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✭ A Little Leg Work Books ✯ Author Royce Leville – E17streets4all.co.uk When you order a meal in a restaurant how can you be sure you get what you asked for Isn't that meat a little pale to be beef And what tastes like chicken doesn't mean it's actually chicken The thing When you order a meal in a restaurant how can you be sure you get what you asked for Isn't that meat a little pale to be beef And what tastes like chicken doesn't mean it's actually chicken The thing is most diners are completely oblivious as to what goes on in a restaurant's kitchen They order eat and pay with no clue A Little PDF or as to where the food has come from Take the Alfresco Paradiso in A Little Leg Work When this renowned Italian restaurant turns to a new food source with surprising and sickening results it means a plate of meatballs will never be the same again And while no one knows what the Alfresco's chefs are up to the public loves it and gobbles it up A local detective and weekend gourmet chef tries to find out just what it is that makes the meatballs so good while his brother in law a journalist smells a page one story Meanwhile the Alfresco owner becomes a celebrity and all those involved in the restaurant start rolling in the cash including a butcher an adventurer and a morgue manager They all get to tell their own story and have their say because the book is told from numerous points of view Royce Leville's debut novel pushes the boundaries of taste and the limits of traditional narrative style Replete with footnotes multiple narrators gristly scenes and thousands of satisfied eaters A Little Leg Work will disgust intrigue amuse and offend and leave you salivating for 'A Little Leg Work' won the fiction category and finished runner up in the grand prize at the Next Generation Indie Book Awards.A Little Leg Work

Royce Leville is the author of 'The Book of Names' One story from the collection 'Mikelis' was made into a short film starring James Cosmo The book won the AustraliaNew Zealand category in the IPPYs His debut novel 'A Little Leg Work' won the fiction category and finished runner up in the grand prize at the Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

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  • 04 July 2015

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    I won this book in a goodreads giveaway I am so glad that I did Anyone interested in stories with an interesting premise and good character development will enjoy this book This book was not what I had expected I went into thinking it was going to be of a book that was trying to go for shock value and focus in on stomach turning disgusting details which I do enjoy in my fiction However for me this book was far about family dynamics and human behavior than it was about cannibalism The interactions between the key players can be seen on some level in almost any family Relationships revolve around jealousy greed love and family obligation It is a book that will have you uestioning the base of your own motives and morals

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    As is very often always the case I received this book free in exchange for a review Despite the kindness of receiving a free book I'm absolutely candid about the book because I want everyone to know what they're getting as much as I hope to when I'm shoppingThe plot summary on this one is delicious Essentially it's a Sweeney Todd or Delicatessen but in the modern day What do you do when a big restaurant critic has come for a meal and you're out of meat? Well you improvise of courseTo the positive this book is delightfully entertaining assuming your stomach isn't turned The descriptions of the meals aren't terribly graphic but if the idea is enough to make you turn a bit green then you might want to give this a miss because there are a LOT of meals Also the characterizations in this book are sharp and diverse and give the novel a lot of color and panache Lastly the book has an unusual feature for a work of fiction over 200 footnotes These are not strictly speaking reuired reading but they add a lot of back story to the novel and they're often uite dryly hilarious To the negative the plot is a bit wobbly at times in that the characters get away with a lot for a long time that wouldn't really have worked out It fails slightly in realism but that's all very easily ignored Also the book suffers from some rather mysterious textual errors confusing youryou're and theretheir This is unusual because the rest of the production is so crisp Still it's only a minor distractionIn summary if you like a dark tale and don't mind a lot of cannibalism then I can't recommend this one highly enough You won't be able to resist eating it up; assuming it doesn't eat you first

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    To me the first twenty pages or so of this book were boring However as I dug further and further into this book I found myself intensely involved with the characters I even found some real hatred towards a character I won't name but he is hypocritical hippy I was actually surprised by the ending of this novel too because its the first thing you'd expect to happen but you shrug it of thinking no one would seriously do that well let me just say I'm glad they did thatThe story is centered around one crappy restaurant with impeccable food How is the food made from what nearly costless place could the meat from their divine meatballs come from? Soylent Green anyone? Now watch as this little family owned and operated restraint becomes wildly popular for their cuisine In this story see how easily people can be corrupted with money sex or just an insatiable appetite Also through this novel you can see how sibling rivalries can effect our adult relationships brothers through thick and thin right? WrongI'd recommend this book to anyone with a strong stomach and a curious appetite

