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❰PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Tangled Tides Author Karen Amanda Hooper – E17streets4all.co.uk Yara Jones doesn’t believe in sea monsters—until she becomes oneWhen a hurricane hits her island home and she wakes up with fins Yara finds herself tangled up in an underwater world of mysterious Yara Jones doesn’t believe in sea monsters—until she becomes oneWhen a hurricane hits her island home and she wakes up with fins Yara finds herself tangled up in an underwater world of mysterious merfolk and secretive selkies Both sides believe Yara can save them by fulfilling a broken promise and opening the sealed gateway to their realm but they are battling over how it should be done The selkies want to take her life The merfolk want something far preciousTreygan the stormy eyed merman who turned Yara mer will stop at nothing and sacrifice everything to protect his people—until he falls for Yara The tides turn as Yara fights to save herself hundreds of sea creatures and the merman who has her heart She could lose her soul in the process—or she might open the gateway to a love that’s deeper than the oceansYoung Adult fans of Mermaids Selkies Sirens and Gorgons will love this tale of the sacrifice one makes for genuine love Love that could be lost at any moment to the ever changing tides.Tangled Tides

Author of YA supernatural and fantasy Magic and love are the heart and soul of all my storiesTANGLED TIDES DANGEROUS DEPTHS THE KINDRILY seriesVIRTUAL ARCANA series I was born and bred in Balti frolicked and froze in Colorado for a couple of years and Im currently sunning and splashing around Florida with my spoiled rescue dog Im addicted to coffee chocolate and complicated hap.

Tangled Tides MOBI ò Kindle Edition
  • Kindle Edition
  • 314 pages
  • Tangled Tides
  • Karen Amanda Hooper
  • English
  • 09 June 2016

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    I'm very biased UPDATE 101413 Due to Rhemalda Publishing going out of business TANGLED TIDES has been republished by Starry Sky Publishing TT has received a facelift on the interior artwork and I made some minor changes to the story Yara's bratty comments have been toned down a bit thanks to readers and reviewers for the constructive feedback and some of Rownan's slang has been cut because well I followed some bad advice but I never loved some of his language I hope readers enjoy the updated version I will be forever grateful to Rhemalda for giving me my start as an author and believing in TANGLED TIDES They will always hold a special place in my heart

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    Giraffe meBird bookDon't be lured by the pretty cover trust meI'm frankly baffled by the high ratings for this book Yara the main character is whiny and insufferably immature Treygan and Rownan are eually unlikeable though Treygan has a little depth There is very little build up to when Yara becomes a mermaid which happens around page 6 and from there all she does is whine moan and worry about what her boyfriend would think of her being a freak ie mermaid There is no story development and whatever revelations there are Yara meets each of them with whining The story does get incrementally interesting past the 100 page mark but really no book should take that long to become bearable Plus does anyone else think that people should stop kidding themselves and call C weed just weed I gave it a good shot but I couldn't get through it 1 star and even that is being generous

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    This book had no build up You are just dropped in the middle of it and left to flounder pun intendedIt starts out promising with the main character preparing for a storm to hit when she is approached by a guyand from then on its downhillI had the impression her transformation would happen later in the book but she just meets a strange guy and in the next paragraph she is a mermaid But she is still 100% snarky and not in a good wayThe main character is annoying and childishconstantly uttering such memorable things as gross or ewww Her boyfriend has no ualms about ogling other girlsredheads are totally his type but its totally okbecause hes loyal to YaraBut he doesnt want to be labeled as her boyfriendAlso hes got an awesome white coatand a goatee But the main character assures the reader that Rownan is attractive in a million waysThe goatee and the fur coat just scream attractive cool ness rolls eyesAnother character smokes c weed Get it Sound it out Also a seagarette at first I thought it was a typoBut it wasntThe characters are paperthin and sometimes the dialogue between is harder to decipher than the Rosetta stoneIf you have made it your goal to read every mermaid book there is then go ahead but I cant recommend this book I think the author needs alot experience in world construction and plotting and credible charactersAnd to end it on a positive note It did have an interesting book cover

