Blood Born

❮Reading❯ ➽ Blood Born ➶ Author Matthew Warner – When a rapist stalks the nation's capital Detective Christina Randall tries to keep an astounding clue from going public all the victims become pregnant The latest victim is teenager Daniella Connolly When a rapist stalks the nation's capital Detective Christina Randall tries to keep an astounding clue from going public all the victims become pregnant The latest victim is teenager Daniella Connolly Her mother Margaret is a doctor at CalPark Fertility Clinic But Margaret can't fathom the bizarre conceptions either Isolated in a special hospital ward they all come to term in just one week Randall learns the rapes are connected to a series of missing person cases When a young woman disappears near CalPark — also home to a secretive research lab — suspicion falls on Margaret But soon the rapist returns to claim his progeny He is not really a he — but an it Worse the children have appetites just like papa's From the author of The Organ Donor and Eyes Everywhere comes a new type of monster one that could spell an end to our species.Blood Born

When critic Feo Amante gave Matthew Warner’s first novel The Organ Donor a five star review and labeled it a “straight on modern classic of horror” the praise went straight to Warner’s head He wrote several things such as the novel Eyes Everywhere which Publishers Weekly described as “disturbing compelling and insightful” and a radio play and stage play premiered by the.

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    When several girls go missing in the Washington DC area detective Christina Randall goes on the case; the girls who are found have been the victim of rapebut that's far from the worst part It seems each victim of this serial rapist has been impregnated and are experiencing excelerated pregnancies Within one week each victim gives birth to a primate looking creature that immediately turns and devours its motherMargaret Connolly's daughter is now missing Margaret works at the CalPark Fertility Clinic and has been trying to understand the outbreak of bizarre pregnancies She begins to loose her marbles when her daughter is abducted but she eventually meets up with detective Randall and the two begin to piece things togetherBLOOD BORN features genetically created bigfoot like creatures who are on a sole mission to breed They rape without remorse causing a uarantine of the DC area Among several nightmarish scenes is a highway packed with cars trying to escape the city being attacked by the creatures; the blood and guts fly yet Warner keeps the chills on target without getting silly You'd think a novel with rampaging monsters raping women with over sized penises would garner some laughsbut BLOOD BORN doesn't It's serious horror written at a break neck pace and despite a larger than usual roster of characters the reader is never lostWhile BLOOD BORN is a fun monster mash I wish Warner would've let us in a bit regarding what caused our Third Reich worshipping genetics doctor to tick; his creatures were born from a mistake in an attempt to create the perfect humanbut we learn so little of Dr Nicolae Schaefer that he truly takes a backseat to the his unholy creations it's suggested Schaefer may be of supernatural origin leaving things wide open for a seuel But regardless Warner's 3rd novel is a serious scare fest blending police prodecural thrillers with plenty of blood guts scares and some of the horniest monsters to hit our nation's capital since the Clinton administration You've been warned

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    This is probably the worst book I have ever read yes reallyThe plot?? Mad scientist Nicolae Schaefer using a genetically modified fetus to create a super beingwait for it an ape and what shall we call itwhat about Bigfootnow that's an original namenot So these great ugly sex starved apes run around impregnating young girls who produce bigfoot baby monsters within a week All that happens is lots of bigfeet plural of bigfoot running around killing and pregnatingwhilst our trusty heroes Randall and Margaret Connolly try to kill and stop themutter rubbishhow can this book have so many 5 star reviews?? To think I actually paid for this book I think I will write to the author for a refundterrible and I repeat TERRIBLETERRIBLE

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    Introduces the world to a new terror No one gets spared The ending made me want Hoping to see book 2 in the near future

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    Blood Born starts out as a horror mystery where victims of rape in the Washington DC area are all impregnated and the gestation period is accelerated to the point where it is forty times faster than normal In other words these women will produce a full term baby within one week The case is being handled by Detective Christina Randall and we are introduced to her and Margaret Connolly the mother of one of the rape victims who also happens to be a fertility specialist working for a local fertility clinic that also does genetic researchAs with any mystery we are given hints and details as to the MO of the rapist as the due date on the first few victims draws near and it becomes clear fairly uickly that the rapist is not uite human The pieces of the puzzle begin to fit together but then the book took a dramatic change This tale becomes an entirely different type of horror novel somewhere between a third and halfway through where monsters run rampant annihilating everything in their path The transition was jarring to say the least though I don't necessarily mean that as a negative But be forewarned that while the mystery continues to unravel all the way up until the end of this tale it takes a backseat to the violent and graphic action that dominates the second half of this book This story has a flavor of a patient zero type apocalyptic tale with a significant build up to the point where all hell breaks loose When it does break lose the story turns on the afterburners and blasts ahead at a hundred miles an hour The author does a solid job working to explain the science behind the beasts in the story though I was left with plenty uestions about them and how they would co exist with the rest of the world That is the challenge with diving into the science of something like this there are often a lot of uestions that are difficult to answer vs making the creatures in uestion a complete mysteryOverall this is a fast paced book with a lot of surprising deaths and plenty of gruesome action With rape being a key part of the story it probably won’t appeal to certain chunk of audience out there but it is a well written scientific tale of horror While I was expecting it to be a subtle mystery throughout when the gears shifted and story changed from that to an adrenaline fueled nightmare I was able to adapt my expectations The author keeps things moving at a good clip throughout and this was an easy and entertaining novel to read I do sense that there is a distinct possibility of a seuel based on the ending though this book can definitely be considered a stand alone tale

