Whose Angel Keyring

❅ Whose Angel Keyring kindle Epub ❥ Author Mara Purl – E17streets4all.co.uk Can a secret be kept for most of a young man's lifetime Joan Calvin must have thought so before she died years ago Yet it was a secret she didn't want kept from her son forever just until he was ready Can a secret be kept for most of a young man's lifetime Joan Calvin must have thought so before she died years ago Yet it was a secret she didn't want kept from her son forever just until he was Whose Angel Epub / ready to hear the truth This Christmas the time has come It wasn't that she placed it on a future calendar for her husband Joseph to find Instead she entrusted the timing of the disclosure to fate and to the trustworthy butler whom she knew would never desert young Zackery So now all these years later a key that'd gone missing has mysteriously appeared What does it unlock Is it just the heirloom clock hiding in plain site on the mantel Or does the angel keyring unlock farThough the e book stands alone it also extends the Milford Haven Novels the critically acclaimed popular series a multi generational saga Based on Purl's BBC Radio drama Milford Haven USA.Whose Angel Keyring

Why do we read Because reading throws open a window into new realms of possibilitywindows that become doors as we walk through themThe world I've created is Milford Haven a small coastal town on California's somewhat undiscovered Central Coast It's Whose Angel Epub / a town of both small town simplicities and global complexities But it's also a town of infinite possibilitiesYOUR possibilities It's a.

Whose Angel Keyring eBook Ù Whose Angel  Epub /
  • Kindle Edition
  • 55 pages
  • Whose Angel Keyring
  • Mara Purl
  • English
  • 03 July 2016

10 thoughts on “Whose Angel Keyring

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    This was a short read very short and even though it was a slightly predictable Christmas story I wasn't ready for it to end I could have enjoyed it for another 200 pages or so in face am hoping this is a teaser to see how it plays for a longer book

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    A mother Love is foreverA mother’s letter finds her son after many years to remind him that he is a treasure of the heart A life song

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    This is such a wonderful preuel to a series of books The series of books is the Milford Haven series Please be aware that this review may contain spoilers This is a sweet wonderful short story by Ms Purl This book is seems to be set in modern times and has a about a handful of characters The first book in the series will have several characters This book is about Zackery Calvin and Cynthia Radcliffe Zack is one of those people that was born with a silver spoon in there mouth and Cynthia is one of those people that has had to struggle to get everything in life Zack and Cynthia were once lovers and friends but one day Zack's bulter James called Cynthia up and ask her to pick up all of her belonging from Zack's house Okay this is the only part of the book I did not like How can a man no matter how much money he actually has be so careless as to have someone else call up a woman they were dating and sleeping with have that person tell the woman to come pick up her stuff Okay rant over SorryWhile Cynthia did not intentionally take the angel keyring it somehow got put into the boxes of stuff she packed up from Zack's house Unknown to Cynthia Zack or even James James has decided that it is time to give Zack the one item that the key on the angel keyring opens The only problem is James can not find the keyringThis is a wonderful opening to what sounds like to be a great read series I can not wait to get some of the other books in the series I would like to thank the author for recommending this book to meThe bunnies and I give this book 4 Carrots

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    This little Christmas story is part of a book series It probably would mean to readers who were familiar with the characters

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    I liked the beginning and the premise of the short story but it fell terribly short of expectations Too much reminiscence too little conclusiondisappointing

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    Fun read Neat learning about one of the main characters living in Milford Haven

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    so so I finished it but I'm not sure I'd recommend it

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    A Christmas tale Easy reading surprise included

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