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    25 starsI've been trying not to be a cover snob lately Thank you thank you No applause necessarySo even though at first glance the orgasmic rainbow mermaid on the cover looked a tad cheesy I didn't let that discourage me I'm feel like I've grown as a personIn retrospect however I should have seen it coming Now this wasn't an awful book but it does go kind of overboard no pun intended with the fantastical elements of the storyYou know those books where the author keeps heaping and magical powers onto the main character Like it wasn't enough that they were a werewolfvampire hybrid so they also find out that their great grandmother was a demonwitch and now they have those powers too And then they do a favor a Greek god and that ends up garnering them with a few extra powers on top of everything elseYeah That's this book but with mystical sea creaturesI waffled between 25 and 3 stars for a while because it wasn't that bad but it wasn't something I couldn't wait to get back to either Not having any trouble picking a book back up is kind of my passfail test for 3 stars Sorry but this one failed I had to give myself that mental it's not SO bad talk than once It did get better but it was still too much of a struggle to pass my 3 star testParts of this are really good and you can tell the author has one hell of an imagination so I'd definitely be wiling to give her stuff another try in the future Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book in return for an honest reviewThis review and other cool stuff can also be found at

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    Tangled Tides was one of my most anticipated books this year and I am so glad it did not disappoint From the opening chapter the book jumps right into the action Yara becomes a mermaid early on and a whole new magical world beneath the sea is unveiledThe mythology of this book was rich refreshing and a much needed break from all the vampires werewolves and fallen angels None of those here but instead there are mermaids selkies sirens and gorgons even a water sprite or two and learning the back stories and rules for each species as well as watching how the different species interact with each other was one of the things most interesting to me about the book And another thing it’s difficult to choose which creature I liked the most I loved them allThe characters were also uniue and fully fleshed out You’ll cheer for Yara our heroine the girls will swoon over Treygan and Pango will make you laugh I loved each one of these uniuely amazing charactersAnd the surprises Filled with secrets these characters are part of a feud that has lasted for eighteen years and the complex web of lies and secrets that each character is a part of unravels as the novel progresses You’ll probably gasp a time or twoI know I didSo definitely read Tangled Tides especially if you’re a fan of warring supernatural creatures but you’re tired of the vampires and the werewolves But also give it a try if you’re looking for a great story filled with romance adventure and shocking twists

