The Mayan Sisterhood

❮PDF / Epub❯ ☄ The Mayan Sisterhood Author Jamie Brazil – Going back isn't an option Not for 18 year old Cassie Krebs who has spent her life in a desert commune About to be married off to a church elder almost twice her age she escapes with the help of her m Going back isn't an option Not for year old Cassie Krebs who has spent her life in a desert commune About to be married off to a church elder almost twice her age she The Mayan MOBI :ò escapes with the help of her mother When her old bucket of bolts car breaks down in Jackpot Junction Nevada and Cassie finds herself with no money and no place to live she accepts the first job offer But now after six years of spinning a roulette wheel Cassie is ready for change She just doesn't know what When a traveling writing instructor posts an ad on the local bulletin board advertising a memoir writing class and the Secrets of the Universe Cassie is compelled to go With old memories twisted up inside her she is determined to move beyond the guilt grief and anxiety of her childhood But what she finds is a series of truths that lead her across three continents and to her ultimate destination home where she must set one heart wrenching truth free once and for all.The Mayan Sisterhood

Author Jamie Brazil is a life long morning person who loves coffee her Bloodhound and her husband.

The Mayan Sisterhood PDF õ The Mayan  MOBI :ò
  • ebook
  • 124 pages
  • The Mayan Sisterhood
  • Jamie Brazil
  • English
  • 03 May 2016

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    Picaresue a young woman learns the Secrets of the UniverseThe Mayan Sisterhood by Jamie Brazil is a wonderful example of episodic adventures though Cassie is naive than sharp witted and there is nary a rogue in her adventures That's my take on the definition of PICARESUE from my old dictionary and if learning that word is all you get from this story it will still be worth the journeyThis book was recommended to me by a friend as one of those It's a free read So I didn't even read the blurb and the cover didn't download to my Kindle It was a recommend so I just started reading and kept reading all the way to the end It was a page turner not from gripping suspense but from curiosity and interest I was captured by this young woman before I even knew her nameI learned a few things about Japan and meteors not much so as to distract from Cassie's journey of self discovery I was amused by Cassie's solution to all the world's problems as I have seen three generations of women working together in a kitchen many times and would never call the experience peaceful or cooperative My reality is not the same as Cassie's fictional journey of self discovery but that just made it a fascinating storyThe added plus to this story is the voice of the author it is clean and gentle in the presentation while the actual events of the story are harsh devastating and prone to disaster The whole story takes place within a month I think of this 24 year old woman's life and yet the transformation of Cassie during that month of constantly checking the list created a satisfaction for this reader that this young woman will move forth into a full an meaningful life If only a month was all it took for the rest of us

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    UnusualSurprisingand really goodI don't know why but I was expecting something completely different and was pleasantly surprised when I read devoured this book Those rules are pretty goodand I liked how the story unfolded and guided Cassie on her journeyWell worth the read

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    kindle chic lit?

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    A great debut novel This book can change lives Well written Cassie Krebs is unforgettable What if the evolution of manis woman?

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