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[Reading] ➿ American Vampire, Volume 2 ➶ Scott Snyder – While trafficking in a bestselling sub genre AMERICAN VAMPIRE introduces a new strain of vampire — a muscular and vicious species born of the American WestIt’s Las Vegas circa 1935 and Skinner Swe While trafficking in a bestselling sub genre AMERICAN VAMPIRE introduces a new strain of vampire — a muscular and vicious species American Vampire, Epub / born of the American WestIt’s Las Vegas circa and Skinner Sweet and our gal Pearl are about to learn the hard way that the bloodsuckers in Hollywood were nothing compared to what awaits them in Sin CityIn just a few short years young police Chief Cash McCogan has watched his native city of Las Vegas go from cow town to wild glittering boomtown And when the bodies of prominent businessmen start showing up drained of blood Chief McCogan finds himself facing a threat much darker and deadlier than anything he could have imagined and the only sure bet in town is that Skinner and Pearl are right in the thick of it From the Hardcover edition.American Vampire, Volume 2

Scott Snyder is the Eisner and Harvey Award winning writer on DC Comics Batman Swamp Thing and his original series for American Vampire, Epub / Vertigo American Vampire He is also the author of the short story collection Voodoo Heart published by the Dial Press in The paperback version was published in the summer of .

American Vampire, Volume 2 PDF/EPUB ß American
  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • American Vampire, Volume 2
  • Scott Snyder
  • English
  • 09 October 2016
  • 9781401230708

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    I don't know why I wasn't crazy about it the first time I read it but I really enjoyed Snyder's story this time around This volume deals with Henry and Pearl getting a visit from a vampire hunting group which leads into several other new storylines that include old and new faces The plot moved along well and was interesting and I liked the way the cast is expanding I enjoyed the way everything sort of jumps around between past and present and one set of character to another If it's not done right that can be super annoying But in this case it just kept things from getting stale I thought I know I'm late to the party but I guess better late than never

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    This is the ongoing tale of vampires in America Volume 2 sticks moves on to the next step in the Wild West theme as modernization hits the West with the rise of Las Vegas and the building of the Boulder Hoover Dam I am really enjoying the historical fiction feel of this vampire story I think it is really great that I have found many vampire stories in this genre that I have enjoyed Another example was Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter – I thought it would be cheesy but actually pretty goodI do think I enjoyed the story in Volume 1 a bit than Volume 2 I don’t think there is any reason than this volume felt transitional; not as much of a complete story in itself There are many connections to volume 1 and lots of foreshadowing to future volumes But only a couple of climatic moments happen Again not bad and seems to be a not all that uncommon trend for graphic novelsI am kind of torn on the art Some of it is very cool some of it seems kind of off – as if the artist occasionally loses the ability to draw things in correct relational perspective to each other One example that stood out every time it happened When someone was yelling it was like their mouth suddenly became 95% of their head That criticism aside I enjoyed all the rest and the variety of vampire art – from subtle to fully vamped out – is pretty coolI think horror historical fiction and vampire fans will find a lot to like here I have no issue so far recommending this series to fans of any of those genres

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    Las Vegas police chief Cash McCogan has a murderer to find and all signs point to Jim Smoke the man who likely was responsible for the death of McCogan's father Meanwhile some mystery men approach Pearl with a dealAfter the thrill ride that was the first American Vampire volume I was jonesing for While this one wasn't uite what I expected it than delivered the goods I like that Pearl wasn't swept under the rug after the first volume and that the series isn't all about Skinner SweetSnyder's pacing is perfect for the story and it tempts me to give his Batman run a try I love the art style in this When I saw Rafal Aluuerue's name on the first volume I was skeptical but his art has improved in leaps and bounds since his run on Blue BeetleThe main story that of Cashel McCogan felt like it was written for me The hard boiled Las Vegas police chief teams up with some federal agents and stumbled upon a plot involving secret financiers of the Boulder Dam and vampires galore I like that Snyder continues to develop his vampire mythology with different varieties of vampire with different weaknessesWhile Pearl is in the background for a part of the book she takes center stage at the end and delivers an orgy of violence ending for the volume I wasn't completely sold on Pearl until then Now I'm dying to forgo housework in order to read American Vampire 3

