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[PDF / Epub] ✓ The Inquisitors Key ★ Jefferson Bass – ASIN B0068M2K5M moved to latest edition as per guidelinesFrom New York Times bestselling author Jefferson Bass comes the richest and most captivating Body Farm novel yet in which Dr Bill Brockton enco ASIN BMKM moved to latest edition as per guidelinesFrom New York Times bestselling author Jefferson Bass comes the richest and most captivating Body Farm novel yet in which Dr Bill Brockton encounters a religious mystery The Inquisitors PDF \ that takes him to Avignon France.The Inquisitors Key


The Inquisitors Key PDF É The Inquisitors  PDF \
  • Kindle Edition
  • The Inquisitors Key
  • Jefferson Bass
  • English
  • 10 January 2016

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    This is my least favorite book in the usually good Body Farm series by Jefferson Bass The plot is similar to both The Da Vinci Code and even to Kathy Reichs' superior Cross Bones in that the central mystery involves a skeleton that may or may not be the bones of Jesus Christ and the lengths to which some religious followers both the Catholic Church and a fundamentalist preacher feature here will go to ascertain the truth The biggest fault I found with the story is that it's boring The chapters shift between past and present and to be honest the chapters set in the past during the infamous Inuisition weren't all that interesting to me Dr Bill Brockton the protagonist of the other Body Farm novels is summoned to France by his research assistant Miranda Lovelady who is working on an archaeological dig where the bones are discovered There is some noteworthy information about the Shroud of Turin which is also a plot point in this book but overall the book didn't resonate with me

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    It's been a long time since I've read a Body Farm I've had this one on my to read list for a mighty long time So with the Madonna and the Corpse and The Inuisitor's Key I've really enjoyed reading these This was a second read of Madonna but new with the Inuisitor Good stuffFeaturing the Tennessee bone expert after 2011’s The Bone Yard an awkward blend of a conspiratorial religious thriller and a forensic procedural Dr Bill Brockton drops his work on a dead undercover DEA agent to rush to France after hearing that his assistant and budding love interest Miranda Lovelady is about to be operated on To his surprise and to the detriment of some plausibility he learns on arrival that the message was a hoax to bring him to Europe to tackle the mother of all forensic anthropological exams—determining whether a skeleton is in fact that of Jesus Christ himself While Brockton’s exam and his related analysis of the evidence concerning the provenance of the Shroud of Turin fascinate a mélange of assassination attempts and hostage taking distracts from the science Bass is the writing team of Dr Bill Bass a forensic anthropologist and journalist Jon Jefferson Agent Giles Anderson Anderson Literary Agency Recommend if you like this type of reading I've read most of the Body Farm Books I'd really like to go and have a tour and see what it's all about Enjoy

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    I may be the only person giving one star to this most recent Jefferson Bass offering The book ostensibly is about an ossuary containing the bones of Jesus but it deteriorates into a kind of Da Vinci Code replete with subplots and nefarious Bad Guys Also too many coy Aren't we cute? kind of anti religious specifically anti Catholic wise cracks in the formulaic dialoguesWith fewer than 100 pages to go and not giving a hoot in Hell if Miranda is rescued or not or if Stefan murder is solved or whose bones they really were I slammed the book shut and returned it to the Public Library where I know there is a waiting list of Jefferson Bass fansThe book might even be a New York Times Best Seller but tripe is still tripe which in my book is unfortunate for tripe is one my favorite organ meats

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    Fascinating and great fun I'm talking about the research and writing of it yes I wrote it Medieval mystery meets modern murder; think DaVinci Code Bones and Girl with a Pearl Earring The cast of medieval characters includes Petrarch his unreuited love Laura the Italian painters Giotto and Simone Martini and an Inuisitor turned Pope Now that it's finished I miss them already I hope others find it as fascinating fun to read as I found it to write

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    The Inuisitor's Key by Jefferson BassI've readlistened to several in the body farm series and enjoyed them very much I enjoyed them for their uniueness and for the excellent story telling uality This book was a big disappointment I started listening to it on Cd narrated by the same person as in all the others and nothing caught my attention I couldn't stay focused because there was nothing worth focusing onSorry to say this was a big disappointment for an otherwise wonderfully special series

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    Not interested in the historical religious settings

