Shadow of the Condor

❰Ebook❯ ➤ Shadow of the Condor Author James Grady – Невероятният Роналд Малкълм наречен КОНДОРА отново се оказва забъркан в поредната каша която изправя на нок Невероятният Роналд Малкълм наречен КОНДОРА отново се оказва забъркан в поредната каша която изправя на нокти вездесъщото ЦРУ Този път кашата се нарича специален проект Гамаюн и сблъсква суперагентите на няколко разузнавания Кондора пак трябва да изостави дисертацията си за по добри времена Защото в едно малко градче на канадско американската граница стават твърде странни неща И единствено непредсказуемите и за чужди Shadow of ePUB Æ и за свои импровизации на Кондора могат да изяснят картината Страхотна гледка е когато един аматьор разказва играта на суперпрофесионалистите.Shadow of the Condor

Six Days of the Condor which was adapted to film as Three Days of the Condor starring.

Shadow of the Condor PDF ☆ Shadow of  ePUB Æ
  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • Shadow of the Condor
  • James Grady
  • Bulgarian
  • 14 August 2015

10 thoughts on “Shadow of the Condor

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    I read this before I read number one and I like to tremendously but I was in 6th grade when I read it Therefore understand that the four star is how I felt about it at that time In fact I probably would have given it a 5 star at the time because I loved the idea of undercover people under different identities which had been stalked by my reading of the day of the jackal

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    This was a very good story which followed right where the Six Days of the Condor should naturally have followed The previous story was a bit of old news to me as I had read it over the years seen the movie and become very familiar with it Shadow of the Condor was an opportunity to read the story fresh and new I enjoyed it very much

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    Now to read the seuel to Six Days of the Condor Let's see how it holds up

  4. says:

    Perfectly fun and complicated and interesting

  5. says:

    The original book and movie were great but this book clearly demonstrates that Grady only had one book in him This one has no originality no suspense Overuse of cliches and dialogues like like our American friends use to say we are in a pickle Everyone is interested to know how Condor is doing well if you have assigned him a meaningless task he should be doing fine why so much interest?Had to abandon it midwayTried a short story by Grady later yeah well he sucks except for the first book which you can try out

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    Not as suspense filled as Six but still a good read Characters needed depth and background

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