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❮PDF / Epub❯ ☂ The Spy Princess ✎ Author Sherwood Smith – Lilah is bursting with uestions why are the local kids outside the palace so ragged Why do they hate the sight of her Why does her older brother Peitar write so many letters and why WHY won't anyone t Lilah is bursting with uestions why are the local kids outside the palace so ragged Why do they hate the sight of her Why does her older brother The Spy MOBI :ò Peitar write so many letters and why WHY won't anyone tell her what's going on She invents a disguise so she can find out for herself For the first time she makes friends and meets the heroic young revolutionary leader DerekJust when life has become interesting she and her family are ordered to the capital by him her broody scary Uncle Darian the king So that Lilah can be betrothedBut revolution breaks out firstLilah and her new friends become spies and disguised thieves in order to help Peitar and Derek who have been swept into the middle of unrest and danger And that's when adventure and danger find them.The Spy Princess

I am a writer but Im here on Goodreads to talk about books as Ive been a passionate reader as long as Ive been a writer since early The Spy MOBI :ò childhoodIm not going to rate books there are too many variables Id rather talk about the reading experience My reviews of my books are confined to the writing process.

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  • 09 October 2016

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    Since this is a completely revised edition it gets a new entryThe first edition published by Viking as The Spy Princess was one of those lightning strike stories that wrote itself I didn’t think it would ever sell in part because the hero was disabled and never touches a weapon and pretty much all fantasy adventures at the time featured guys who had all the agency and used their weapons as much as the villains It’s a kid’s eye view of revolution mostly in the swashbuckler mode less dwelling on graphic violence though violence is there focus on character written at a time when the world was on fireThe book was 120k words when I handed it in Viking’s marketing department demanded that it be no longer than 80k because price point wins over authorial puppy dog eyes when you’re a mere mid lister like me The editor heroically gave it three line edits cutting out crappy scaffolding and sloppy prepositional phrases meant to shore up weak verbs and suchlike Then when that still didn’t hit the 80k mark nearly half of the book started cutting worldbuilding bits references to other stories and then little character moments in order to sueeze it into that 80k boxWell the world is on fire again And I have the rights back so I wanted to restore the stuff that I felt hurt the overall story when cut I’ve learned a lot since that edit job nearly ten years ago I went through and found a lot scaffolding and flaccid text to cut as I added back those little moments I felt strongly about Result it’s not that much longer but I think it’s much vivid—though I realize the author is the last one to trustAnyway here is the final version with reluctance published under a truncated version of the old title My own title Slam Justice which I much prefer unfortunately would only make sense when you reach the end of the book—to every single person I tried it on who hadn’t read the book I got wrinkled noses and skeptical eye rolls “It sounds like a sports novel” “It sounds like some high school problem novel from the eighties” “It sounds weirdstupidboring” Yeah that’s not uite the purpose of a title

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    425 stars English hardcover I have dyslexia Note about this read 4 unexpected heroes even for themselves Reads like a speedtrain 🌺🦋🌹🌸

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    I didn't get very far in the book before I was uestioning whether this book was really written by the Sherwood Smith of CrownCourt Duel When I did a little research I found that she had written this book as a teen and then it became obvious why I was struggling to get through this book sorry Ms Smith there is a big difference in the maturity of her writing and story building skills with Spy Princess compared to her later works That being said it is a clever story just not well told After the first 50 pages or so I skipped to the middle and then to the end It was in the final chapters that I finally get a glimmmer of the Sherwood Smith that I came to know in Crown Duel My advice is that if you are going to publish a book 30 years after you have written it you might want to spiff it up a bit

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    DNFing this one after a few chapters This is a middle reader book written when Sherwood Smith was a teen Andit shows The first few chapters alone felt too simplistic even for middle readers It's definitely possible for books about 12 year olds to be enjoyable for adults see The Giver The True Meaning Of Smekday Here When You Reach Me but unfortunately I could tell this wasn't going to be the case here Oh well Now I kind if want to reread Crown Duel to reassure myself that Smith DOES eventually grow as a writer