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    About a hundred people died while building Hoover Dam After reading this I have to assume that all of those deaths were due to vampire attacksPicking up several years after the last volume it’s 1935 and a formerly sleepy Nevada town called Las Vegas is booming because of the thousands of workers in the area constructing Hoover Dam Police chief Cash Morgan doesn’t like what the gambling and prostitution are doing to his city but there isn’t much he can do to stop it When a businessman connected to the dam is sucked dry of all of his blood Cash finds a link to a pimp called Jim Smoke that he blames for the murder of his father but Smoke is actually the brutal vampire named Skinner SweetOnce again Snyder has delivered a fun and nasty twist on the vampire genre with American history as it’s backdrop One of the ideas I really like in this series is that there are different species of vamps with varying strengths and weaknesses Skinner Sweet was the first of a new breed who is at war with the older vampire factions as well as the humans hunting them but Skinner is not some sparkly emo type or some brooding angst filled anti hero Skinner is a monster who is devious brutal and utterly without remorse We learn the fates of others who had the bad luck to cross his path in the last volume as well as watching what happens to Cash and others when they get mixed up in vampire feuds

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    I suspected this before but volume 2 in the American Vampire storyline confirms what has now become an inalienable truth Scott Snyder is a bad ass And so are his vampiresIn volume 1 we were introduced to Skinner Sweet the first American Vampire whose accidental creation proved to be a blow against the old school European vampires; Sweet is faster stronger and unlike any breed of vampire that came before him Clearly there's some symbolism here about America rising out of the outmoded aristocratic societies from which its populace immigrated to become a superpower but who cares because there are VAMPIRES who are KILLING people and ENJOYING it without turning into emo esue tortured souls after the blood spatters have hit the wallVolume 2 continues the story of many of the characters introduced in the first volume but the setting is approximately a decade later this is one of my favorite aspects of this series the way it's not afraid to jump forward in time and explore its characters as America continues to work its way through its adolescence as a nation The first storyline follows Las Vegas police chief Cashel McCogan as he investigates a series of murders that occur during the building of the Hoover Dam Cashel is shocked to find out that his city harbors than the mortal vices of gambling drinking and prostitution when he discovers that Sin City has monsters hiding in its shadows than in its bright lights The second storyline focuses on Pearl the vampire created by Skinner Sweet in volume 1 as she tries to create an idyllic life with her human husband Henry and avoid the past that she knows is tracking her downThese stories continue to develop the characters of Sweet and Pearl as well as Felicia and Abilena Book who have become vampire hunters intent on making Sweet pay for turning Jim Book I continue to love the idea of various types of vampires like the Gaelic Prime each of which must be killed in a different fashion and how the American breed proves particularly difficult to kill as no one man or vampire has discovered its uniue weaknesses There are also some nice plot twists with a chilling end to the first storyline of Cashel McCogan and uestions that still have yet to be answered such as what exactly is Felicia Book the naturally born child of Abilena and the infected Jim Book I suppose it's on to volume 3 to find outCross posted at This Insignificant Cinder