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    35 but I rounded up for reasons I'll explain laterI received this from a Goodreads giveaway and it came in awesome wrapping paper Thank you so much for this However this has not influenced my review of the novel Also I'm very glad I won because I do not know if I would have picked up this book had I notThis book has a pretty crazy premise it revolves around a restaurant that runs out of beef one night and decides to substitute it with human meat specifically from a dead mans leg Needless to say this leads to a very intriguing story to followWhile this book touches upon many themes one of the most central is the idea of family and the different dynamics that shape the family in the center of this novel It touches upon what we are willing to do for family and what family meansAnother theme is the general idea of moral and the sometimes not so clear line between right and wrong This book kept me constantly uestioning what separates humans so much for animals and why we so uickly judge cannibalistic societies It brought up meaningful and interesting thoughts all throughout the novel which I think it extremely important and what made me round up There were things mentioned in this book that will linger in my mind for uite some timeThe plot could lull at times and overall it was one of those novels that was easy and interesting to read but did not keep me consistently hooked to the point where I could not put it down This being said I very much enjoyed this book and would recommend to most anyone as it brings about some interesting uestions and is uite different from most everything I've picked up

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    I received this book as a Member Giveaway from LibraryThing It came in the mail right after Christmas and it was wrapped in Christmas paper which was a simple and kind gesture that made my day Since I am not opposed to cannibalism I found this book to be humorous than horrifying as others might cringe I may have even gotten a little hungry here and there if I actually liked meatballs ;But really the book was written in a very uniue and creative manner Royce Leville had everyone's perspective going around in the book and I loved hearing the very real like and entertaining variety of everyone's point of view In that I was impressed at how there were so many perspectives without being confusing I knew exactly who was expressing when they were expressing The story makes you think about what you could be eating when you go out to restaurants It opens your eyes to the way people can sometimes just stumble upon something that causes them to commit an act they generally wouldn't commit At the end of this book you could say that what goes around comes around and it tied up nicely I really enjoyed reading this I also want to add this link that a friend happened to share with me right as I was finishing the book up It's interesting that this article is very similar to this book

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    Received as a Goodreads giveaway I struggled at first with the authors voice 1 After acuiring a taste for his writing style I zoomed through this book Dark and humorous although not the most original plot I really enjoyed the journey this book took me on An enjoyable read 1 Too many footnotes

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    I won a print copy of A Little Leg Work by Royce Leville in a Goodreads GiveawayI have to first give credit to author Royce Leville for having the ability to take a topic cannibalism that most people myself included find abhorrent and turning it into a humorous story A Little Leg Work is a very funny story Although there is no indication noted in the book it is pretty clear to me that Royce Leville is British We find many words with the British spelling but then again the publisher is identified as being in Hamburg Germany so who can say for sure I only mention this at all because a character in the book drives a Mercedes and the author shortens this to Merc Which any American car guy knows means Mercury both fine cars but hardly interchangeable This is the only language difference that is seriously noticeable Leville keeps the story light by not focusing too much on how the humce read the book is acuired but on the goings on of all the characters and how easily they slid down that slippery slope into gruesome activities A Little Leg Work is not graphic even the sex In fact for me one of the funniest parts of the book is how a fetus foetus as the author spells it experiences sexual activity by its host Author Leville uses footnotes to provide snide asides about various characters and situations I found this a very funny way of keeping the story lightFor a short time I actually worried about what it says about me that I could find such a topic funny but I did call me a ghoul if you want but it was funny I got over it but it may be that I won't go out for Italian for a whileThe other thing that struck me was the presence of a Travel Page at the front and again at the back of the book It is a place to document the travels of the book through different readers Kind of a neat idea until two pages later when we find the admonishment that it shall not by way of trade or otherwise be lent re sold hired out or otherwise circulated ?? The real lesson to be taken away from A Little Leg Work by Royce Leville is Never trust a vegetarian EnjoyMike

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    I got this book from Goodreads Giveaway in return for my honest review So here it goesBoy oh boy well this book is umdifferent A good different though just not what I expected The witty and humorous tone really worked for me although the premise is disturbing I really loved the character development on this one and how the author showed each character's depth Surprisingly this book talks about than just cannibalism The book delves into family feuds greed and jealousy which will get you uestioning your own morals Although the book started slow I think it was written well Ony downside is that there are too many footnotes More than what I felt was reuired I felt like it was added there just coz But I'm really happy I got to read this book

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    I received a free copy of this book from GoodReadsI enjoyed reading this book Leville starts out slow laying the groundwork for how the members of the extended family that run the restaurant interact with one another There's a lot of dynamics here and Leville delves into family history and psychology to explain their relationships And then the proverbial shit hits the fan and the book shifts into high gear It's uite a ride I wasn't enthusiastic about the ending but there certainly was a sense of karma there

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    The concept was good and in most parts I wanted to keep reading to find out what was going to happen It did start off slowly but it is worth continuing Also it did take a few chapters to get used to how the story is described through various characters The constant footnotes were distracting and although some were very humourous I gave up reading them fairly uickly they broke up the story too much My only other comment is why the policemen never contacted Environmental Health? A much easier way to investigateI received this book as a Member Giveaway from LibraryThingcom

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