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    Well that was uite a rideThe Spy Princess is a book about government leadership and what makes a bad king I enjoyed it very much the only reason I gave it four stars was because even though it talked about such adult topics in the book it was narrated by twelve year old At least I think she's twelve Lilah Selenna Lilah is somewhat aware of what's going on and that it's bad but I felt like the whole reality of it the deeper meaning was just beyond her grasp After all she still didn't see what Peitar and Lizana saw in Uncle Darian and why he was so invested in the army and overtaxing the people However her awareness does increase significantly My Favorite characters were Peitar and King Darian I would have really liked to have had Peitar and Darian's POVs in the books but I see why Sherwood didn't do that Having only Lilah's perpective made her brother and uncle seem so adult like and their imposing affects probably would have been diminished if we'd been able to see inside their heads I thought the scene when they were in the valley was a little slow but I liked the part when Lilah read her mother's diary Peitar's defense in front of the court wasdeep I highlighted some of what he said so I could use it in my Civil War DB lolI found my self very emotional at some parts My favorite part was at the end when Lilah view spoiler used the lure to capture Darian and his closest military leaders and advisers hide spoiler

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    ETA There's a new ebook edition wnew cover out through Book View Cafe available also via etc called simply Spy Princess no The which reinstates portions that Sherwood was forced to cut and also reflects new edits and improvements she's made so if you haven't read the book that's worth a lookLilah the young niece of tyrannical King Darian slips away from her stately home to play with the ragged children she's only ever seen from her carriage and in short order gets involved in the revolution that's brewing one in which her principled brother plays a key role But revolutions are messy affairs and what started as a lark and adventure turns out to have grave personal conseuencesWhat's wonderful about this story is how it lets a reader really feel what it would be like to be on the streets right at the scene for something as tumultuous exciting horrific scary as a revolution what it would be like to live through not only the storming of palaces but the chaos afterward Sherwood Smith has done a remarkable job in making the scene real and yet not so desperately grim that a reader won't enjoy it There are complicated uestions here how do you win loyalty How can you hold a nation together They're gracefully handled in a tale that keeps up a high level of excitement the whole way through view spoiler For me the peak of excitement was the trial of Lilah's brother Peitar for treason It's a wonderful instance of the drama of ideas made all the so because during the course of the book King Darian has been revealed as actually a uite interesting person not a cardboard villain by any measure But there are plenty of high action episodes for those who like their drama active most notably the exploits of the Sharadan Brothers a Robin Hood esue set of siblings from past history whose personae Lilah and her friends take on to aid the cause of the rebels hide spoiler

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    A very enjoyable younger YA offering that pushes the spunky young heroine dresses as a boy trope and is interestingly nuanced in its exploration of the forces that propel revolution Recommended though if you are not familiar with the author's Sartorian world you might miss the complex historical references

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    This book has everything you'd want in a middle grade fantasy from spies and secret tunnels to sibling relationships from court politics to a hint of magic

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    35 starsI really really wanted to give this four stars but it was lacking a depth and sophistication really just a well rounded understanding and background on Darian his family and the political situation as a whole that would have added so much to this story fine and possibly getting to see just a bit of where Lilah and Peitar went from here that would have placed it there But as usual Sherwood Smith has crafted a tale that rings true and that is alive It makes you consider things again things that you may take for granted It is not her finest but it is a good introduction and one I am happy to recommendThis is one of Sherwood Smith's stories that feels like it may have been redacted for a younger audience and I wish so dearly that I could see what it looked like originally I have this hope that some of the depth I am looking for was thereI admit freely to having committed treason That is he said if you define treason as the attempt to overthrow the government If you define treason as I do the attempted overthrow of our ancient laws then I don't believe I've committed treasonPeitar Selenna's speech here is really wonderful to see in a MG novel The civil war its presentation and the ideas and ideals explored are all thoughtful and mature So much so than in most recent books I have read Smith lets these ideas speak and allows her readers to journey through complicated times War is not glory Few situations are as simple as we think There are rarely true villains in her work though evil deeds abide The fact that she distinguishes is another factor that I appreciateI wish that we had heard about Darian and his sister Everything that occurred to create this situation Was that why my relatives had tried to make me into a semblance of my mother Some might have wanted a king's pet so they could get me to ask for favors but other people like Tsauderei and Lizana had hinted that Uncle Darian's own life might have been better if there had been a person like my mother in it But I'd pushed him away What might have changed if I'd managed to take her place in his heartMore of Lizana's tale A loyal servant of Darian but fierce protector of Peitar and Lilah Her perspective would have been insightful and added a new dimensionI liked the importance of family and Peitar and Lilah's relationshipAnd before he returned to Delfina Tsauderei had told me Remember what I said He needs youHow I asked I can't governBe yourself It's the best gift you can give himI do hope that Lilah and Peitar and company show up again somewhere in the annals of Sartorias Deles Peitar's and my lives were forever changed Father was dead and here we were king and princess We'd known one another's true selves for so short a time and now he belonged to the kingdom whereas I I belong to myselfEdit I just saw in Sherwood's own review that a lot of worldbuilding details and such were indeed cut out Alas

