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☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Trojan Horse By David Lender ✩ – International finance oil profiteering espionage and a race to stop a terrorist plot are the backdrop to this love story between an exotic spy who longs for a soulmate and a life saturated financier w International finance oil profiteering espionage and a race to stop a terrorist plot are the backdrop to this love story between an exotic spy who longs for a soulmate and a life saturated financier who’s a recent widowerDaniel Youngblood is a world weary oil and gas investment banker who’s ready to hit the beach when he’s hired by a Saudi Prince for an OPEC deal where he can net himself million as a swan song At the same time he meets and falls in love with Lydia an exotic European fashion photographer who he later discovers is really a CIA trained spy with a shocking history with the Saudi Prince She convinces Daniel to enlist in what becomes a race for the lovers to stop a Muslim terrorist internet plot to bring down the Saudi royal family and cripple the world’s oil capacity all before they wind up dead.Trojan Horse

Ex Wall Street Insider and Pitbull Poppi I’m a pull no punches thriller author of vigilantly researched espionage and white collar crime Found at DLenderAuthorcom my series and standalone novels are inspired by than years on Wall Street Now I use my insider’s knowledge of the characters and intrigues that inhabit that sharp elbowed world to create stories of corporate power brokers C.

Trojan Horse Epub ò Paperback
  • Paperback
  • 518 pages
  • Trojan Horse
  • David Lender
  • English
  • 19 June 2014
  • 9781612182285

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    An Opinion piece in a recent June 152011 Wall Street Journal by Richard Clarke calls attention to precisely the kind of cyberassault central to the plot of this novel Clarke was a national security official in the George HW Bush Clinton and George W Bush administrations His piece is titled China's Cyberassault on America If you don't believe the form of computer espionage and sabotage contemplated in Trojan Horse is possible read Clarke's piece That will make reading this novel all the chillingly real It's a great thriller now scarier for me in retrospect

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    Great thriller with heart based on a classic story line the common man caught in uncommon circumstances Hitchcock's North by Northwest The Wrong Man and The Man Who Knew too Much come to mind Any of you who enjoy Grisham's Baldacci's or Cussler's story lines but often can't stand their pulp fiction writing or cardboard characters like me will find Trojan Horse both refreshing and great fun

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    Wow Concubines the CIA OPEC and extreme Islamic terrorists what else could you ask for? A switch from my usual chick lit historical fiction genre But a good change This was pretty fascinating to glimpse in the life of Saudi Arabia's royal family A pretty good read

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    if the book had been edited with a chain saw it may have turned into an intriguing novel instead it dragged on as the author attempted to fit every plot twist and literary turn ever conceived into the book

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    Couldn't put it downInternational terrorism trying to take down Saudi king Malware named Trojan horse attached to computers of all oil drilling processing sides Some romance too

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    Good character in Sasha and not from the usual mode Solid airplane book Fast moving plot

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    ConfusingPlot is overly detailed and hard to believe Too many t things happen and the ages are miwe uo Por

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    In the early hours of a July morning two decades ago a group of heavily armed men infiltrates a Saudi palace intent on assassinating a member of the royal family with the assistance of Sasha one of the target prince’s concubines — in fact his “favorite” This is the opening of Trojan Horse by David Lender DavidTLender which blends genres to include elements of thriller espionage revenge and even some romance while exploring a modern day terrorist plot to cripple the global oil industry After that exciting opening the stage for the main plot is set with the introduction of New York investment banker Daniel Youngblood who specializes in deals involving the oil and gas industry Daniel has suffered a tremendous loss with the death of his wife and is drifting personally and professionally But in the space of a few days both sides of his life are joltedFirst Daniel is bewitched by an enigmatic and beautiful fashion photographer he meets by chance at a party and then he is hired as a key advisor for the Saudi government a job he hopes will both renew his passion for the challenge of putting together complex deals and earn him enough money to uit banking while at the top of the profession None of that will matter though if the plans of a fanatical Muslim cleric are realized; plans in which Daniel plays a key but unwitting role As always no spoilers from me but that should be enough to give potential readers a sense of the stakes of this story which involves multiple storylines and some interesting plot twists from an author who himself spent twenty five years as a Wall Street investment bankerWe’ll circle back in time to learn how Sasha ended up in the prince’s bedroom a lengthy flashback seuence which I initially thought was unwieldy but ended up enjoying very much Readers will also meet an enigmatic and murderously efficient mercenary a character given just enough detail to make me want to see him again hopefully in the next Sasha story Arab Summer which is also on my To Read ListI’m looking forward to revisiting Sasha in that next book because I enjoyed Trojan Horse but I did have some small issues with it The romance between Daniel and his mystery photographer and pointedly their dialogue when together worked for the plot but not as much for me Also the back half of the book dealing with the actual terrorist threat moved very uickly to the conclusion — perhaps a bit too uickly as it had a rushed feel On a personal note I found it a bit difficult to begin liking Daniel the banker even as he mourned his wife Daniel’s casual mention of earning multi million dollar fees and bonuses reminded me there is a huge divide between the haves and have nots in life and I know which side I’m on Extravagance and riches are on display throughout with the Saudi royals living a lifestyle the rest of us can only imagine hint solid gold bathroom fixtures Maybe that’s why I liked the grubby mercenary so much especially when he shows up on Wall Street in what’s described as “a K Mart” suit Slight uibbles aside I enjoyed this story and want to find out what happens in the next book To learn about Mr Lender and his books check out his website

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    Trojan HorseBy David LenderCopyright 2011 by David T Lender ASIN B004JF4J54 Trojan Horse by David Lender is a deeply involved story of terrorism industrial espionage and intrigue taking place across the Saudi Arabia Europe the Middle East and the United States It involves a rich cast of characters who are very well developed and who remain in your memory long after you read the last page It contains multiple plot twists and is so believable it is scaryIn Trojan Horse David Lender offers an unusual glimpse into the Muslim mind both the good aspects and the bad ones The people who honor the good they are taught and who try to be stewards of the resources they have in trust for their people and the people who breed discontent and militant thought and stances in their followersI was really impressed with the uality of the storytelling in Trojan Horse It is a rich and complex story that has to be carefully followed but the author weaves together all the varying aspects of the story uite artfully I found myself absorbed in the story almost immediately and I read it through as uickly as could and still take in all the necessary details I found my heart thundering in many places and nearly breaking in a few others but the story never failed to keep me absorbed I highly recommend Trojan Horse It is a rich compelling story It is filled with well developed tension It is full of mystery and intrigue and interesting characters It will hold your attention from start to finish and the story as I already noted is realistic enough to be scary It could happen and that’s part of what makes this such a compelling book to read I couldn’t put it down and I think you’ll experience the same desire to see how the story unfolds to the exclusion of other activities All my reading time plus all my precious “free time” went into reading this book I uite literally couldn’t put it down

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    A much different read than Bull Street This is a Ludlum type international espionage thriller that has the male protagonist Daniel located on Wall Street but the book isn't about Wall Street and doesn't have any real financial orientation This is a computer terrorist sabotage story Daniel meets an exotic woman who he falls in love with then learns she's come to him as a spy to try to stop the terrorist plot and that he's unwittingly stuck in the middle of it The most interesting part of the novel is the long flashback sections on the spy's past life who she really is and how she came to be in the situation she's in Wow She's had some life I don't know where the author did his research on concubines in the Arab world Islamic religious practices and elitist Swiss countesses but the detail and settings are lifelike and fascinating This is a book that deserves a seuel and the character of Sasha is one who can carry an entire series You won't be disappointed by this thriller I promise

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