Blood Roots

➸ Blood Roots Free ➮ Author Michael Green – The Chatfield family scattered across the globe continue to fight for survival Their only hope is to form one strong community together but power struggles violence and deception keep them apartIn thi The Chatfield family scattered across the globe continue to fight for survival Their only hope is to form one strong community together but power struggles violence and deception keep them apartIn this thrilling conclusion to the Blood Line trilogy the New Zealand community makes a last desperate bid to return to their relatives and Blood Roots in England Along the way they discover survivors of the super SARS pandemic but is this new addition to the gene pool trouble than it's worth Blood Roots will keep you guessing to the very end.Blood Roots

See this thread for informationMichael Green is a successful computer consultant and professional speaker Author of two humorous books and one called Successful Speechmaking he has also won many speechmaking competitions Spending some of his time in the UK some in New Zealand and some on the water on his yacht he has been working on the seuel to Bloodline.

Blood Roots PDF/EPUB ò Paperback
  • Paperback
  • 332 pages
  • Blood Roots
  • Michael Green
  • English
  • 06 March 2016
  • 9780473182120

10 thoughts on “Blood Roots

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    I read the first two of this trilogy several years ago in uick succession and had thoroughly enjoyed them but had been unable to find the third part anywhere as it seemed to be permanently out of print and had almost given up on knowing how it ended until finding it on as an ebook recently I enjoy post apocalyptic fiction mostly for the accounts of survival and the practicalities of life in a new world This book had a lot less of that and was much for focussed on the nastiness of humans once they find themselves in a survival of the fittest situation We begin with Mark and the remaining NZ family members mourning the deaths of Holly and Zoe from the engineered strain of typhoid that only kills those with dark skin Steven has taken a small group back to England because they are homesick for the UK and Mark decides that if they are all to survive the rest need to leave NZ to rejoin the larger group even knowing that they may be returning to slavery at the hands of the evil branch of the familyThere's a lot of boring details about sailing adventure midway as they find some survivors in America and then the return to Haver Hall and the discovery of the atrocities that have been going on thereWhile perhaps a reality the constant rapes and the way most of the characters all accept this as normal was very disturbing for some reason female rape is considered OK especially if it leads to a baby but male rape is regarded as unforgivable and to be prevented at all costs Several plot points were left unanswered we never find out who the traitor was and everyone seems to forget about the risk of typhoid killing the new black characters including babies PA fiction can never really have a happy ending but the community are at least left in a fairly safe position that may just about safeguard the human race The twist at the end was no great surprise and really just another nasty but probably not surprising conseuence of their new circumstances and I didn't mind Mark's endingOverall a good trilogy in terms of premise plot pace and personalities but let down by fairly average writing and an excessive amount of nastiness

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    Definate readI've read the entire Series I would recommend the series to anyone Even the Second Time Around It was a page turner I wish this writer would write series Definitely want to read his next books

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    was of wrap up ending but still satisfactory There are alot of obvious flaws in the book the ethical and moral kinds so I'm kind of glad its the last book And if you find and read the book you will realise why it was taken off shelves

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    I enjoyed the other two novels in Michael Green's Blood series and the conclusion in Blood Roots does not disappoint A recommended read

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    Less well developed than the first two it still brings the series to a hopeful end

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