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    Holy rusted metal Batman what a wonderful story Karen Amanda Hooper you are well on your way to writing some fabulous books Congratulations on an epic first novelShort SummaryThe story begins with Yara our main character trying to batten down the hatches at her Uncle's home in order to survive a nasty hurricane While trying to board a window Yara bumps into a rather attractive stranger who offers his help The strangers claims he can take Yara somewhere safe and she agrees to go with him The next morning Yara finds herself not only with the ability to see and breathe underwater but with her legs transformed into a golden finThroughout the rest of the novel Yara learns the followinga Creatures like mermaids selkies and sirens actually exist They are from a mystical realm called Rathe and for the past 18 years they have been trapped in our world desperately wanting to get back home Yara is the key to their returnb Her life has practically been all one big lie and everyone she thought she knew are not who they seemc The mysterious stranger she met is named Treygan and all her life he has been her guardian her protector And he will continue to protect her until she is to complete the task that has been bestowed upon her since before her birthd How can she fulfill her task when it would reuire her to be taken away from the one person she is learning to truly trust and love than anyone else in her lifeFantastic isn't it Let's review I will now share with you the many reasons why I will judge you so much if you choose not to read this book1 The story is uniue and refreshing When I first discovered this book a few months ago I was immediately hooked Why you ask Because it's about mermaids I love me a good mermaid story Unfortunately the concept of 'mermaids' is a subject that most tread water aroundMost authors are addicted to werewolves vampires and fallen angels OH MY It was so nice to escape from all the cliched hullabalooza and read something new Mermaids are such fun beautiful creatures and it was a blast to spend a day in their world2 The story is soooo emotional Good heavens this book had me near tears so many times it's ridiculous You really feel for Yara and the hard decision she has to make Does she choose to be selfless and never see her family or the man she loves again so others who haven't seen their loved ones in 18 years can return home Or does she choose to be selfish and hang on to the new found love she has discovered Tough decision While reading you connect so well with Yara and Treygan and you just feel awful for them Obviously neither one of them chose to fall for one another and they tried so hard to prevent it But sometimes these things just happen What do you do when you've found the one person you're supposed to spend the rest of your life with and life throws a curve ball and says you can't be together Insert knife into gut and twist3 Treygan I bow down at Karen's feet for the creation of this fabulous 'mer' man I love it when an author is brave enough to create a male lead who is passionate and not afraid to show emotion Most authors in my opinion think that in order to make the male lead seem tough and strong he has to act like a brick all the time Ya I don't know about you but I find it rather hard to emotionally connect to a piece of concreteThrough his actions we know that Treygan is a very tough and strong character but he's also very passionate loving and romantic ; Towards the end of the story when the plot thickens and it gets really dramatic and emotional your heart just breaks with his Love This Man Fish4 The world I love the world that Karen has come up with It's so refreshing to read a YA novel that doesn't take place in high schoolthe world was beautiful mysterious and magical All the creatures in the book were fun and interesting to read about as well This book isn't just about mermaids it's so much 5 The writing style I absolutely love Karen's writing style She's not the type of writer that will write pointless scenes that are easy to skim over and then info dump all the important stuff right in your face later on in the book While you read Karen will leave little tidbits of information here and there that you have to store in your brain and remember because you know it will be important later on She does a fabulous job of providing the information you need while still having the story progress smoothly This was a great benefit for me because I have a horrible habit of skimming books This forced me to just sit my tooch down and read every word and I'm so gladNow as fabulous as this book was I'm afraid there were a few things that bothered me At times Yara's mind set or her way of thinking didn't make sense to me Allow me to explainWhen Yara wakes up after the hurricane and she learns she has become a mermaid I feel there was no shock moment or freaking out period Of course initially she thinks it's all a dream but when she learns it's real she immediately just becomes angry at the people who changed her For crying out loud girl friend you just learned that mermaids exist and that you are one of them And all you can do is throw a tantrum like a little child I myself would be on the verge of passing out if I learned I'd been changed into a fish This is not like you've just walked out into a parking lot and found out someone just egged your car for heck sakes You Are A Mermaid Freak out a littleAnother thing that bothered me was the fact that Yara never asked the uestion 'why' When she's changed into a mermaid she demands to be returned to her home Treygan informs her she can go back and visit for a while but then she has to come back While visiting with her uncle Treygan who came with is constantly telling Yara they have to return and that there is so much she needs to learn and do Yara never once asks the uestion 'why' Why do I have to go with you Why have I been changed into a mermaid Why do I have to learn so much stuff Why don't you just leave me alone scary fish man It's like the moment she was changed she just accepted what happened to her Sure she's kicking and screaming the entire time but she just accepts it Doesn't make sense to me Brace yourself readers Yara is a bit of a brat at the beginning of the story but she eventually changes her attitude significantlyAnother thing that didn't sit right with me was the concept of smoking 'sea' weed You're eyes just blew wide open didn't they Come back down to earth and let me explain Because all these creatures are trapped in the human world their bodies are malnourished and they have to take in a special kind of weed that gives their bodies energy and nourishment in order to survive How do they take in this special weed grown at the bottom of the oceanthey smoke itThis was a very strange concept to me While reading the book I kept asking myself out of all the possibilities the author could have come up with why did she decide to have the characters 'smoke' this weed It didn't bother me horribly bad because of the way the author explained it These creatures have to do this for their health If they don't they die I understand that concept but it took a while to get used to Ever since I was born my parents have taught me that smoking drugs and abusing alcohol is extremely dangerous for your health and it's best to just stay away from it all So it was very strange for me to be reading along and then all of a sudden have the character whip out a 'seagarette' clever I know and just be ok with it In all honest though the whole smoking thing wasn't that profound in the story so it's nothing to get over dramatic about Just be preparedTangled Tides was just such a fabulous book It sucked me right in and my heart sunk when I finished the book I'm sooooo looking forward to the seuel Hopefully there will be one Enjoy and happy reading

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    I had to drop this My mom read it but she reads pretty much anything and didn't suggest than an It was okay when asked how the book wasI however did not inherit her tolerance for literature and absolutely loathed this book I like mermaids And faeries And all those cute paranormal species that don't get enough attention in favor of shape shifters and vampires But I did not like Tangled Tides Why 1 The main character She's annoying and whiny2 The main character's boyfriend Not at all attractive from the description which I could have ignored but he smokes Gross3 This book introduces drug culture of seagarettes and c weed which is smoked through a joint a joint to mermenmaids and selkies4 Annoying characters The seductive whiny siren The brooding merman who wants to save his people The annoying boyfriend who sounds completely manipulative The main character supposedly in love with said annoying boyfriendI just can't read this I'd rather drink salt water

