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[Download] ✤ The Joshua Covenant Author Diane Munson – God's covenants to His people take center stage as CIA Agent Bo Rider races to help Israel defeat a dangerous enemy amidst unfolding Bible prophecy After years of clandestine spying Bo's new assignmen God's covenants to His people take center stage as CIA Agent Bo Rider races to help The Joshua MOBI :ò Israel defeat a dangerous enemy amidst unfolding Bible prophecy After years of clandestine spying Bo's new assignment plunges him into Middle East intrigue at the US Embassy in Tel Aviv where he is rocked by a menacing plot against America's ally Julia immerses herself in her role as a diplomatic wife in the ancient land where Jesus lived only to discover the life changing truths of God's promises for the end days Meanwhile sinister forces challenge Bo's loyalty His battle to regain his stature tests his very core Will Bo survive the greatest threat ever to his career his family and his life.The Joshua Covenant

Diane Munson an attorney of than twenty five years developed a love for writing when she The Joshua MOBI :ò was a young child and experienced a major twist of genres She transitioned from writing briefs for judges to writing inspiring fiction for readers She served as an Assistant US Attorney in Washington DC in the US Department of Justice where she argued cases before juries and judges Prior to b.

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  • Paperback
  • 327 pages
  • The Joshua Covenant
  • Diane Munson
  • English
  • 22 February 2015
  • 9780983559009

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    Enjoyed how realistic this thriller isnot everything tied up neatly on each page Some things a bit mundane too

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    Title The Joshua CovenantAuthors Diane David MunsonPages 336Year 2011Publisher Micah House Media The Joshua Covenant reminds me of the leader Joshua and God’s covenant to His people Israel When you read the book of Joshua battles fought then come to mind Joshua was learning leadership from Moses and was one of two spies out of ten to give a good report to Moses before entering the land These are historical events recorded long ago for people to read and learn about God as well as learning to be separate from other “gods” dedicated to The One True GodPicking up this novel by the Munsons will be one of the most enjoyable investments you will do Taking time to read about Bo Rider’s life both known and unknown will keep you riveted in your chair as you turn each page It is hard to fit this writing in any one particular genre as it is packed full of biblical sites travel spying mole hunts and secretsWhen there is a hint of where the story is going look out because some unknown piece of information will change the whole path of the story Reading along as Bo Rider goes on assignments and seeks to complete them is exciting There were times I was reading and so engrossed that I couldn’t put the book down As Bo Rider’s wife Julia is walking where Jesus walked in Israel with their two children and growing in her faith she carries the burden of concern for the eternal future of her husbandIn The Joshua Covenant we watch as countries who wouldn’t even think of working together find a common foe that causes them to pool their resources before the foe vanishes again Each country brings in their trained people the counterpart to America’s CIA or FBI Though they want to capture the common foe don’t be fooled that they share all that they know with each otherBo Rider’s future hangs in the balance as someone seeks to eradicate him but not just him Does this foe have a grudge against someone close to Bo from long ago? If so why take revenge now? Which people working in the embassies are counterintelligence agents? Are they working for some other clandestine reason? When Bo and his father are injured why don’t their blood types match and whose future is affected and how? Above all where is the faith of the characters in the novel? Does faith play a role in their lives? If so to what degree?Icebergs are known to be very dangerous as well as common sights for those who travel anywhere they might be floating Do you know why? The reason is because it isn’t what one sees that is the concern; it is what is underwater that one doesn’t see that is concerning The same analogy applies in this novel too Don’t be caught concentrating on what you can see Remember there is that is unseen and that is where the danger may lie Reading through this novel was an exhilarating experience filled with suspense danger faith family history and biblical history Trust me when I say that I have barely scratched the surface in what I’ve shared with you hereMy rating is 5 starsNote I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility Other reviews can be read at Also follow me on Twitter lcjohnson1988

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    This review is copyrighted; it first appeared on my blog at The Joshua Covenant is a gripping suspense thriller set against a backdrop familiar to everyone and especially important to Christians and Jews When I started reading The Joshua Covenant I expected to read a good suspense thriller After all the authors Diane and David Munson are “ExFeds” It did not take long for me to realize though that the book offered than suspense and thrills The Joshua Covenant successfully intertwines the stories of international intrigue nations and family terror and terrorism revenge and forgiveness historical and modern worlds and spiritual awareness In the middle of it all CIA agent Bo Rider experiences an identity crisis of major proportions concerning who he pretends to be who he thinks he is and who he really is Bo Rider has spent years in one covert operation after another under an assumed identity Now to the delight of his wife Julia and their two children his family will get to accompany him on his next assignment which just happens to be as a State Department diplomat at the US Embassy in Tel Aviv It will be a simple non threatening assignment using his own name and his real identity Sort of Shortly after settling in Bo receives orders to spy on the US Ambassador whose statements and actions have put him under suspicion and to discover who is responsible for recent security leaks As the trouble escalates so do the mission and the danger Bo and members of his family are threatened accidentally and intentionally Israel on the threshold of acting on the recently discovered Joshua Covenant becomes the target in yet another hostile plot As the tension rises Bo finds himself under suspicion All of this takes place while Bo’s wife and children have their own narrow escapes while learning about the history of Israel and the Middle East an opportunity important to Julia in light of her recent spiritual awakening The Joshua Covenant is well written the events and the characters are believable and the action is fast paced In spite of the multiple dangers plotlines and characters I had no trouble keeping everything and everyone straight The Munsons weave Bo’s own spiritual journey into the story realistically as well I highly recommend The Joshua Covenant I look forward to reading the first five books in this series Facing Justice Confirming Justice The Camelot Conspiracy Hero’s Ransom and Redeeming Liberty

