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[Read] ➯ Styx's Storm Author Lora Leigh – To save innocent young Storme Montague from the claws of Breed slave traders Wolf Breed Styx is forced to claim her himself on the condition that Storme will no longer be a virgin by night's end And t To save innocent young Storme Montague from the claws of Breed slave traders Wolf Breed Styx is forced to claim her himself on the condition that Storme will no longer be a virgin by night's end And though Storme's defenses are up Styx will free her in ways she never expects.Styx's Storm

Lora Leigh lives in the rolling hills of Kentucky often found absorbing the ambience of this peaceful setting She dreams in bright vivid images of the characters intent on taking over her writing life and fights a constant battle to put them on the hard drive of her computer before they can disappear as fast as they appeared Lora’s family and her writing life co exist if not in harmony in.

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    His kisses taste like chocolate and cinnamonI was jealous in earlier books when one of the breeds had aphodiasiac hormones in his tongue that made his kisses taste like spices and honey even so in the last book when Jonas’s kisses tasted like cinnamon and cloves but Styx has kisses that taste like chocolate and cinnamon If there is a breed that has kisses tasting like chocolate and peanut butter I just might have fall in love for realThe story on this one was good Styx didn’t have as much depth as some of the other breeds he is a lover and an enforcer He is a huge Scottish guy with a love of chocolate so no wonder that his mating gland aphrodisiac happens to taste like chocolate He also was not tortured in the labs like other breeds his grandfather raised him but it sort of confused me as to whether his grandfather was really his father or not maybe I should have read that part over again Now his grandfather lives in Haven and has a mate so they often talkStorme’s father and brother were scientists in a Coyote lab and they loved the breeds even than they loved Storme Storme only saw the breeds in the worst part of the lab where they were animal than human and locked in cages so she feared them When the lab was freed those breeds killed her father and brother in front of her so she has hated them ever since She has been running for her life while holding a computer chip her father gave her ever since she was 14 for 10 yearsJonas finds out that Styx and her are compatible mates so sends Styx out after her in order to get the chip which he thinks has answers to help his daughter that was given an injection by Phillip Branden the evil pharmaceutical CEO trying to study the reversal of aging Though Jonas is always manipulative he also knows that bringing together mates ends in happiness for both parties and he knows that getting Storme off the streets and keeping her out of the hands of the council is best for her So he is never as bad as he seemsBlog|Goodreads|Facebook|Instagram|Twitter|BookBub

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    Breeds 22Wolf Breeds 7Featured Couple Styx Wolf Storme Human Location Haven – Wolf Breeds’ baseStorme hates Breeds When she was a little girl Coyote Breeds killed her father and brother while she managed to hide and escape That is the only thing she knows Since then she is avoiding all Breeds hiding from them Not that they leave her alone Jonas knows that Storme is hiding important information that will help his sick adopted daughter Amber They need to get Storme and convince her to help them So what does the sneaky man do? He sends after Storm her potential mateSeducing Storme has provided one of the best beginnings I have ready in the Breeds’ books Styx was a charmer Sweet delicious and innocent like A descendent of a Scottish warrior But this will not change the fact that he will betray her After a night of passion Storme will be bound and delivered to the Haven wolves’ base Naturally she will resist a lot The Mating Heat will not start Storme will be scared and she will not trust anybody including Styx Obviously the fact that she has been running for her life for the past 10 years has made her not to trust BreedsStyx is actually nice to his mate – even though he is a bit emotionally cruel to her for days after he has got her to his cabin But he will never give up on her or their relationship although she hates him for betraying her and everybody is telling him that he is wrong and she is not his mateCassie will also make an appearance in this book as Styx’s friend This will make Storme very jealousThis is one of my favorite Breeds’ stories It was heartbreaking I read it in one sitting and it left me breathless I absolutely loved Styx

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    Seems like this book is just an excuse to give Jonas another chance of redeeming himself to look like a bad ass because he totally failed in his own story The first half of the story had too much of Jonas trying too hard News to Lora this story should’ve been about Styx Storme I kept finding myself annoyed whenever Jonas was described as being dangerous and scary and creepy and blah blah blah insert all alpha description here because after Lion’s Heat we all know that’s not true I love me some Breeds and their woman but in this story I found myself irritated with the Breeds because they were such assholes Think about it in Storme’s side she witnessed her family’s murder has been on the run since she was 14 gets kidnapped by the Breeds and is forced threatened seduced to hand over the data chip she spent 10 years protecting Yeah she may act like a bigot but it’s not her fault after she’s been through such a hard life Imagine you having to forego wearing underwear because you could no longer afford such things What a miserable existence I’d be pissed off at the world too Now back to my rant about why I was irritated with the Breeds So after she gets kidnapped she meets Hope someone she‘s familiar with since back at the lab Excuse her for not being all lovely dovely and happy to see a familiar face when she’s being held captive and against the very people she was trying to run from Storme crops an attitude with Wolfe Gunner and Hope goes all bitchness on Storme demanding that Storme show respect to the Alpha as if he DESERVED it Storme was right if he wanted her respect he should earn it To which Hope replies with she’ll order to have Storme gagged Not only was her first meeting with them about them trying to tell her what to do and what to believe but also them threatening to submit her under Breed’s law What a callous unbearable unlikable bunch IMHO I don’t care much for Storme’s character but I pitied her because Lora Leigh just set her up to failI’m getting tired of all this disappointment Lora’s putting me through I am such a huge fan of the series but the past few stories has totally let me down Lora Leigh I’ve seen better from you