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    I will never say that I am an expert on all things mythical Yes I have been acuainted with many a being –centaurs fairies dragons unicorns griffins etc but I cannot recall a time I ever read a story about a mermaid Because of this I was eager to pick up Hooper’s “Tangled Tides” it would be something new and exciting plus I’m always a sucker for a pretty cover I mean seriously look at that coverThe novel opens with the protagonist Yara yanking wooden panels covered in carvings of mythical sea dwelling beings from her Uncle’s walls to place over windows to prepare for a hurricane As she does this a mysterious stranger appears hypnotizes her and lures her into the sea where she wakes as a mermaid some indiscernible time later Angry afraid and confused Yara finds herself in the middle of a make believe world made real a world her boyfriend Rownan warned her to steer clear of She soon learns that her kidnapper a powerful merman named Treygan and his people were not the only beings that wanted her and his actions could very well have saved her life and the lives of all of the merpeople The characters are people I would never want to meet in real life Yara Rownan and Treygan all had egos that were out of this world and whiny self centered attitudes that made them very unattractive The novel alternates between each of these character’s viewpoints and though it saddens me to say it the I read from them the less I liked them I found Yara in particular irritated me to no end I would imagine that if I were to wake a mermaid tomorrow I would completely freak and lose my mind most likely dry drowning that’s how you kill a mermaid right the jerk that kidnapped and transformed me without my permission Yara was concerned about what her boyfriend would think which cheapened her in my mind What about what you think Yara Who cares about how he will feel how do you feel Why don’t you try to turn back human because you want to be human again There was no sense of self preservation within her everything revolved around Rownan a selkie that did not even love her and later on in the book Treygan who even entertained thoughts of hurting herThis brings me to another problem I had with this book the entire mermaidman physiology Again I’m no expert in this region at all but I found large parts of the story severely lacking in explanations Why walk on two legs all of the time if you’re supposed to live in water How exactly did seagarettes and c weed drug references that I did not miss and did not appreciate keep the selkies and merpeople alive How are merpeople born How can Yara see underwater human eyes aren’t designed to see clearly underwater How did the merpeople change colors Where were all of the merpeople’s you knowjunk What would be the point of building an entire mertown on dry landSo many uestions and not many if any were answeredAs many minuses as “Tangled Tides” had for me I will not say that I did not enjoy some aspects of the book The entire back story with Medusa and the Gorgons Poseidon and Sirens was enough to hold me through the 328 pages alone Sure I will admit some of it was a bit cheesy flamboyant and at times bizarre but it made for a refreshing read in YA The plot has incredible potential but the writing does not uite give it the boost it needs to reach it If anything it is the world building that really saved the book I love how to mertown is described especially I’m not one to give away important plot points so I’ll sum this up in the best way I know howPlot Interesting and refreshing if a bit scattered in places and sometimes cheesy and over the topCharacters Selfish absent minded nonsensical whiny flat and overall unlikeable Not characters you would want to come across again in a series unless they’ve been broken down and re written entirely Writing Amateurish and juvenile Some places it was beautiful but not often enough to override the ugly places I will go ahead and say the first 80 pages are a chore to get through I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone older than 16 yet no one younger than 13 there are naked merpeople mentioned a time or two I’m not sure where that is on the scale of inappropriate but it definitely made me uncomfortable for the mere fact that I could imagine itWhen the water settles all that's left is a pretty spun sugar confection airy as a bowl of cotton candy and similarly devoid of substance While the plot of the story improves slightly throughout Tangled Tides after a sucky incoherent mess of a start the 2 dimensional and rather unlikeable characters and wooden dialogue remain eually uninspiredOverall I give Tangled Tides 2 stars I would really love to have given it 3 but I feel with a bit of polishing Hooper can write a really fantastic book that will blow my socks off I’ll be sure to keep my eye out for it Please excuse any grammatical andor any punctuation errors you may have come across in this review

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    Please note I first read and reviewed this book in November of 2011 from a copy provided by Rhemalda Publishing in exchange for an honest review Updating this review to add that disclaimer and formattingMy Synopsis The day before Yara’s 18th birthday her guardian – who she calls Uncle Lloyd – has gone to the mainland from the Florida Keys to have kidney dialysis and a hurricane is blowing up While she struggles to cover the windows a stranger appears offering to help her He says his name is Treygan and somehow he makes her feel safe and warm He offers to take her someplace safe if that is her wish and she makes the wish The next thing she knows she’s waking up a mermaid What has happened to her How can she go back to the way things were And most importantly – why has all this happened right nowMy Thoughts Releasing 112511 from Rhemalda “ Tangled Tides” is a wonderfully fun YA paranormal fantasy with strong elements of romance While it makes use of the typical triad and oodles of problems getting along between the romantic leads it all fits in the story and makes sense – unlike many where there is no particular reason I found it uite refreshing and enjoyable for the plot to be so well developed Also there are a lot of great suspense elements and plot twists and turns – while I caught a few of the hints far enough ahead of guess what was coming there were many I didn’t This story will definitely keep you guessing Merfolk aren’t the only paranormals to make an appearance either – there are sirens gorgons selkies sprites it’s a wonderfully diverse cast I can say that this is a book I would definitely recommend to people who enjoy romance fantasy paranormal and magical reality stories – don’t miss it – available 112511

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    Loved it Incredibly uniue

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