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    In their life before writing Christian suspense fiction David was an NCIS Special Agent and an undercover DEA Special Agent and Diane was a Federal prosecutor But they retired from federal life in the fast lane to suspense novels that combine their exciting cases into factional fiction They changethe names and places Visit their website to learn about their writing and the 6 thrillers to their credit wwwDianeAndDavidMunsoncomTheir newest release The Joshua Covenant takes you on a fast paced ride with CIA agent Bo Rider who is under cover as a State official stationed with the American Embassy in Israel His purpose in doing this is to uncover a moleDanger Espionage Bombs Past family history and current entanglements His loyalty to his country challenged and his identity in uestion Sinister forces unleashed internationally It reads like startling headlinesYou won't find uestionable behavior or language in this book The book is written to a Christian audience but by doing so loses none of its excitement and power All audiences will enjoy this book mature teens young adults men or women Christian or non believer The storyline is enthrallingAuthor Trailer wwwDianeAndDavidMunsoncomTwo Ex Feds News Wrap Blog wwwDianeAndDavidMunsoncomblogAuthor FaceBook PagePublisher Micah House Media LCC Grand Rapids MichISBN 978 0 9835590 0 9I received a complimentary copy of The Joshua Covenant from the authors Diane and David Munson I was not reuired to post a positive review

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    Diane has been an attorney for twenty eight years She serves as an Assistant US Attorney in Washington DC in the US Department of Justice where she argued cases before juries and judgesDavid Munson had a dangerous career for twenty seven years as a Special Agent first with the Naval Investigative Service now NCIS and concluding with the Drug Enforcement Administration As an undercover agent he infiltrated international drug smuggling organizationsThe Munsons call their stories factional novels Their books weave the thrills of back alley deals and major courtroom drama into suspense novels According to the Christian Fiction Review their writing is a cross between Clancy and Grisham In The Joshua Covenant Bo Rider a CIA agent moves his family to Israel so he can serve in America’s Embassy There he discovers a menacing plot and soon realizes his career and his safety are seriously threatened While his family explores Israel jet fighters zoom overhead A huge explosion and fireball erupt in the sky The Middle East conflict has come dangerously close to threatening their lives The story is believable in every detail The twisted plot spills one disaster after another keeping the reader guessing about the true villains Family life and dialog carry a ring of truth Bo his wife Julia and their children thirteen year old Glenna and eleven year old Gregg reel you into their challenges as Americans in Israel For lovers of the NCIS type of drama this should be a riveting read

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    Are your favorite movies and TV shows military themed or do you enjoy reading spy novels? If so then you might enjoy reading The Joshua Covenant published by Micah House Media and written by David and Diane Munson David is a former NCIS agent and Diane is a former Federal ProsecutorThe Joshua Covenant centers around the life of CIA agent Bo Rider and his uest to stop a dangerous and powerful mole Not only is Bo’s life at stake but the lives of those he cares about As he races to stop the mole Bo must face a myriad of obstacles both internal and external including a secret from his past Though the Munsons have written other books about Bo Rider readers could pick this book up and follow it without having read the others The authors did a good job of making the story seem believable If you’d like to watch the book trailer please visit Please note that I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my review However I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinion expressed here is my own

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    If you like compelling suspense that seems to arise directly from what is happening in the world today read The Joshua CovenantYou’ll find CIA agent Bo Rider entangled with Iran Hamas and others who are determined to obliterate Israel and do significant damage to the United States and its citizensWhen Bo and his wife Julia move to Israel with their children they are look forward to immersing themselves in history culture and the sights as Bo does routine work for the US But then evidence of a mole burrowing around in the agency and a modern day Goliath emergeWill Bo and other agents survive the physical and personal attacks?Author David Munson was a career Federal Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Naval Investigative Service now NCIS often on undercover assignments Co author Diane Munson has been an attorney for 28 years and is a former Federal Prosecutor and official with the US Department of Justice in Washington DCI enjoyed this book

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    While the plot sounds interesting enough albeit a bit intricate the authors — who are a former federal prosecutor and NCIS agent — would have done better if they would have employed a ghostwriter to communicate their thoughts in novel form “The Joshua Covenant” gets boring and monotonous after 100 pages as you begin to feel like you are reading a government report about an incident The plot lacks character and scene development While true spy lovers may enjoy the dry writing style it is boring for the average person who is looking for a spy thrillerRead my full review at wwwcrazybookreviewscom

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    Full throttle suspense and action but this time we get to learn about each of the characters whom we met in previous books The characterization enriches the story which is in and of itself enough to not put the book down The significance of the Jewish heritage and the current political intrigue in the area enlighten the reader through historical and current happenings The experience of the authors validates the actions thoughts and feelings of each of the characters Another great read by the Munsons

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    It was like reading a Christian version of NCIS

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