me One moment I tried to think how I would feel if something happened to my daughter and it made me feel so horrible I had to uickly remove that thought Really I think I would make sure that once the killer is caught i would kill him Not caring if I have to spend my days in prisonbut I do not have other children to take care of It made it so much harder for the family for not knowing who had done the deed and thinking it was someone from the same town where they livedJust a few notes There was a chapter where she met a physic Not sure if that is the right word Someone who could make contact with people that have passed Things that she said were that Coleen knew the guy and stepped in his car and there were other clues I bookmarked them thinking that once we knew who had done it they would come true but there was no follow up in the bookI also think that the mum was sometimes a bit harsh to people and I felt she neglected her son but hey I am not in her shoes so I do not know how I would reactInteresting read

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    Well written but not particularly well told I had no sense of the characters their grief their anguish I could have been reading the story on Wikipedia Nevertheless it's a sad heartbreaking story A parent's worst nightmare

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    Very well written and such a sad book I am glad they caught the guy even though it took 26 years DNA is a wonderful tool and criminals cannot hide away like before I felt the family were not supported enough to cope with such a trauma No wonder the marriage fell apart When eventually caught because his son had committed a road traffic offence this evil piece of scum wanted to blame his recently deceased brother for the murderrape This piece of scum had married twice and had kids He even gave one of his girls the middle name Collette In court he suddenly became the poor sick old guy that butter would not melt During the 26 years of trying to find him he followedtaunted and harassed the Mum by phone He died in prison before he was even halway through a life sentence I would recommend this book 100%I had just one disappointment at the end I had hoped their would have been some family photos of the happier times before Collette was brutally murdered I hope Jacui you got some sort of closure of course it will never brings Collette back Remember you got justice you never failed Collette once Do not blame yourself

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    Getting back to my true life crime books this one clearly left me heartbroken for I remembered the case so well left school the same year as poor Colette's murder 1983 I hope writing this book bought some closure to her dear Mum Jacui as none can understand the absolute horror unless you too are a victim Why judges don't give whole of life sentences for taking a life makes me furious More books like this need to be on everyone's bookshelf Simple poignant true Nicely paced with brief chapters that explain everything and wording you can tell is from a mother's heart

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    Having previously worked for the forensics company which helped nail Paul Hutchinson I was very interested in reading this book and learning about Colette and her family The book was ok an easy read But I found it very repetitive sometimes things were repeated within a couple of pages of each other then also in chapters later on Of course this was written by a grieving mother not a professional writer so I guess allowances have to be made I found the tone of the book uite me me me and some parts very contradictory Doesn't want to be constantly known as the murdered girls mum but then brings it up on the bus in the airport etc Petitioned to bring back capital punishment but then felt cheated he died Mixed messages throughout And lots of parts I didn't feel relevant to the purpose of the book Either way it's a sad haunting story And I'm glad justice was finally found for Colette RIP

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    wow what a powerful story Even harrowing because it's a true account of a mother's heartache at the murder of her daughter and the years of pain until the killer is caught Loved this book

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    Although this was a heartfelt account of the breakdown of the family I found it and the author very depressing Glad it was a short book

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    What a sad and tragic story but well written so glad they got some justice in the end and the killer was jailed but definitely worth a read

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