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[Download] ➹ The Pet Washer Author Jennifer Lynn Alvarez – From the author of THE GUARDIAN HERD series comes a whimsical tale of friendship lemonade parties where everyone wears yellow including the pets and adorable animals First published in 2012 The Pet Wa From the author of THE GUARDIAN HERD series comes a whimsical tale of friendship lemonade parties where everyone wears yellow including the pets and adorable animals First published in The Pet Washer is Jennifer's indie novelWhat happens when a vacationing princess befriends the local pet washerIt is spring break The royal families of the seven kingdoms flock to their second castles on the sleepy island of Windym Overrun by vacationing princesses The Pet eBook õ the townsfolk struggle to keep up with their outrageous demandsCianna works overtime at The Royal Pet Palace and Day Spa She is The Pet Washer Here animals are cleaned massaged bedazzled and dyed to match the outfits of their masters Cianna is popular with the pets because she invents special shampoos flea treatments pet foods and toothpastes to keep them as healthy as they are cleanPolly owns the finest dresses the fastest horses lives in the largest castle and has the prettiest friends in the seven kingdoms She is the princess When Polly discovers The Pet Washer she believes she's found the perfect girl to include in her Spring Festival dance performance But as their unlikely friendship deepens it ignites jealousy and deceitWill Cianna and Polly overcome these challenges or will the Spring Festival end in disaster.The Pet Washer

LIES LIKE WILDFIRE YA Thriller coming Fall ' Jennifer is also the author of THE GUARDIAN HERD RIDERS OF THE REALM and THE PET WASHER fantasy novels for kids and teens She draws on her lifelong love of animals when writing her books Praise for The Guardian Herd Series“Chock full of adventure and twists making it difficult to put down” School Library Journal“Filled with fantastical action.

The Pet Washer ePUB ´ The Pet  eBook õ
  • Paperback
  • 202 pages
  • The Pet Washer
  • Jennifer Lynn Alvarez
  • English
  • 21 June 2016

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    I enjoy reading a great book but I LOVE winning a book most of all What better gift can we receive than a story to take us away for a spell? I'm looking forward to reading this to the children in my life Thank you so much; I will share it with my little special people 0

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    The Pet WasherBy Jennifer Lynn Alvarez202 pages – ages 9Published by Dreamcatcher Books on December 2 2011Cianna was a pet washer at the Pet Palace and Day Spa on Windym an island where all the Royal families vacationed during the Spring She was the best pet washer on the island even though she was born blind Cianna was super busy at work because all the princesses and princes wanted their pets to look their best while they were on vacation One day Princess Polly who was vacationing with her family on Windym saw Cianna and realized she was a perfect replacement for a sick princess in a dance she and the other princesses were planning Cianna wasn’t sure she would fit in with all the other Princesses or be able to dance well After a sleep over at Polly’s family’s castle and a recital with the princesses Cianna goes to her work and has a terrible thing happen to her she gets suspended from work after someone switched hair remover for pet shampoo Now she can practice for the dance all she wants but she knows her work and the pets needs herThis is the kind of book I wouldn’t normally pick up princesses pet spas – not really my favorite topics but I read the description of it on Sue Morris’ blog – Kid Lit Reviews and she recommended it Well I really enjoyed this book I really cared about what happened to Cianna I loved Cianna’s ”never give up” attitude Ms Alvarez described the setting of Windym really well I really felt like I was there and could see everything that was happening I also really like the cover art I know my description of the plot of the book makes it sound like a total “girl” book but I think it is really a great book about friendship opening your heart and eyes to other people and accepting yourself for who you are I think boys would like the book too I recommend it to kids 9 and young advanced readers