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    09272010 I would have given this book a 5 stars but there was just something about Storme that I didnt like it might have been her prejudice it might have been her ignorance hell it could have been all the friggin pouting she did but I didnt like the way she was throwing all types of nasty hateful things about the breeds I understand that she grew up like that but come the frig on you have had 10 years to grow out of your ignoranceStyx was friggin adorable but Storme I just didnt like her sorry for those of you who do but other than her the book was greatMy only uestion right now is Who the frig is Styx?? Why is she doing a book on a breed who they only mentioned I want to know about Dane or Cassie or Ely come the heck onlol

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    Damn this turned out to be one f g good read I almost started to hate Storme she was so damn hateful and stubborn to the point of pissing me off I absolutely love Styx damn what a manbreed He was so kind and patient with Storme; almost to good for her Ms Leigh knows how to write steamy sensual sex scenes that's for sure The pace was good but got much better about half way through the book And the secondary characters where back; I had forgotten how much I loved them in their own stories Still love them all Missed them tooNavarro's story is next and I can't flippin wait I love this series; I'm a fan for lifeHighly recommend this book Guaranteed to please

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    Storme Montague is on the run trying to protect important data that her father had left her after he was brutally murdered by a Coyote breed It has been ten years of running hiding and fighting off breeds and Council members and Storme is tired She knows the breeds will do anything to lure her in and they sent in Styx Mackenzie a sexy Scots wolf breed After one night of passion with him where she lets down her guard she is taken by Breeds to the Wolf Compound Bitter angry and full of fear Storme refuses to turn over the data no matter what Styx does to herStyx Mackenzie is tired of chasing Storme He believes that if he marks her then she will be forced to turn over the information to him Needless to say things do not go as plan Styx is very aware that Storme is his mate and this causes a huge conflict because she dislikes and distrust breeds after witnessing her family’s murder Storme also harbors ill feelings towards the breeds because she feels as though her father and brother chose their work as scientist over her and their family Since he knows Storme fears them his wolf will not allow him to claim his mate The mating heat is so close to the surface but until Storme allows him access to her heart he can’t mark herBeing a huge fan of Lora Leigh’s Breeds series I was slightly disappointed in the latest installment Styx and Storme’s relationship is rocky at its best Storme has trust issues which is understandable Styx wants her to trust him and is frustrating with her throughout the book All the breeds are upset with Storme’s lack of trust fear and anger Some of my favorite characters in the series are less understanding which is out of character for them They think of Storme as being childish but in my opinion she acts very true to character considering all that she has been through Her brother and father are murdered in front of her by a breed She has been on the run and alone since she was fourteen So why should she trust anyone? The only time Styx and Storme connected is in the bedroom Lora Leigh does not leave out the sex in her books but at some point there has to be to develop a relationship than sex After the sex scenes the repetitive arguing occurs and it became a tiresome cycle Half way through the book I thought of Cassa and Cabal’s story in Bengal’s Heart This book takes the same direction with the lack of plot and connectionThere is a lack drama or action scenes in this read until the very end and even that is weak Storme’s epiphany is too late in my opinion and I uestioned why she has a change of heart to trust the breeds because there is no Ah ha moment Readers are left hanging to find out what the data can do and if it helps the breeds Overall a lack of connection constant bickering and repetitiveness contributed to this being a frustrating read

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    When she was fourteen she witnessed her brother and father's murder at the hand of a Coyote She's hated Breeds ever sinceSo what the heck is she doing ten years later in a hotel with oneWell he doesn't know who she is he's warm provides a sense of false security and he's hot in and out of bed I guess that makes it rightYeah if the first thesis were true but Styx knows exactly who he holds in his arms The woman he's been chasing for the past two years The woman who holds vital information for the Breeds and especially Jonas' young daughter The woman who hates all the Breeds The woman who is his mateYet another LL book in which I hated the heroine I waited for Styx to snap break her neck and find himself a new mate Alas that moment never happenedThough I did like this book much despite the heroine than Lion's Heat probably because Ms Leigh at least stayed true to who Styx was from the beginning instead of turning him into a sissy Also despite her lack of charm Storme also kept true to her beliefs until the very end instead of pouting away not knowing what she wanted Yes she was obnoxious Yes she acted like a child everybody accused her of being granted she witnessed a Coyote killing her family but grown ups tend to think rationally not with the brain of a child Yes I wanted to kill her Yes she took a bit too long to come through there's nothing like a well placed kidnapping to change a girl's mind But at least she was consistent in her behavior Does that make any sense?Beginning of rant A lot of people have problems with LL's writing editing isms lack of research etc I just take them as her little uirks and just go with the story despite it's glaring problems this was still a good story mostly thanks to Styx I'm not here to judge her style or anything I'm here to enjoy the ride If I don't like an author for any reason be it the narrative style be it the writing be it anything at all I don't read their books Period I don't go back for End of rantAs mentioned despite the huge heroine problem this was a good solid story coupled with some little insight into what the future might bring A good addition to the series

