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❁ [EPUB] ✹ Coup d'Etat By Harry Turtledove ➚ – In 1941 a treaty between England and Germany unravels—and so does a different World War IIIn Harry Turtledove’s mesmerizing alternate history of World War II the choices of men and fate have chang In a treaty between England and Germany unravels—and so does a different World War IIIn Harry Turtledove’s mesmerizing alternate history of World War II the choices of men and fate have changed history Now it is the winter of As the Germans with England and France on their side slam deep into Russia Stalin’s terrible machine fights for its life But the agreements of world leaders do not touch the hearts of soldiers The war between Germany and Russia is rocked by men with the courage to aim their guns in a new directionEngland is the first to be shaken Following the suspicious death of Winston Churchill with his staunch anti Nazi views a small cabal begins to imagine the unthinkable in a nation long famous for respecting the rule of law With civil liberties hanging by a thread a conspiracy forms against the powers that be What will this daring plan mean for the European war as a wholeMeanwhile in America a woman who has met Hitler face to face urges her countrymen to wake up to his evil For the time being the United States is fighting only Japan—and the war is not going as well as Washington would like Can Roosevelt keep his grip on the country’s imagination Coup d’Etat captures how war makes for the strangest of bedfellows A freethinking Frenchman fights side by side with racist Nazis A Czech finds himself on the dusty front lines of the Spanish Civil War gunning for Germany’s Nationalist allies A German bomber pilot courts a half Polish half Jewish beauty in Bialystock And the Jews in Germany though trapped under Hitler’s fist are as yet protected by his fear of looking bad before the world—and by an outspoken Catholic bishopWith his spectacular command of character coincidence and military and political strategies Harry Turtledove continues a passionate unmatched saga of a World War II composed of different enemies different allies—and hurtling toward a horrific moment For a diabolical new weapon is about to be unleashed not by the United States but by Japan in a tactic that will shock the world Praise for Coup d’Etat “Turtledove’s masterful presentation of an alternate WWII reaches its fourth volume with its uality undiminished A tribute to his commanding skills”— Booklist starred review“For lovers of alternative history and particularly the very popular Turtledove with his appealing weaponry battle tactics and setting details this story will satisfy It sets out to entertain and that it does”— Historical Novels Review“The book’s grand scope and Turtledove’s impressive historical knowledge are admirable”— Kirkus Reviews.Coup d'Etat

Dr Harry Norman Turtledove is an American novelist who has produced a sizeable number of works in several genres including alternate history historical fiction fantasy and science fictionHarry Turtledove attended UCLA where he received a PhD in Byzantine history in Turtledove has been dubbed The Master of Alternate History Within this genre he is known both for creating original sce.

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  • 09 July 2016
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    I can't take any I really can't Four books and counting and still nothing has happened First the English and the French join Hitler and invade Russia Then they change their minds The Japanese are doing something but for some reason the Pearl Harbor attack doesn't work Or did it? I couldn't tell because Turtledove refuses to have any characters but enlisted men who all talk the same act the same look the same think the same I can't take any

