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✹ [BOOKS] ✭ Positive Intelligence By Shirzad Chamine ❃ – E17streets4all.co.uk In his popular Stanford University lectures Shirzad Chamine reveals how to achieve one’s true potential for both professional success and personal fulfillment His groundbreaking research exposes ten In his popular Stanford University lectures Shirzad Chamine reveals how to achieve one’s true potential for both professional success and personal fulfillment His groundbreaking research exposes ten well disguised mental Saboteurs Nearly percent of the executives in his Stanford lectures conclude that these Saboteurs cause “significant harm” to achieving their true potential With Positive Intelligence you can learn the secret to defeating these internal foes Positive Intelligence PSM measures the percentage of time your mind is serving you as opposed to sabotaging you While your I and E emotional intelligence contribute to your maximum potential it is your P that determines how much of that potential you actually achieveThe great news is that you can improve your P significantly in as little as days With higher P teams and professionals ranging from leaders to salespeople perform to percent better on average Importantly they also report being far happier and less stressed The breakthrough tools and techniues in this book have been refined over years of coaching hundreds of CEOs and their executive teams Shirzad tells many of their remarkable stories showing how you too can take concrete steps to unleash the vast untapped powers of your mindDiscover how to•    Identify and conuer your top Saboteurs Common Saboteurs include the Judge Controller Victim Avoider and Pleaser  •    Measure the Positive Intelligence score P for yourself or your team—and see how close you come to the critical tipping point reuired for peak performance•    Increase P dramatically in as little as days•    Develop new brain “muscles” and access untapped powers with energizing mental “power games”•    Apply P tools and techniues to increase both performance and fulfillment Applications include team building mastering workload working with “difficult” people improving worklife balance reducing stress and selling and persuading.Positive Intelligence


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  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • Positive Intelligence
  • Shirzad Chamine
  • English
  • 20 June 2016
  • 9781608322787

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    I have been experiencing some challenges recently in my business and personal life and I have been looking for something to help me regain my focus This is exactly what I have been looking for The tools in this book are simple yet have had a tremendous impact on my personal and professional life I was able to have a productive conversation with my son tonight by focusing on my sage voice and uieting the saboteurs He opened up to me and I was able to guide him without him feeling judged The impact on my professional life has been just as amazing I sell real estate and the challenges in the market have really brought out the worst in everyone I can see how my low P positive intelligence score has a tendency to bring out the judge saboteur in my clients and prospects This past week as I met with new prospects and spoke with my clients I was able to truly listen from a sage perspective and connect with them on a deeper level Now instead of trying to convince them we are working together to find solutions where everyone wins I have been able to get a yes on each of my last 7 presentations Prior to reading this book I was listing about 50% of my presentations I have already recommended this book to some co workers and as soon as it is published I plan on buying it for each of my children Thank you for teaching this concept so simply and effectively This will be a staple on my short list of resource books

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    I'm giving this a lower rating not because the book was particularly poor but because it is overly simplistic It's left brainright brain dichotomy and it's New Agey lingo turned me off although I agree with the concepts It was a great reminder to practice mindfully and meditate The neurological benefits of these practices is really undisputed nothing mystical just how our bodies work bestThe short summary Think positively so that you act rather than letting negative thoughts sideline you Repeat that sentence repeatedly paying attention to your breath and you will realize you need to act

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    I first learned about the concept of Positive Intelligence while earning my MBA with one of my concentrations being in leadership development Chamine has done a fantastic job of authoring a primer on the subject Even if a potential reader of this book doesn't believe in the psychobabbling of business which I have often heard PI referred to the book lays out excellent descriptors of group and individual dynamics which can interfer with successful team projects and lead to disastrous results I think the thing that is most interesting about this book is that it isn't limited to the corporate world This is a book whose concepts could be utilized in any group setting It is a book I would recommend to other leaders and in fact already have

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    Like many books in the world of popularization of coaching this is overly simplistic has a bit of a complex about needing to justify itself with data and puts cutesy terminology on things This is the nature of the coaching profession right now everybody is trying to develop uniue intellectual property to stand it from the crowd and everybody knows the big money is either in massive cultish events where people come to be touched by the charismatic guru or in the world of people and corporations who need evidence before eshelling out moneyThat said the content of this book is excellent and actionable You can read this book and start implementing it and start changing your life immediately But most people will stumble and fall and need supportEither working with a friend or a support group or a coach will make it easier to commit to the practicesThis book's use to me as a coach is great I have already started using the assessment tool that looks at how this material shows up with my clients to speed their growth and am seeing impact

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    I cannot give 0 stars so I'm giving it 1How to write a book like this First come up with your custom categorization of human traitsbehaviors Then having an established vocabulary and the categorization write these words with Capital Letters Remember to describe everything in these words and bring several stories where you were using only These words and These words only when coaching people Then repeat Not forget to provide some scale as people like to score points and compare numbersThe same could have been done in a much better way by noticing what works for people and calling things with the already existing names the inner critic morning ritualsroutines Renaming things to Saboteurs or Sages and claiming that with this it helps people won't make it any better Unless we're discussing it from the brandbusiness perspective