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    15Her dad is the Highness Oscarbidal Selenna Prince of Selenna She’s princess and her brother Peitar has a lame legIt's cool that there's a character named Lasthavais Dei the Wanderer who wrote that the best disguise is to assume a role no one would expect Like man to woman woman to man or change status Which is hard because the clothes manners and mode of speech are differentI was irritated that her dad was bringing her to court for her betrothal and she didn’t even try to fight it She's 12 and the marriage thing is really tired Her very first time out before she can even scale the wall Bren assumed her class and role and everything about her down to where she lived making it oh so easy for her to take on the role of a guy named Larei No idea how to pronounce that Derek assigned her to spy at the estate and Peitar said it's to get her in and out in case one of the others sees her there That was coolWhen Lilah followed Peitar and found his secret underground meeting with Derek she heard Derek call her fox faced and a kid That sucked But I loved when Derek showed up and her dad had him locked up and Peitar said she'd have to be the one to let Derek out and take him to her room and Lizana the maid would let him outBut it was childish and embarrassing that he called their dad Prince Gobble Lizana dressed him in a dress so he could pretend to be a maid and leave She gave him 2 wads to act as breasts and he sashayed around pretended to hold a fan and waggled his hips He asked if he made a handsome lady Ew That's so stupid When Bren mentioned Derek I thought he would be the hero but before that Bren was my pick There were 2 contenders and it's been so long since I've read a book where the summary doesn't give away his name and it's a surprise But then Lilah was in her room starting to unlace her tunic and a voice said Ulp Lady Lilah No I hoped it was Derek but it was Bren who'd climbed the tree to spy He realized they’d called her and her family all those names Lilah told him to take back what he'd said about Peitar and the crooked thing he does with his fingers Bren said Peitar will never be a leader He can't fight or lead an army Bren wanted to go to Miraleste so Lizana got him on as Peitar's page When he saw Lilah in her gown he said she sure looked different Her second day out she saw a drawing of her family She was a fat fox faced girl with her nose turned up and her mouth down Since when is she fat Her dad is fatter And Peitar was shown as crooked It happened when he was a kid and his uncle said he was spoiled so his dad put him on a horse and he was bucked off and broke his legs Their uncle had sent all the healing mages away and believed men healed on their own In the ride to Miraleste Peitar saw it and said there was an artist in Riveredge Bren turned red and I felt so bad when Peitar smiled and said it was okay and his mirror already told him what he looks like Bren said it was mean like Lilah said and Peitar said he'll live and Bren should study at the arts guild Suggesting a job for their cruel drawing of younot ok Peitar deserved betterInnon had his nose in the air until the men left them alone in the room and Lilah looked mad at the king for making Peitar burn his crutch Then he dropped all pretense and they had a heart to heart about not being court dolls disliking love poems and having in their heads than frivolous things It was so cheesy and it would have been better had he been a snob so she could dump him and get him out of the way I had no patience for this new male character when we already had 2 and Derek was my pick I was so irritated when Lilah shared the revolution with Innon What a big mouth There are lives at stake and the first time someone turns out to be different than she expected she blurts out the secret Lilah irritated the crap out of me Always asking s having to know everything not accepting there were things she couldn't be told Peitar told her about a secret passage that led to Darian's uarters and Idk why he would because she can't be trusted So she goes back to her room and decides that she has to do it imagining eavesdropping on an important meeting and being the one to tell Derek She barged through and opened a door in her uncle's bedroom where he was dressing Way to go moron I couldn't stand her childishnessThen when Derek came in her room dressed as a servant he wanted Peitar clearly mad and stupid Lilah mentioned the pretty room and view That set him off and he said one item could feed a family for a year He said he could torch the city with one word Whoa Not cool She went to find Peitar and kept saying his name aloud in the garden She's a dumbass No sooner had Derek told them the king had Bernal then Lilah was