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    I’m going to be honest in that I’ve never been a huge fan of Harry Turtledove granted I’ve read most of his alternate history books but I read them for the ideas and broad narratives that he presents rather than any discernible writing ability and that writing ability is my biggest complaint with his newest novel Coup D’état fourth of the War that Came Early Series The plot carries off where the previous book ended obviously the Soviets under siege by not only the Germans but the British and the French as well The Japanese have attacked the Soviets the British the Dutch the French and the Americans in the Pacific The British switch sides again winding up fighting the Nazis by the end Now I have my problems with Turtledove’s plotline here as I find historical Franco German resentment to trump any sort of mutual anti communism at this point in history keep in mind following France’s surrender in OTL the train carriage that Germany signed the armistice ending the First World War was used in a reverse of roles then blown up I also find the likelihood that a British populace so clearly anti fascist as in OTL see the Battle of Cable Street in 1936 unlikely to have permitted any sort of rapprochement with Hitler much less an alliance Stranger things have happened to be sure but Turtledove plays his game normally very logically and this is certainly not that But that’s not my biggest beef; you see Harry Turtledove has been called the “Master of Alternate History” though I’m casting my vote for the accurate “Master of the unnecessary sentence” Take this gem as an example “He couldn’t faze the Jew ‘With all the singe we’ve both eaten it wouldn’t surprise me one damn bit’ Halevy said Singe was what the French called the tinned beef they got from Argentina It meant monkey meat Vaclav had never eaten real monkey so he couldn’t say how much singe tasted like it He was sure nobody in his right mind would eat the stuff if he didn’t have to”Did Harry Turtledove have to mention that a Czech soldier fighting the fascists in Spain had himself never eaten monkey meat before and thus could not determine whether what they were eating was actually monkey meat or not? No I just automatically assume that no character I’m reading about has ever eaten monkey meat before unless proven otherwise Perhaps it’s a bit close minded but it has served me well Further was it necessary to include that no one would actually eat this if they didn’t have to? Also no I got that one figured out too I imagine that not being shot at fascists in an army setting would widen ones meal options a little to me that’s a bit obvious Carrying off of that Turtledove has made it a habit where the perspective character goes through hisher thought process wherein a uestion is asked the main character notes their uncertainty and accepts the initial decision “Did Dieselhorst think they’d done their duty for the day by shooting down the fighter? Hans Ulrich didn’t ask him He was the pilot; responsibility for what they did lay with him Besides he might have been wrong” The irony of course is that this is alternate history Their decisions can change from timeline to timeline Hans Ulrich being a good example as he was a real individual However my opinion this is cute the first time maybe the second time later on in the book but Turtledove uses it over and over again making a good chunk of the book just this circular thought process As with the monkey meat this is entirely unnecessary all it accomplishes are two things all the characters now sound nearly exactly alike and it subtracts space that could have been used meaningfully Now I will admit that all of this has certainly improved since his last books he has thankfully omitted much of the usual tobaccocoffeealcohol bitching that was present in prior books though he seems to have subbed in bitching about hookers and sex instead which increasingly became annoying although not as annoying as the tobaccocoffeealcohol became So while I can’t say that this is Turtledove’s finest work of all Ruled Britannia and Agent of Byzantium in my opinion earned Turtledove his Master of Alternate History label it is a step towards a better direction than he has strayed in recently

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    Two stars feels both generous and too low at the same time Once again Bad Harry is back every scene with a character must contain some reference to the same basic fact that the character exists to serve as a carrier for We get it Harry you believe your readers are complete morons incapable of remembering something you told them 50 pages ago Worse the plot such as it is glosses over the only important thing to happen in the entire book in the first uarter of the book only to return to the endless slog of repetitive non events that have characterized most of Turtledove's recent outputSo why too low? Because damnit there's a good story story here I'm no longer convinced Turtledove is capable of telling it certainly not of telling it within his lifetime but I like a lot of the situations and characters he has created even the ones that are odious I'm furious with him for how he shortchanges what should be the core elements of his plot Damnit Harry the book is even titled Coup d'Etat how dare you toss it off as unimportant and easy? but I can see the better story he should have could have told and that one has my interest

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    Coup D’Etat by Harry TurtledoveThis is a compilation of vignettes of soldiers fighting an alternate history World War II I am normally a very big Turtledove fan Not so much on this book It covered many of the WWII fronts and the lives of the men and women who suffered through war Turtledove had good character studies as always What was missing from this book was any kind of plot if you ignore the fact that WWII could be identified as the plot Nothing fit together; you just couldn’t tie all the character studies into a visual whole I kept expecting to see some masterful pulling together of separate threads to make a garment that I would happily donned It never happened

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    I enjoy reading a book once not several times I swear in this book he would copy and paste the same bloody one liners over and over again I got e information the first time no need to have it bashed into my brain This book could have even knocked down uite easily to 300 pages with some good editing and most likely combined with the next book Starting to think this is the money making formula in this series Give just enough new information to bring the reader back but fill the rest of the book with crap that has already been written

