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❰EPUB❯ ✼ The Handknitters Yarn Guide Author Nikki Gabriel – An essential at a glance reference book containing yarn swatches and detailed information about the most widely used types of yarns available to today’s knitters The Handknitter’s Yarn Guide colle An essential at a glance reference book containing yarn swatches and detailed information about the most widely used types of yarns The Handknitters Kindle - available to today’s knitters The Handknitter’s Yarn Guide collects all the facts figures and details that knitters need to know about yarns and gives visual comparisons showing the different effects they create when knitted up This essential guide for every knitter at any level includes a comprehensive encyclopedia of the most commonlyavailable yarns complete with full color photographs of swatches and vital information on how best to work with them Organized by weight and fiber the book is divided into three main sections • Yarn Categories details the range of yarn weights from super fine to super bulky and advises the reader on what to expect when working with each type • Yarns in Use discusses the general ualities of each yarn the pros and cons of using it how to care for it as well as information on gauge and yardage Includes swatches of each yarn knitted up and vital information on how best to use each yarn • Reference offers guidelines on how to calculate yarn substitutions how to read labels a comparative USEuropean glossary of terms needle information and much The Handknitter’s Yarn Guide is an essential handbook offering both beginners and professionals all the information needed to make the best choice for each project in an easy to use and accessible format.The Handknitters Yarn Guide


The Handknitters Yarn Guide PDF/EPUB ´ The
  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • The Handknitters Yarn Guide
  • Nikki Gabriel
  • English
  • 11 June 2015
  • 9781250003072

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    Where even to begin? There's too much opinion at times very unpopular opinion presented as fact No single knitter can possibly be experienced in all areas of knitting and it shows I can't even find any about the author type information on what Gabriel's areas of interest are There are factual errors ranging from huge to minor which make me uestion the validity of the information I'm not experienced enough to fact check There is no information about some uite important features of yarn and information I can't imagine ever needingOpinion as fact Sometimes Gabriel will state that because of features x y and z yarn a is perfect for use b This is fine Many times however Gabriel will simply state that yarn a is perfect for use b without any supporting information to allow you to assess if her opinions apply to your situation A number of these statements are deeply unpopular in the knitting community For example Gabriel states that lace2 ply yarn is perfect for knitting baby items A uick check of Ravelry a free knitting database reveals that only 362 baby patterns use lace weight yarn while most other weights have than 1000 patterns DK weight yarn is used for 11427 baby patterns that's apparently the perfect weight for knitting baby items In another example Gabriel states that acrylic yarn is regarded as a cheaper substitute for wool While it may have been originally manufactured as such I'm not sure if this is the case acrylic and wool have distinctly different properties and many knitters will not substitute one for the otherMissing areas of expertise Socks Gabriel is clearly not a sock knitter She does not mention that fingering4 ply yarn is commonly used for socks She does not include the incredibly popular woolnylon sock yarn blend anywhere in her book She states that acrylic acrylic yarn is a popular yarn for socks Acrylic yarn has terrible breathability and moisture absorption facts that Gabriel notes and is terrible as socks unless you're into hot sweaty smelly feetFactual errors Some are uite significant for example Gabriel states that wool yarn should not be tumble dried yet many superwash wools reuire tumble drying to prevent them from stretching terribly Some are uite minor for example Gabriel states at one point that vinegar is a type of citric acid Vinegar is acetic acidUseful info missing If I were looking for a definitive guide to yarn for hand knitters I'd expect it to also include a section talking about the yarn's structure singles vs loosely plied vs tightly plied worsted vs woolen spin etc Gabriel briefly mentions that these factors exist when discussing substituting yarn but does not include any description of how they affect the final fabric nor any pictures of swatches knitted up with different yarn structures I'd also expect a brief mention of various types of yarn coloration solid semi solidkettle dyed variegated self striping etc and pictures of how the yarns look in the skein and how they look knitted up it's far too easy to get a skein that looks lovely but doesn't knit up at all how you'd expect and picture examples would help prepare people when looking at hand dyed yarn Gabriel never mentions yarn coloration except to note what colors she believes various yarn fibers typically come inI recommend you avoid this book and join ravelrycom instead where all the same info and a lot can be found

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    While this isn't my ultimate book for this topic I do think it's a good book to have because of the illustrations provided for each fiber type Each yarn type has knitted illustrations to show you what the yarn looks like knitted up in stockinette stitch with a cable stich and with a lace stich Included are also a long list of general ualities and use and care I think the author spends a lot of time on blends and at least for my taste spends too much time discussing non natural yarns like acrylic mixed into natural fibers like merino wool or silk I don't like non natural fibers at all personally but that's me I do think this book is worth owning at least for my library There is a much better book as far as going deeper into this topic with depth I'll review it next but it doesn't have these wonderful illustrations For me I think owning both is perfect

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    Great reference book breaks down types of yarns pros cons use and care specs ualities Not something I would sit down and read like I would with a how to book

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    Wow What a helpful book

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