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    It’s all Stephen King’s fault The first Scott Snyder comic I read was American Vampire Volume 1 co written by King King’s folksy down home style of writing was so irritating and is why I no longer read his novels that it completely tarnished my reading experience so I ended up hating the book So I was surprised with how much I liked Snyder’s writing when I picked up Batman The Black Mirror and I’ve been delighted ever since with his and Greg Capullo’s New 52 Batman run Superman Unchained and even his excellent standalone horror comic Severed After so many great books I thought he’d earned the benefit of the doubt and decided to give American Vampire another shot and wow what a difference no Stephen King makes or “Uncle Stevie” as he creepily asks his “Dear Readers” to call him It’s 1936 and a few years on from the wild wild west of the last book The Hoover dam is being constructed and the town that will soon become the sprawling mecca to vice Las Vegas is just beginning to grow But the project’s financial backers are being picked off their bodies left drained of blood – who could be the culprit in a book with the word “vampire” in the title? Meanwhile Pearl Jones is living happily with her beau Henry but trouble is never too far behind Neither of the two stories are particularly bad but neither are especially brilliant – Snyder’s knack for originality seems to be strangely absent from his creator owned series Both the Las VegasSkinner Sweet here calling himself Jim Smokes and Pearl Jones stories are essentially vampires against vampire hunters ie the archetypical vampire story There’s a slight edge to the Skinner story as it’s told from the perspective of the sheriff whose life goes from being happy with a wife and a kid on the way and a good job to well what happens when he crosses Skinner Sweet I like that Skinner wasn’t the narrator and that his use was minimal maintaining his mystiue and impact when he does appear in the story And Pearl’s story while being straightforwardly dull horror has at least the interesting character of Hattie who sets out after Pearl on a mission of vengeance Besides the unremarkable and oftentimes predictable plotting Snyder’s dialogue is at its most stilted here For example when the sheriff calls up his wife at home and she reminds him that a his father died recently leaving him sheriff and b that Jim Smokes killed his dad and that he can’t control his anger around Jim Smokes Ouch that’s a lotta exposition in one seemingly brief call between two people who both already know this stuff There’s a lot of similarly trite dialogue peppered throughout which is surprising as Snyder’s usually artful than this Reading the preview of Volume 3 at the back of this book I’m beginning to see the idea behind the series which is following the misadventures of Skinner and Pearl through the ages – the first was the frontier days the second is Depression era America and the third looks to be WW2 America and so on which does seem to be an intriguing concept There are certainly a lot of roles Skinner could dress up as – vampire version of a CIA spook on the grassy knoll Kurtz in Vietnam Wall Street moneyman in the ‘80s and so on After reading the second volume I definitely don’t hate the series as much as I did after the first and the second book was decent enough to make me want to keep reading the series but I still feel that American Vampire ranks as the least impressive of Snyder’s output

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    Now it is true that pop culture is probably oversaturated with vampires not as much as zombies though which is a genre that always baffled me for its massive commercial appeal Going by Stephen King's own introduction alone back in the first volume you might think he and Scott Snyder reinvented the vampire story they didn't But two volumes in for this series and I can say that this was still a top grade story both a fine example of what the vampire genre can offer with its conventions and how the medium of comics actually helped its development and evolution It had been a terrific ride and I will read the other volumes right after I finished reading and reviewing my other scheduled GNs of this yearThe second volume of American Vampire had definitely sold me to the series for good and it didn't even need Stephen King this time around The writing just spoke for itself because Scott Snyder Batman writer is definitely at the top of his game and I say this with utmost confidence due to his four parter story arc included in this volume called The Devil in the Sand I was enthralled by this arc; I never even put the volume down at all which was why I was only able to finish this within two hours or less It was that riveting The Devil in the Sand was a compelling drama that played out to its readers' expectations about certain telling points in its narrative but was also still able to satisfy them with a rewarding conclusion Skinner Sweet doesn't have a big role at all and it was centered on the struggles of a secondary character that could or would never appear in the next volumes That being said his role here was memorable enough especially his internal conflict about his family and obligation as an officer of the law I'm not going into details about it because I would encourage you to pick this series and read The Devil in the Sand yourselves and hopefully experience what I felt I think it's a solid supernatural drama all in allThe vampire mythos for this series is also beginning to expand introducing readers some to the strife between ancient bloodlines of vampires and the extinction of others after a new breed came to power Skinner Sweet and the woman he sired Pearl were supposed to be the new evolutionary step sort of a mutation in the gene and that's why everyone is after them particularly on Sweet since he's not the nicest of vamps really He's used to being hunted and causing chaos and fun on his own but the fall out of this is that someone like Pearl is also burdened by a threat to her existence now that she was sired to Sweet Pearl is content with her domestic life with a boyfriend who accepts her affliction but sooner or later she might have to start running no matter how much she wants to settle downThe thing I like about the character interplay between Sweet and Pearl is that they don't have interactions at all or at least so far in the first two volumes They're both just doing their thing and have separate lives and stories but conflicts tied to their vampirism often get them in each other's radar even if they don't wish it so Pearl does respect Sweet on the account that he gave her life by turning her but the relationship is basically distant I'm sure this could change and evolve later on but for now Snyder is building up the suspense and conflict very nicely indeed It's great to have two protagonists who never have to be in the same scenes together but can still hold out on their own as pivotal charactersThe final story that ended this volume was pretty much perfection I can't even spoil because it would just ruin the surprise that awaits you if you do decide to check out this series one of these days Overall American Vampire is a graphic novel you don't want to miss out on It's vibrant and brutal; a lovely period drama that spans over American history as it follows the misadventures of a cowboy vampire who is up to no good and a fierce young woman who wants the same thing as the rest of us but tragically may never get anyRECOMMENDED 910READ MY REVIEWS AT