being summoned by Darian and uestioned about Bernal Diamagan and Peitar showed up through a secret door Darian accused them of being traitors It happened way too soon as soon as they got to court and she was getting used to the idea of being a spy their cover is blown I hated itTheir mom fell in love with Derek's dad but they couldn't be together because he was a groom So when she was betrothed to their dad Derek's dad started a family too and had Derek and Bernal When Lilah's mom died he killed himself to join her Derek had heard about them from his dad and went to find them This story has been done a million times I was so disappointed with the tired plot Derek let them out of prison and they found wounded and dead ppl So this was revolution I remembered how impatient I'd been for it to happen just so I wouldn't have to curl my hair But in my idea of revolution people gathered to make stirring speeches about how we could better our lives followed by cheers and exciting trumpet blasts as things somehow changed Not this horror So naïve How am I going to like a character who didn’t realize how bad war is and wanted to avoid getting her hair curledPeitar told Derek to heal the wounded on both sides and he said the nobles could do it themselves and told his people to care for their wounded He wanted to draw out Darian's hanging to last 2 days That's when he was irredeemable to me They went to their home and the revolutionaries came attacking Her dad told her to hide while he fended them off and he ended up dying Darian escaped and I found the whole thing miserable Derek sucked as a leader people were stealing things out of nobles’ homes and being stupid and wasting food and not listening to orders It sucked When they were accosted by adult bandits in Diannah Wood and they found Lilah’s book detailing everything that had happened and made her read it aloud I was cursing her for a stupid fool again But he asked if Peitar knew what to do and I got chills as he said When you see Lord Peitar Selenna again you tell him if he has need he can send a message here to Diannah Wood to Deveral and there will be what help we can muster Bren put on some of Peitar's old clothes and he said he didn't know what Derek would say about it and she told him he looked fine and his ears turned red I like moments like this Peitar had been sticking up for the uncle in his way saying he wasn't an evil man Their great grandpa was abusive to him and Lizana told her that he would threaten to flog their mom in front of him as a way of controlling Darian I didn’t like where that was going like they’d end up working with Darian or something She had vowed to go south like Peitar asked her but to come back as soon as she came up with a plan to help him So when they get to Delfina Valley Lilah Bren and Innon are having a grand time flying around having their house chores done instantaneously through no effort on their part and swimming I hadn't yet worked out a way to help Peitar Until I did I wanted to have fun Nice During a revolution I like for kids to go around having fun How selfish Another perfect outcome was that when she told Tsauderei that rebels had burned the library down he told her that most of the books were copies and her mom had given him a detailed catalogue Of courseStupid Lilah said all she did was cause problems and maybe she shouldn't return Tsauderei said it would leave Peitar all alone to cope She said What can I do except make mistakes Wtf she sucksThrough her mom's diary she learned that she married their dad to save her brother Darian’s life because their grandpa was going to kill him It’s surprising that authors think this stuff is surprising It was so convoluted and such a big deal was made from their parent’s and grandparent’s lives which I felt shouldn’t have so much of an impact so than the main charactersTsauderei is an old mage suirreled away in the valley ever since he was banished by Darian He's like every old wise teacher you've ever read before except not half as interesting Then there's the family who was frozen in time at the age they were a century ago Atan is the last surviving member of her family a Landise which the Norsunders believe all died She has to go out in the world and use her powers to help You can't even speak her name or Norsunder spies will hear Gehlie is her nurse an old woman It was all SO boring I didn't care because it was so unoriginal It literally felt like so many other books I've read Lilah introduced Peitar to Atan and I saw where that was going right then Of course they hit it off immediately because they're both into debate and talking about this issue and that issue And when she asked if he liked Atan Peitar said very much though he would usually say I wonder what's going to happen