Miaow!: Cats Really are Nicer Than People!

❰Read❯ ➭ Miaow!: Cats Really are Nicer Than People! Author Patrick Moore – E17streets4all.co.uk Given a choice between the average person and the average cat I would go for the cat any time and my book will explain why Sir Patrick Moore CBE FRSThis little book is about cats; cats of all shapes s Given a Really are PDF/EPUB ½ choice between the average person and the average cat I Miaow!: Cats Kindle - would go for the cat any time and my book will explain why Cats Really are PDF/EPUB ì Sir Patrick Moore CBE FRSThis little book is about cats; cats of all Cats Really are Nicer Than ePUB Æ shapes sizes and colours and specifically about those that have shared their lives with the great and well respected astronomer Sir Patrick Moore CBE FRS over a lifetime of yearsThis is Patrick’s very personal account of the cats that have been part of his family beginning with Smudgie who died at the grand old age of twenty through to Jeannie and Ptolemy Cats Really are Nicer Than ePUB Æ his two most recent beloved felinesThe intimate and delightful text is complemented by personal photographs of Sir Patrick his late adored mother Gertrude also a cat lover and the many cats that have filled Patrick’s life with love and companionship Revealed within these pages is the delightful and charming side of a man who has attained international status as a writer researcher radio commentator and television presenter and who is credited with having done than any other to raise the profile of astronomy.Miaow!: Cats Really are Nicer Than People!

Librarian Note Really are PDF/EPUB ½ There is than one author with this nameSir Alfred Patrick Miaow!: Cats Kindle - Caldwell Moore CBE Hon FRS FRAS known as Patrick Moore was an English Cats Really are PDF/EPUB ì amateur astronomer who is the most well known English promoter of astronomy Moore Cats Really are Nicer Than ePUB Æ wrote numerous books on the subject as well as make public television and radio appearances over the course of his long life He is credited as having done.

Miaow!: Cats Really are Nicer Than People! PDF/EPUB Ó
  • Paperback
  • 62 pages
  • Miaow!: Cats Really are Nicer Than People!
  • Patrick Moore
  • English
  • 27 September 2016
  • 9781845844356

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    Definitely a book for cat lovers only In fact probably only a crazy cat person will fully appreciate Patrick Moore's strong attachment to his feline companions Even as a cat owner and ailurophile myself I found the sentiment rather saccharine and mawkishThat said Patrick Moore was a bona fide English eccentric and generally an all round nice man who was held in genuine affection by his TV audience including me and those whose lives he touched directly as inspiration mentor and benefactor Having lost his fiancée who was serving as a nurse in the Second World War when her ambulance was hit during a Nazi bombing raid Moore never entered into another romantic relationship So if he found comfort consolation and an outlet for his tender feelings by doting on his cats I can only be happy that they brought him joy and contentmentThe book then is rather slight in both content and page count being a loose collection of personal anecdotes about Moore's last two pets Jeannie and Ptolomy padded out to 62 pages with a uantity of family cat photographsWere it not for the affection in which I hold Mr Moore I'd probably have given this 2 stars but 3 it is in memoriam of a national institution and treasure whose like we are unlikely to see again

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    Rating 610This was a book that I picked up on a whim I am totally a crazy cat lady and I admire the work that Cats Protection do within the UK and have been a lifelong supporter so it felt like a no brainer to give this little book a go especially since a portion of the profit goes to cats in needAt less than 100 pages most filled with photographs this is a very uick read Sir Patrick Moore an English Icon himself details why he loves cats and talks about the cats he has shared his life with It is written in very simple language therefore also suitable for children and I do think that dampened my enjoyment of the book a little bitI would have loved Sir Patrick go into detail about his cats and the life he shared with them but as mentioned before this book is definitely designed for both children and adults therefore too much information would most likely go against that demographic All in all however this is a lovely little book great for the bookshelf of any cat lover

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    Patrick Moore might have been an eccentric genius who had enthralled generations of viewers with The Sky at Night but this all too brief glimpse into the person behind the public presenter shows a truly loving individual who evidently cared as deeply for his cats as any human being could care for anotherThe simple vunerable honesty of his comments alone make this book worth reading Don't be tempted to scoff at the easy to read style the book appeals to a wide audience and the real depth is in Patrick's emotional sentiments not just in the words that were used to convey them

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    Sweet easy read although it could have done with a proofreader

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