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    The Pet Washer by Jennifer Lynn Alverez is an incredible tale of an unlikely friendship that will forever change many livesEach year royal families travel to their vacation castles on the island of Windym The townspeople are kept very busy catering to the princesses and their families Polly a very spoiled princess who prides herself on being a collector of things is performing in the Spring Dance She soon discovers that the princess with red hair has the pox and won't be able to dance This ruins Polly's collection of princesses and she sets out on a uest to find anyone with red hair to replace the sick princess When Polly discovers Cianna a red headed blind local girl who works hard pampering pets at the Royal Pet Palace and Day Spa she simply must have her for her performance at the Spring Dance Cianna is swept up in the whirlwind adventure and is soon staying with Polly and her family in their vacation castle Cianna whose father was lost at sea loves being a part of a family and Polly's parents make her feel welcome Polly and Cianna soon become close friends even though their perspective on life couldn't be greater Cianna works hard to learn the dance and Polly is pleased but not all of the princesses accept Cianna and when the sick princess becomes well they urge Polly to replace Cianna Overhearing the princesses Cianna is hurt and confused and flees the castle Will Polly learn what it means to be a true friend? Read The Pet Washer to find outThe Pet Washer not only teaches an important lesson in friendship but it also reminds readers that sometimes people who can see are blind to the world around them and how their actions effect others

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    An amazing story told with benevolence and grace The Pet Washer is a timeless tale of true friendship for the young and the young at heartAlvarez weaves a modern fairy tale of grit and determination of an unlikely heroine whose tender heart will capture readers and hold their attention long after The EndCianna is a renowned pet washer known for her ability to clean pets with her homemade soaps and grains Although she is blind and an orphan she lives each day with optimism Her love for each animal she tends is infectiousWhen Princess Polly cannot find another princess to replace the sick Princess Mirabel in the Spring Festival dance she chooses Cianna because her dark red hair matches the color scheme of the dance But when Mirabel recovers before the big day Cianna is no longer neededWill Cianna be able to forgive the princesses who have befriended her for selfish reasons? And will she still be able to attend the Spring Festival? Read The Pet Washer to find out

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    This what I like about the pet washer Two girls are become friends but one girl is a Princess her name is Princess Polly the other girl's name is Cianna who is a town girl and Cianna is blind Then one day one of the other Princess that got sick her name is Mirabel Cianna is blind she can go everywhere and know she is going so Princess Polly was being like a friend but only for a little bit but the day before the Spring Dance Princess Mirabel took her spot back Cianna was upset and she felt bad so she ran away the next day when the Caden woke up he saw Gildon out of his stall and he was worried about Cianna so he ask the ueen to she if she can find Cianna the ueen yelled for her Princess Polly to come to ask where is Cianna Polly said she don't know were she is but she said she ran away a little while latter the ueen find Cianna and ask what happen to her Cianna said she didn't want to say then at the end of the book they are had fun

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    I received this book from the author Here is a story that not only has wonderful characters it creates a world of princesses pampered pets and delivers a very sweet moral that every young girl should learn I was transported to a world where a young girl has come to terms with her lot in life of being an orphaned blind girl Instead of wallowing away in misery she finds a job creates her own line of pet care items and has an apartment of her very own Although in reality a 14 year old girl would not have her own place in this world it is very normal Her life is turned around one day when the simplest thing like the color of her hair opens a door into a royal life where a princess offers her a chance of a lifetime Definitely an endearing story and one that I know I can't wait to share with my daughters

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    What a delightful story The premise is simple because your beautiful and in a position of power does that allow you to do and say as you like The pet washer is beautiful but she has no power as a matter of fact she can’t even see yet manages to see beyond that which sight would allow and thus begins a tale of lessons learned and hard work paying off This is not a normal fairytale This is a story with a happy ending but one where all involved had to work for what they accomplish and that makes it totally uniue and a delight to readI recommend this book to all who loves to read and gives it an easy 5 ratingWaAr

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    I'm STUNNED at how much I liked The Pet Washer A heady mix of medieval epic fantasy King ueens castles balls small cities and contemporary chic lit with an unusual twist It's a uite odd storyperhaps a better word would be 'uniue' I've never seen a fantasy setting outside of contemporarychic lit with such a wholely modern occupation Such a fun read

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    I love a good story and this one is beautifully told The main character Cianna is blind immediately giving this story something different as the reader views the world from Cianna's point of view giving her perspective on a world dominated by greed wealth and appearances This book received my 5 rating as I would recommend it and look forward to reading it again

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    I couldn't sleep last night so I got my kindle out and thought I would start this book I was able to finish it in a very short amount of time as it was captivating It was a cute story with a good moral lesson to it and I would recommend it to preteen girls

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