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    In one line not as bad as Give Me Back my LegionsCoup d'Etat is the fourth book in Turtledove's War that Came Early series in which World War 2 begins at the 1938 Munich Conference when the Allies call Hitler's bluff Soon joined in his invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Polish Germany found itself engrossed in a two front war after Russia rushed to the tiny republic's defense But in 1940 Hitler pulled off a diplomatic coup convincing Britain and France to join him in a war against Stalinism by offering to withdraw the Wehrmacht from the low countries Considering that the Soviets were also under attack by the Japanese empire the Big Switch was making World War 2 out to be a general dogpile against the the Russians but in Coup de'Etat the alliance between Hitler and the west breaks down after an extralegal change of government in Britain and what was shaping up to be a vastly different war is now simmering down to an only marginally interesting conflictLike Supervolcano Explosion Coup d'Etat succeeds initially purely on premise alone The Big Switch completely recovered this slow to start series for me and the new set course of events it initiated carry the novel with the Allies and Germany both pouring resources into Russia it's as if we're seeing the Cold War served hot and early Will Russia collapse? What will Europe look like with Stalin gone but with Hitler still reigning? Unfortunately that uestion becomes moot by novel's end Not only are we back to the same basic World War 2 we know complete with Italy invading British Africa being turned back and then aided by the Germans but the dramatic event that restores the status uo isn't even dramatic One minute a character is being interrogated by British intelligence for planning to take over the government the next minute he's free because his cohorts have done it Whoopee How did they do it? The reader isn't shown The ramifications of a military coup of Britain aren't explored either the new powers that be simply inform us that they have to be very discrete to avoid popular sentiment turning against them The war in the Pacific isn't any interesting perhaps because the American war engine is only starting to rev up With Hitler at war with Britain France and Russia and about to waste his resources in Africa and the Japanese already weak after also taking on Russia the end game seems as though it will be inevitably similar to our own And if that's the case what's the point of a writing an alternate history novel?

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    Goodreads First Reads ARC winnerHarry Turtledove has been an author I had heard many good things about yet had yet to read any of his stories I realize now that is a good thing A book detailing an alternate history of WWII sounded very interesting to me Turtledove failed to deliver that interest It got so bad at times that I nearly stopped reading the story I found several problems with the book The first one being there was no discernible plot to the story It was just a bunch of loosely connected story arcs dealing with different people in WWII I kept hoping that would change but it didn't This made the story confusing and boring in my mind I found there to be too many characters in the story that did not improve the flow of the whole story It had the adverse effect of confusing the reader Overall I would give The War That Came Early Coup d'Etat 1 and 12 stars Honestly if you are looking for a plot and some sort of storyline that connects all the various characters you should look elsewhere If you are looking for a bunch of little stories about different people during a fictitious version of WWII then maybe this book is for you

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    The series continues to improve though the characterization is still substandard

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    The fourth volume of Harry Turtledove’s “The War That Came Early” series opens up at the start of 1941 onto a very different conflict Britain and France have come to terms with Nazi Germany and have even joined them in their ongoing war with the Soviet Union The United States faces a series of setbacks against the Japanese with whom they are at war after a series of sudden attacks throughout the Pacific And the civil war in Spain drags on a forgotten precursor to the conflict now raging As the year unfolds however events begin to reorient the alignments A military coup in Britain topples the government and rejoins te struggle against the Nazis and with the French wobbling the prospect of a two front war rears up as an unwelcome prospect for the Germans But can they defeat the Soviets before that prospect becomes a reality?Readers who have reached this point in the series already know what they will be getting in this latest installment and those who have enjoyed following his cast of characters will find much to satisfy them here Moreover Turtledove continues to provide in the way of the action than he did in his second volume which helps to keep things lively Nevertheless there is still a sense throughout this book of treading water as much of the key events – both personal and political – seem to consist of undoing the developments of his last book Because of this the whole series is starting to feel bloated as Turtledove stretches out events that could as he has demonstrated in previous series have covered dramatically in fewer volumes Diehard fans of Turtledove’s works may not mind but for anyone seeking to follow up his earlier better works they might find his latest alternate history series something of a disappointment

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    This is the fourth book in “The War That Came Early” series It amazes me that an author of Turtledove’s stature in the alternate history genre can churn out book after book that fails to provide readers with uality material There was potential in the plot and some of the characters Instead we are served the same old warmed over stew of military combat machismo in every permutation of wretched gut wrenching imaginable The calibre of dialogue ranks down there in the bottom of the ditches where language is polluted with every base primal instinct known to man or beast over and over and over again Ninety percent of the narrative in these novels puts the reader among the rank and file combatants who for the most part fail to demonstrate any redeeming camaraderie or esprit de corps Turtledove offers no relief by means of noble heroes or stouthearted worthies No these are grunters and grinders who hate what they do and do what they hateThe title of the book refers to a revolutionary political and military about face But Turtledove misses the opportunity for real drama and suspense The coup d’etat is given scant attention Instead of providing social political administrative and civilian texture to such a major development the author keeps his narrative focused on the activities of the rabble of soldiers airmen and sailors who are moved from place to place by members of the upper echelons whom readers never get to meetThe most interesting part of the book—less than ten percent—has to do with civilians in Germany Britain and America Why could we not have had of their stories to offset the scuzzy combat scenarios? Turtledove has lost my reader loyalty I will not be buying the next book

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