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    Reread August 2019 Had to lower my rating because Storm bothered the fck outta me this go around original review Assigned to bring in the daughter of a scientist who once worked for the dreaded Council that created a new race of genetically enhanced cross breeds Styx knows almost immediately that Storme Montague is his woman even if the the telltale mating signs are mysteriously regressed for them So when he gains the opportunity to charm and seduce he does so with little effort ensnaring the elusive woman thought to secretly hold information vital to both the evil Council and The BreedsStorm cant believe she fell for the sexy wolf breed's act nor does she know who to trust any After witnessing her brother's bloody death before her very eyes by a cruel Coyote Breed she's reluctant to trust the Council board who created the monsters who killed her family let alone the Breeds themselves But something about the safety she feels when with the charming Styx is softening her Will she be able to let down her guard long enough to trust again before the wrong person gets to her and the information she's hiding? I know I know LL's uality of work always in need of improvement has been particularly subpar lately but Styx's Storm I can genuinely say was an enjoyable read for me Heck I started and finished it in one sitting because I couldnt put it downSure the heroine hung on to her hatred and mistrust for a LONG while but BUT I gotta say as forgiving as I tend to be if I saw my own much beloved brother's throat ripped out in front of me It would take a long LONG time for me to get passed it myself Nope she didnt bother me And I certainly loved Styx because well who wouldn't love a guy who knows your his and doesnt give up no matter how impossible a relationship seems?So yeah now? 3 out of 5 from me

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    25 Well on the one hand this book didn't have near as many continuity issues as Lion's Heat Nor did it have as many grammatical errors It just takes away from the book when things like that happen at least for me On the other hand I could not stand Storme for about 85% of the book Also it is also an all of a sudden change on her part to trusting the BreedsPerhaps I am too hard on Storme after the brutal murder of her father and brother at the hand of a Breed however she just wasn't a nice person I don't recall one moment where she was actually nice to anyone in the book prior to her sudden transformation Although she did apologize to Hope for her behavior it just didn't work with me because I barely saw a redeeming feature in her At the last 15% she did improve somewhat and became tolerable She just wasn't one of my favorite female characters in this seriesAs to the rest of the story I just didn't feel a connection to Styx and I think part of that is because I didn't like Storme I felt like his love for Storme was out of nowhere because I didn't see one reason as to why he should fall in love with her I felt it was just mating for mating's sake The mating in this story was a bit different so that is something I did like the little surprise at the end Anyone who knows what I like in romances can understand whyAt times the story kept my interest mostly because I wanted to see how things ended However like most Lora Leigh breeds book there really wasn't a resolution to everything we were introduced to in this story and in Lion's Heat What is happening to little Amber? Why was the mating heat different in Styx and Storme and most of all how did the little surprise happen We ended up with almost uestions than we did answers to old uestions I just hope we see a little progression in Navarro's Promise

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    35 starsDear Lora LeighI know your loyal fans would buy your grocery list in hopes of finding anal on it but could you please do me a huge favor anyway and hire an editor for grammar errors and word repetition? Because the grammar errors and word repetitions were really annoying Let me tell you I was very annoyed by the freuent word repetitionsDespite that I enjoyed this than the last several Leighs I’ve read perhaps because I wasn’t already familiar with the main characters and had no expectations to be disappointed I enjoyed getting to see Storme and Styx meet for the first time Leigh tends towards starting her romances in the middle Diana Palmer style This was a great meeting as the suspicious bigoted Storme is lured into bed by Styx's sexy brogue If you're one of those readers who hates fake romance brogue you're out of luck but I'm a total sucker for it Hmm maybe there's someone out there who actually loves grammar errors and word repetitions?I thought there was a good conflict overall between Storme's somewhat justified hatred of Breeds and her inability to resist the wolf breed Highlander Hottie There's also some playing around with the concept of the Breed mate bond as some unknown force Storme's subconscious? Styx's subconscious? keeps it from coming to full life Unlike many other readers I didn't hate Storme; I liked her toughness and sympathized with her So a pretty good read overall There's a lot of mention of characters from previous books but I think it would stand alone reasonably well for someone new to the series

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