thereLilah acted like she hadn't a care in the world But then she started reading in between swimming and visiting with people to get ideas of what to doThe author made that seem proactive except I didn't find it so Lilah was thinking about ways to help but hadn't figured anything out Innon wanted to do something like the Esalan brothers the thieves in the stories he was reading about wit over strength Lilah said she would keep on thinking Exciting stuff But when Peitar and Derek left in the night Lilah finally had an idea On pg 231 That's how long it took for something to happen She wanted to become the Esalan brothers and be spies collecting info on the enemy but hidden from both sides Innon had the idea to use the Lure flowers on their enemy the ones that knock you into a deep sleep As he flew over the pond each day he built up an immunityWhy is this book so stupid and easy The kids started practicing spying around the house like it was a game Deon showed up and I resented that she was there because I don't like her They all snickered over a love letter she found and she said Yuck in regards to Darian asking her if it was hers They stalked each other around the village but if an adult uestioned them the game was over They practiced lock picking and sword fighting You never forget for one second that they're kids and juvenile ones at that They needed spy tools so Tsauderei just made them One of which were glass cutting tools and a spell that repaired the glass so Bren could practice at his house She couldn't have made things any easier for themThe days became weeks and settled into a routine and although we worked hard our goal in mind each of us made sure to save time for what we liked best She visited Atan; Deon sang songs; Bren drew and Innon swam and flew and gathered Lure Like wtf I don't give a crap about you having fun Did she really think we wanted the characters to have fun Hello where is the plotOnly when Bren had finished reading the book did they decide they were ready Waiting to read a bookI was shaking my head and rolling my eyesBefore they left Tsauderei presented them with a magical bag that would always produce nutbread Why is it always bread He gave them a glowglobe as well because nothing must be left for them to do themselves His last gift was a ring on a chain for Lilah and I thought it was LOTR all over again It's a summons ring that she holds a certain way and says a spell and it will alert him and give him a destination to focus on He can transport her alone or them all if they're holding hands It was mind numbingly boring Anything else you want to hand them Lilah cut her braid off to look like a Sharadan brother disguise I hate when authors do that When they got to town it was as disappointing as the rest of the book Did I think there would be action when they finally left the woods Silly me Lilah did one mission of spying on a meeting Deon went around getting people to sing her stupid immature songs Bren made doodles of King Dirtyhands crushing people with his boot Bren decided that he wanted chalk Lilah needed paper to write in her book Innon wanted good food I don't give a F about your f#% free time They shouldn't even be having free timeWhen they realized they needed a code word for the enemy and Deon had the idea to call them Buckets and they all snickered I was done for the night Why is this so stupid When you have a characters giggling over breaking in and stealing and say We bucketed the Buckets and chortling about it you know you're in for it It was almost torture to read I was so confused as to what was going on So many names were thrown out and secret plots and plans I didn't understand But the kids decided to spread fake info so it turned into another laugh fest as they came up with fake names like Assassin Twisted Nose Sharp Fangs Dead Aim and Skunk Stench They were having fun which was the single driving force for the authorI guess the author wanted us to despise Lilah and mission accomplished For the second time this dumb child screwed up When she eavesdropped on the meeting she forgot that her uncle had someone spy on Flendar so all the while they were playing tricks on Flendar's Buckets the real spy Therian had captured Derek and Peitar She was in the crowd and when Peitar saw her she made the crooked leg sign so he wouldn’t recognize her What was wrong with letting her brother know she was there Why would you do a sign you knew hurt him She's a dumbassPeitar and Derek would face trial and Lilah used Tsauderei's ring which brought her to his house He refused to get them out even though he could He told her he offered to heal Peitar's leg but he refused because he didn't want Darian to see him whole and realize mages were still here He wanted them to face trial