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    It would be unfair to suggest I read Positive Intelligence with an open mind or even read it rather I flipped through it I did read today’s report in The Observer by Harriet Sherwood the headline of which is Top cleric says C of E reforms risk making it a ‘suburban sect’ How does that apply to Shirzad Chamine’s New York Time’s bestseller? Well I’d argue that Positive Intelligence P which measure the percentage of your mind that is sabotaging you as opposed to helping you is pseudoscience or just plain bullshit ‘The great news is you can improve your P’ You can minimise the Judge that rules your life and increase your Sagacity and empathise Win Win In other words do unto other what you would do to yourselfI’ll uote Sherwood here on the Church of England’s plans but they could apply eually to P'There seems to be no sagacity serious science or spiritual substance to the curatives being offered'Make no mistake Positive Intelligence tells you like the Church of England or indeed Alcoholic Anonymous’ Big Book how to turn your life around Read for example the account of ‘Peter an entrepreneur’ He had wanted to make 10 million before his retirement He was offered 125 million for his company but turned it down because his college buddy had been offered 330 million Late Peter became bankrupt Peter is an asshole is the lesson I learned I’m not great at empathising with people like him but that is being judgemental You need to ask yourself why you are being judgemental Ask your SagacityMy Sagacity says fuck offChamine points out in his research that ‘on average able bodied adults who become uadriplegic through an accident return to their baseline happiness’I thought I was poor and unhappy because I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet Read that sentence again Happiness has a baseline Unhappiness too must have a baseline I’m going to send away for one of those things you blow into when the cops arrest you and they say ‘sorry pal you’ve driving a car and you’re three times over the unhappiness limit’ You’re looking at a two year ban put in the cells and beat up’ Blow into the bag again ‘look pal you’re ten time over the limit we need to cut your feet off and you’ve done this before so we’re cutting your fingers off Are you happy now? See what you’ve made us do?’If you look through Positive Intelligence peppered with stories that could have come straight from AA’s Big Book so you don’t need to read the PI book ‘The Vicious Cycle’; ‘Women Suffer Too’; ‘Jim’s Story’; ‘The Man Who Mastered Fear’; ‘He Sold Himself Short’; ‘The Missing Link’; ‘My Chance to Live’; ‘Acceptance Was the Answer’; ‘Winner Takes All’I’m not asking you to read the Big Book or take the PI test or read the New York Times bestseller I’d just ask the kind of people that read books where they can slap themselves on the back and thing how they’ve created such a fine test and algorithm for measuring happiness to blow in that bag pal and take a long hard look at themselves Books are the answer because they can help us empathise with the other the worker the underlining the refugee Anthony Trollope’s character had something to say in the nineteenth century in 'The Way We Live Now' that has added bite in the twenty first century ‘People said of him that he had framed and carried out long and premeditated and deeply laid schemes for the ruins of those who had trusted him that he had swallowed up the property of all who had come in contact with him that he was fed with the blood of widows and children’Positive Intelligence is an argument for the placebo effect and for backslapping for those that own the top 100 US companies Chamine is writing and works for These are not my people This is not my book Read Read Read widely and wisely Then you’ll understand

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    I am giving this book 4 out of 5 stars because I am not entirely convinced that it could be so easy to achieve peace and happiness as described in this book Easy is the wrong word although the steps themselves are simple and lucid getting there will still reuire hard work The book teaches us to recognize our saboteurs strengthen our sage doing P exercises which is little than awarenessmindfulness training What I especially liked about this book is that it encompasses the ideas of Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth create a better life The basis is that the inner chatter in your head is not you usually it's just a saboteur or judge at work However Shirzad Chamine is concrete as to how to uelch your saboteurs and strengthen your sage the positive The word of caution is that you mustn't just pretend as pretending to be positive without actually feeling it puts you at risk of coronary heart disease and doesn't improve anything mucht I have in accordance with this book started labelling my saboteurs From the website wwwpositiveintelligencecom I found that my chief saboteur is the controller No surprise there I have been aware of that for years I suffer tremendous pain when I'm not in charge or have full control Letting things float is just not my style My second most freuent saboteur is the victim and this came a surprise I didn't know this I hate being a victim but apparently that doesn't stop me from playing that card to myself oh poor me eventhough I rarely do so openly Another thing I didn't think I was doing all that much of any was juding other people Muahahahaha I was so wrong As a leader I consider it part of my job description but I am doing my best reevaluating my position as I didn't think I was doing it by far as often as I really am I have also started doing P exercises which is just 10 seconds of being aware of ones surroundings mindfulness training really the feel of wind on the skin different sights smells the weight of my body in the chair One hundred P exercises a day for three weeks should according to this book lead to dramatic results Let's see I know I'm not at 100 yet but I do notice that I am relaxed and less anxious now I will continue to take the advice of this book into account and I certainly consider it money well spent

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    Professor Sanjeev Bedi first introduced me to this book right after I told him I'm interested in pursuing a startup To my surprise this is not a book that teaches how to run a startup but a book that teaches skills that critical to achieving success in any area of lifeAccording to the author one's positive intelligence P is her biggest determinant of success Based on this premise this book explores the various entities in the mind that make up one's P One of those entities is the Judge Everyone has a Judge in their mind that labels everything in life as either good or bad Judging oneself prevents one from attaining happiness in the process of achieving success; Judging others is the enemy of happy relationships; and Judging the circumstances denies one from ever being satisfied with what she has By bringing the Judge to the conscious awareness it will slowly melt away making way for our inner sage to surfaceThis book touches on many complex and abstract concepts Although the reader may become aware of the inner workings of the mind after the first read attempting to articulate all the concepts to someone else may be difficult Understanding all the content reuires than one read But once the content is internalized and applied to every day practice positive change is right around the corner

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    I wish the negative people in my life would read this book This book was geared toward a business person view but will work for anyone I felt like a learned a methodical or practical way to meditate and de stress

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    What a waste of time Maybe I'm just harder to convince but all the strategies applications anecdotes and personal tools provided were simplistic If you need a pep talk for a few days this is the book for you

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