Final Fantasy XIII-2

[PDF] ❤ Final Fantasy XIII-2 By Piggyback – Final Fantasy XIII 2 The Complete Official Guide includes• The 100% complete guide to Final Fantasy XIII The Complete Official Guide includes• The % complete guide to.Final Fantasy XIII-2


Final Fantasy XIII-2 eBook ß Final Fantasy  Epub /
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2
  • Piggyback
  • English
  • 02 June 2016
  • 9780307894205

10 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII-2

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    This book is so organized It has many specific topics for a specific purpose For instance under the Walkthrough tab it focused solely on completing the main storyline while the Tour Guide tab focused on exploring every aspects of the game including the side uests The Timeline tab is focused on the summary and highlight important aspects that is suggested to be achieved I never have difficulty in trying to find the one I was trying to look for in order to advance the story My goal is to explore every aspects of this game which is what I am doing right now I kind of wished that it can be done all in order including walkthrough and tour guide on the same page without having to jump back and forth and skipping things by accidents It also does not give out any spoiler during the walkthrough only the reader will have to look at the back of the book in order to find the spoiler and discover what happened I prefer not to look at the end of the book until I get there by following through the book This is the book for gamers who don't want to feel like they've cheated by using this book it is not a cheat book it is a guide that helps a player get through when they're trapped This book also give information of optimum crystarium leveling up for each character this is the best thing to follow in order to maximize their HP strength and magic Because whatever you do with their crystarium to your liking will really affect their HP strength and magic and in the end it might be less then you expected

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    I wanted a 100% playthrough and got it Could have been better could have been worse It certainly was NOT a book to read through in one sitting or in a linear fashion That being said it did it's job and I was satisfied

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    One of the best guides if not the best in my opinion Extremely comprehensive

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    Should have DLC additions available on PDF Or offer a side book to accompany when they do add it later Nicely bound book packed full of information and some great pics Yup it's a video game book so I like it by default for when I'm too lazy to figure things out for myself or just want to read through and get a feel for what to expect when I'm impatient for a game to install My awesome kids got me the gamebook for a pre bday gift I like to think I raised them right ;

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    Together with the FF Chronicles guide I bought this guide as well and they arrived todayThis is a very heavy guide Feels luxurious Soft omslag How do I say this in English? soft cover?This was not my favourite game though I think mainly because it is uite confusing and you need a guide if you want to gain everythingI did enjoy FFXIII and I managed to get the platinum trophy which means I manged to get all trophies which is not an easy futureWhy I bought this guide besides that it is a good investment for the future? Guides do not lose their worth is that I think there must be and with this guide I hope I will enjoy this game

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    An exceptional strategy guide It is attractive and durable with great artwork included The only thing I would change is that I would tweek the organization a bit Oftentimes to find information about a uest in the game we would have to consult multiple sections of the book For the size and detail in this guide that is to be expected though It is far 'complete' than other guides I have used while playing RPGs One of the best strategy guides I have used to date; I would not hesitate to purchase of Piggyback's Collector's Editions

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    I actually have the Collector's Edition but that doesn't have an edition with a cover yetHate it when that happens

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    A very good book filled with lots of helpful hints and beautiful artwork Also has a walkthrough which is spoiler free which is a plus

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