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    “Blood Born” is my first experience with author Matthew Warner The publisher was offering signed copies if you pre order and since I like supporting the small press and had heard good things about the author I bought one While I think many of the complimentary blurbs from other horror authors and critics are fairly accurate I was not as in love with “Blood Born” as everyone else It was still however an entertaining experienceAlthough the reading itself was very simple and the prose fairly standard the upside was that this techniue gave the story a momentum that read easily at a fast pace The first third of the book is uite engrossing but I would have preferred a stronger emphasis on atmosphere and suspense Actions just seem to happen without too many genuine or organic scares There is a point where all of a sudden things get pretty crazy and I couldn’t help but think of the phrase “jumping the shark” with the story’s turn of events “Blood Born” goes from a small investigative story about a teenage rape to a national monster invasion in a matter of pages While I appreciate the scope of what Warner was trying to do it somehow didn’t seem very authentic that no one spotted these creatures earlier and that everyone was taken by surprise The creatures kept popping up randomly and faster than a child’s Whack A Mole game But hey it’s a wild crazy horror novel so I brushed that aside and had fun with it A few other points seemed a bit far fetched however The character of Randall moved illegally through an empty Post Office distribution center in the middle of the night with no worries about the security cameras? This is a government facility after all Big Brother is always watching A few scenes could have used a touch editing as well After reading about Margaret worrying over her missing daughter for three or four pages you get the idea Of course she’s worried her daughter is in serious danger But things I did enjoy were the science aspect of the story and the fast pregnancies Warner also surprised me with some unpredictable deaths and some amusingly graphic descriptionsAfter reading the five hundred pages I found the ending slightly too convenient and easy for the characters and the resolution with Nick’s character left me scratching my head Still the book was packed with enough energy to never be boring and I’ll certainly not hesitate reading another Matthew Warner novel

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    period of one week it is clear that the rapes aren't being committed by human perps Detective Christina Randall is investigating the case The mom of one of the victims Margaret Connolly is a doctor at CalPark Fertility Clinic Randall's investigation leads to this same clinic where a missing person had recently been seen While she suspects that something is awry at the clinic all hell breaks loose with an onslaught of women being raped and people getting killed and eaten by these bigfoot type creatures Soon Homeland Security and the National Guard are battling it out with these creatures while Randall tries to solve the mystery of how this all startedBlood Born is violent and visceral definitely not for the faint of heart There are some vicious rape scenes that may turn off some readers The book also has an intriguing and well developed plot It's part mystery part thriller part monster horror novel The novel moves at a good pace The bigfoot style monster that Warner uses is well developed and interesting There are some big plot holes such as the very delayed involvement of the CDC or WHO when these bizarre pregnancies starting happening as well as the lack of federal law enforcement until late in the novel Otherwise this was an entertaining read that I would recommendCarl Alves author of Blood Street

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    Excellent Bigfoot story; review to come at the Horror Fiction Review in July

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    I would recommend this book for people who like detective stories with a touch of societal chaos and scifi thrown in

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    After reading a brief synopsis and a few reviews I was optimistic about this book and excited to read it It didn’t turn out as I’d expected it to but we’ll get to that shortly The tale begins with a teen girl Daniella raped by what appears to be a bigfoot type creature She is found battered and bruised and taken to the hospital There it becomes clear that she is pregnant and a rapidly accelerating pregnancy at that She is taken to a special ward where a number of other pregnant women who have been also raped by bigfoot are kept The first part of the book focuses on the search for a single rapist The situation escalates as it is revealed that there is not just one rapist bigfoot but hundreds The attacks increase as they use fertile women to propagate their species Full gestation takes a week Then a little bigfoot is born and devours the mother That is pretty much the plot in a nutshell The old cliché of the police state government comes out as they attempt to contain the spread by force The major characters are Margaret Daniella’s mother who is a doctor at the creepy clinic where unbeknownst to her the first bigfoot was bred Then there is Christina Randall a female detective Randall is a likeable character despite the constant mentions of how tired she is We get it she’s tired Margaret’s constant inner and outer dialogue about finding Daniella gets old very uickly too They are fairly one dimensional The male characters are bland and pretty interchangeable apart from the obnoxious cop Baker who adds a little color to the proceedings Most of the book is either a bigfoot rape or a game of cat and mouse between law enforcement and the bigfoots The cycle is repeated over and over and the repetition gets dull There isn’t much tension and it’s hard to care about the characters Rape is so grotesue but the impact is not felt Where someone like Edward Lee would really take it over the top they are too matter of fact in this book As the plot develops it turns out that the bigfoots are the result of a typical mad scientist but we never see enough of him It’s a shame as he would have been the most interesting character by far Unfortunately the descriptions of the bigfoots immediately gave me a mental picture of Harry from Harry and the Hendersons which is not very scary at all There was very little gore other than the feeding habits of the baby bigfoots and that was not in any great detail The book didn’t hold my attention and I think it would have worked better as a short story It came across as drawn out with too much filler Despite all the plodding in this book the end is wrapped up far too uickly Our main players discover a way to lure bigfoots and by the next page the government has used that method to end the threat Due to the way the book ended I imagine that a seuel may be on the way Unless the story gets a whole lot better I’ll be giving it a miss

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