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    Skinner Sweet has moved to a booming Las Vegas to make his fortune and we get introduced to a new character the police chief of Las Vegas Cash McCogan Sweet fits in perfectly in Sin City and the contrast of character between the do good police chief and the outlaw vampire providers a great story We also get a new villain and learn about the various types of vampires of which there are many species who knew?The second volume of American Vampire picks up about 10 years after the events in volume one Overall this one has a much slower pace than volume one and there's a lot of dialogue explaining some background before the action really starts about 60% into the story Boy does it really take off from there though The other part of the story finds Pearl Jones and her husband trying to lead a normal life together at least as normal as it can be This part of the story feels like a set up for future volumes and it was not as interesting as the Las Vegas section It did what was intended though and provided some backstory as wellThe two plots mix together nicely playing off each other in a few areas and advancing the overall plot Fans of the first volume might be a little upset that Skinner is not a point of view character in this volume but he is worked into the story in a fashion that we have come to expect from the outlaw Skinner is still Skinner and I was glad that the author did not try to change himThis volume advances the world of American Vampire introducing us to things previously hinted at and also does a good job setting us up for the next additionThis is what Vampires are suppose to be You won't find sparkling heartthrobs in these pages so if you think vampire should be sweet you will be gravely disappointed These vampires are killers and they remind us that real vampires don't sparkleAmerican Vampire is a fun fast read and the art work is great If you haven't given this awesome series a try it's highly recommended

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    Devil in the Sand is set in an emerging from the Great Depression 1936 Las Vegas sowing the seeds of its future decadence and drudgery Felicia is all grown up and alongside her mother and other allies is essentially a vampire hunter and although Skinner's there it's not him they are after The Las Vegas backstory proves to the most interesting part of this volume The 2 part The Way Out catches up with Pearl and Henry in 1936 California 6 out of 12

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    American Vampire continues to be entertaining I'm glad I gave this series another try So this volume is two stories The first one really focuses on building the world of American Vampire We get a little town sheriff trying to solve a murder but soon as FBI agents come into play his world explodes with all new threats VAMPIRES Who's the main enemy of the town? Well none other than Skinner himself A glimpse of what Pearl has been up to as well in this storyline of justice and death The two part at the end focuses on Pearl and her love life which is both sad and heartfelt Where's we also get a look at her old best friend the one who betrayed her Remember that bitch? Well she is BACK Good Overall the flow of narrative is surprisingly really good This isn't to say Scott Snyder hasn't done this before a lot of his earlier work has great pacing and flow but it's nice to see here especially The brutality of this title keeps up with nails through skulls head slices off people ripped apart It's brutal in the best ways I like Pearl a lot as a character she continues to grow into someone very interesting Skinner a piece of shit as always is also intriguing Bad I'll admit while the art is good a lot of the time the sketchy feel can get annoying It's especially hard to tell what's happening when too much dark colors are used Overall a 4 out of 5 This series is remaining high in uality and I hope it stays that way

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