An easy guide to meditation

❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ An easy guide to meditation Author Roy Eugene Davis – Techniues and routines for all levels of practice and holistic lifestyle guidelines Some practical benefits of regular superconscious meditation practice stress is reduced the body's immune system is Techniues and routines for guide to Epub Ý all levels of practice and holistic lifestyle guidelines Some practical benefits of An easy PDF \ regular superconscious meditation practice stress is reduced the body's immune system is strengthened thinking becomes well ordered easy guide to PDF/EPUB ç and rational intellectual and intuitive powers improve biologic aging processes are slowed appreciation for living is enhanced spiritual growth progresses naturally.An easy guide to meditation


An easy guide to meditation MOBI É An easy  PDF \
  • Kindle Edition
  • 25 pages
  • An easy guide to meditation
  • Roy Eugene Davis
  • English
  • 03 July 2016

10 thoughts on “An easy guide to meditation

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    Since this meditation book said it was for spiritual growth I was hoping for something different than what I got I see some reviews say the book is too religious for their taste but for me it was New Age babble than religious Also even though it was a short bok the author used way words than he needed to without really saying anything

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    For over 4 decades Davis has taught these meditation and spiritual growth processes to thousands routines explained in book are easy to learn enjoyable to practice and produce satisfying results Learn why meditation's so beneficial and ho it's regular correct practice can enhance your life Whether interested in marginal self improvement or accelerated growth meditation can be helpful Experience the consciousness cleansing influences of time tested techniues Open your mind and being to all the good life an and will provide for you when you are in harmony with it's rhythms and processes

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    This is a short book but for some reason I found it difficult to read Something with the way it is written because otherwise it is pretty straight forward on meditation It has a New Age feel to it and it accents the spiritual side of meditation vs the nuts and bolts approach Worth the read I think to see another point of view Maybe re reading later I'd give it a higher rating

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    It's a good path openerI find it a good introduction to what meditation can beoffer The book gives both a bird's eye view and a worm's view on the different levels of meditation and possible levels of self soul achievement The book also made me curious about the author's other writings and also about his teacher Yogananda especially since it wasn't the first time I had heard of him

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    TerribleWriter sounds like he is giving a sermon in a church And is proud of how many big words he knows and can string them together in super long sentences To much preaching and god stuff Good thing it was free or I would be asking for my money back I did get through about half of it but couldn't finish it

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    Every human being should learn some techniues of Meditation not only to get some uiet and silent moment and relax but mainly to get attuned with God and the infinite

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    An interesting read Anything that can be of benefit can't be all that bad

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    The basic introductory information in An Easy Guide to Meditation For Personal Benefits and Spiritual Growth by Roy Eugene Davis is useful and well written with a linguistic sophistication that is missing in many meditation guides While the short work has some good concepts it is also loaded with judgment and opinions that aren't conducive to the ideas it promotes The first uote that made me cringe was when the author stated Review your practice to be sure you are doing it correctly There is no correct way to meditate What works for you at any given time is the correct thing to do The author also argues that Individuals with disabling mental or emotional problems should not attempt to meditate until they have been restored to a functional degree of wellness I strongly disagree with his perspective Those under mental and emotional duress are those who often most need meditation and it can help them regain their health I was remaining open to the wisdom in the book until Davis demeaned my life experiences and those of millions of others by writing Thus even occasionally intuitive insights and superconscious perceptions will be misunderstood resulting in fantasy and perhaps hallucination Meditators who are subject to illusional thinking may tend to desire phenomenal perceptions to communicate with 'angels' or 'spirit guides' to have 'revelations' which will provide meaning to their lives or allow them to feel themselves to be special or uniue Even sincere devotees on the spiritual path with minimal ego needs may tend to remain fixated in their illusions because of erroneously believing them to be genuine realizations This was very shortly after Davis had related how those who have a spiritual component to their meditation practice are likely to continue it than those who do not Even if Davis chooses not to believe that contact with God is possible his disparaging remarks about the spiritual experiences of others undermine his authority as a spiritual guide

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    A short read with really good insights It is inspirational and very informative I have been practicing meditation for almost a year now not solid and this book really gave me some insight on how to view meditation to better benefit from it and grow spiritually The reasoning of the author sat right with my heart

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    Just as the title says an easy guide The author will guide you through understanding what meditation is all about how to properly meditate and good tips on making your meditation a virtuous habitRead as a beginner and you'll be able to engage Read it as an experienced meditator and you'll find some useful hints

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