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    Rating 3 12 Genre MysteryReviewThe Inuisitor’s Key is the seventh novel in the Body Farm series The main character of the series is Dr Bill Brockton renowned forensic anthropologist and founder of the Body Farm at the University of Tennessee If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to read this series you really should consider trying it out If you weren’t aware that this place actually exists they I shall correct your mistaken belief when I say that I’ve actually visited there thanks to the bi annual visit of the Florida Gators to UT for college footballDr Bill is once again asked by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for his help in identifying a body that was left behind after a botched DEA investigation into the Columbian drug trade into the US Southeast Almost immediately he once again finds himself in danger because the operation itself has somehow been compromised Unfortunately this operation causes the death of someone important to Bill and who has been a friend of his for awhileBill then receives a call in regards to the health of his all but important assistant Miranda Lovejoy Miranda is in Avignon France for the summer doing an excavation on a former medieval palace that once was the home to the French Popes After a bit of misdirection and lies about what is happening to Miranda Bill takes off like a bat out of hell to Avignon only to learn that Miranda is fine and that she and her colleague Stefan Beauvoir may have found the discovery of a lifetimeThe book transcends time periods going back to the 14th century 1314 1328 as well as the present time Dr Bill is once again at the center of a major mystery after discovering that the bones that were found in Avignon by Stefan and Miranda may or may not be that of the Christ JesusWith the discovery of the fact that the bones are 2000 years old comes plenty of uestions and the mystery of how they ended in in the former palace in the first placeThis story definitely has a nice historical feel to it The writers delve into the lives of several Catholic Popes especially those like Clement the V and Benedict the VII who were behind the Inuisition and the total destruction of the Knight’s Templar’s during the early 14th century The mystery kept me interested in the story right until the very last page Were the bones actually Christ Jesus and if so how did they end up at the Palace of the Popes? Or were the bones actually that of Jean Eckhart who caught the ire of the White Pope during the Inuisition and was never heard from again? Sorry no spoilage hereThen there is the relationship between Bill and Miranda who have worked together for the past 6 years Again if you haven’t read this series I absolutely encourage you to at least go to the library and borrow this book It seems as though Miranda and Bill are growing closer than ever which is better late than never I want to thank the writer Jon Jefferson for providing me with a signed advanced copy of this novel Jon I appreciate the fact that you thought about me when sharing copies of this bookHardcover 352 pagesExpected publication May 8th 2012 by William Morrow

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    Bass returns with another jam packed book full of intrigue and a pile of historical research While not my favourite of the series the author did invest countless hours into developing a thoroughly entertaining book and was able to balance the ongoing character progression that keeps the series fresh and addictive While moving the setting far outside the setting of the Body Farm Bass successfully keeps the reader interested Presenting both historical and scientific facts and fallacy? in such a way to simplify yet not dumb down the needed information a reader from any academic background should be able to grasp this story which appears to have influences from numerous other bestselling authors see below With great twists unexpected turns and delightful banter the book solidifies why Jefferson Bass is top in his their field both as writer and forensic anthropologistAs mentioned above the book was not my favourite but it does delve into some great detail I must say spoiler alert the one sentence summary of what happened to the crazed isotope killer from Bones of Betrayal Book 4 is a little weak I could see a great underlying ongoing storyline and the rest is for the most part uite well done I noticed some great resemblances to some other great authors Bass’ historical narrative chapters remind me a lot of Raymond Khoury and his Templar series which makes sense since parts of these chapters are solely Templar related I also noticed a strong Alison WeirPhilippa GregoryCarolly Erickson narrative in the latter historical chapters as they relate to ladies of the court and their secret love affairs see the same site using the names of the aforementioned authors Lastly and perhaps most thorough and detailed in parallel authorship the Christian read Catholic poking of holes in what is sacred is right out of a Dan Brown Robert Langdon novel Truly classic but explained in many forms art science history All thoroughly used and perhaps simply a coincidence but woven together the story comes alive with their use I suppose I am used to the Bass mystery where the body gives the clues to the killer and the chase is on to get himher before it is too lateNice loose tie in with Madonna and Child which on the surface does not look like it really has anything to do with the series That said well worth the invested time to put some of the characters in their place and fill out this storyKudos Messers Jefferson and Bass I eagerly anticipate the next novel and its release

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    Excellent ReadThis book brings the Bone Detective Dr Bill Brockton across the globe He is involved in a controversial uest to determine whether the bones in France belong to none other than Jesus Christ himself You would think that there would be a major conflict of religious organizations here but the characters are well balanced and used very effectively I love this new addition to The Body Farm Novels I know you will too Don't miss this great book it is a MUST read

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    Another Body Farm mystery and it is the most complicated one yet This one finds Dr B suddenly summoned to Avignon by his young assistant Miranda who has been taken to hospital for an emergency appendectomy When a frightened and disheveled Dr B arrives it's only to find the whole thing is a ruse set up to keep Miranda and her French colleague's amazing find a secret They need his help to determine whether or not the bones they've discovered in the walls of the Palace of the Popes could possibly be what would be the most remarkable find of this or any other centuryThus begins a fast paced mystery set in a beautiful and secretive medieval city with a cast of characters whose side you can never uite pin down Bones murder betrayal slide between past and present united by fanaticism and greed in a search for the ultimate truth

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