so Peitar and Darian could talk But the worst part was when he said Lilah was doing an excellent job and she's learned from her mistakes How did she learn from her mistakes when she screwed up a second time She should've learned the first time Oh and he thinks Peitar has too much passion and vision and needs her practicality I was pissedIt was so upsetting that during the trial she realized Peitar doesn't dislike their uncle They respect each other and only get mad when they disagree and won't budge People wanted her to be her mom and have a positive influence on Darian What might have changed if I'd managed to take her place in his heart How could she even think that like it’s her fault he’s the way he is WTFIt's pretty bad when Darian said Your little sister whose single goal in life appears to be the escape of her social duties in order to climb trees and you agree Darian sentenced them to death so much for that great talk he and Peitar were supposed to have and Deveral showed up with his ppl and shot the guardsDerek and Peitar were set free somewhere and Lilah decided to go home Of course her uncle was waiting and he locked her up and read her incriminating book of all their deeds He made her run and try to evade them in a fox and hound game So ridiculous She escaped through the secret passage but then went back and put Lure in the room putting them all to sleep Derek and Peitar and everyone came and tied Darian up and he agreed to an exile What a stupid endingPeitar is king and she's princess He said Lilah and Innon can break the betrothal if they want I couldn’t believe it left off like that A betrothal was treated so casually The only good thing was that Tsauderei started working on Peitar’s leg and it was getting better He deserved that much There's this rabble bunch of poor losers who want to overthrow the nobles but who have no idea how politics work have not the brain power to come up with an alternative idea They have this philosophy of slam justice which is as stupid as it sounds They go around writing stupid things like overthrow tyranny and drawing offensive doodles of her family All they do is kill and burn and not listen She just suddenly turned on her dad and family with no prior will to do so She knew the poor people were mad at them and wanted to find out So one night she sneaks out and the first second she meets the band of thugs she's in Turns on her dad and uncle who she's always hated and never looks back I never understood her motives She had no ambition or care for peasants no goals or anything It seemed like she just wanted something to do At one point she wanted the revolution so she wouldn't have to comb her hair She recruited Innon as easily and she had been recruited I kept wondering why he was here when he showed no loyalty whatsoever in the rebellion All he had like Lilah was a disdain for shallow court lifeso naturally that led to a desire to make nobles suffer and overthrow the kingThe magic is such that the rich have cleaning frames to get the dirt off clothes glowglobes and fire sticks spells for buckets and barrels to make water pure All you do is walk through a cleaning frame and the dirt falls off Washing dishes is as simple as dipping the dish in water and pulling it out A place where you fly around Baths have hot water that never spills over There's a frame for vegetables that transfers peelings to the compost When you want to dry the dishes you just snap a towel twice and they're dry It’s sickening I hate when characters don’t have to do anythingThe names and speech are bizarre Lilah Selenna Peitar Lizana Larei Bren whose real name is Sharadan Deon his female cousin Then there's Tam short for Tameos and Tim short for Timrei Innon Tasenja her betrothed Thiannah Ferrad the girl his parents wanted him to court before his betrothal with Lilah Her mom Sharannah Irad Rana for short Seriah Evris who lived in the hidden dimension Tsauderei Kepreos her mom's love I didn’t even know how to pronounce them I didn’t know where she got these expressions but they were off the wall and grating Innon said she isn't a court doll FhegHe asked how she felt about romance She said Phoogh”After he said he thought girls just talked about romance and fashion she said she thought guys talked about sword fighting and who's stronger and hoola loola loo WhatThey say Hoo and Fheg and Pheg and Foogh and “ Faugh”WthShe thinks water chuckles and people mince around Mincing walks I've never heard those expressions and with good reasonOut of nowhere at the end she started attaching professions to ppl’s names Mirah cook and Jonah baker Where is that fromI was so disappointed bcuz CrownCourt Duel are one of my favorite books and I expected better

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