Transforming Fate Into Destiny A New Dialogue with Your Soul

✾ [EPUB] ✶ Transforming Fate Into Destiny A New Dialogue with Your Soul By Robert Ohotto ❦ – In this penetrating book renowned intuitive speaker and teacher Robert Ohotto guides us on an investigation of the Heroic Journey of the Soul Exploring three modern day manifestations of Fate he shows In this penetrating book renowned Into Destiny Kindle Ñ intuitive speaker and teacher Robert Ohotto guides us on an investigation of the Heroic Journey of the Soul Exploring three Transforming Fate MOBI :ò modern day manifestations of Fate he shows how psychic energy from family patterns cultural influences generational legacy and global evolution inform our self concept every day Fate Into Destiny PDF/EPUB ¼ and how they often block our highest potential and “Fate” us to challenging circumstances and relationships But he reveals these Fated encounters are actually the keys Fate Into Destiny A New PDF/EPUB or to our unlived life Each chapter maps our psyche and unravels the mysterious connections of Fate Free Will and Destiny transforming our Fate into Destiny and our limitations into giftsThrough this seminal work based on years of experience discover how we’ve made two fundamental agreements with the Universe as part of our Heroic Journey—one with Fate and the other with Destiny As we learn to dance with these two forces they become two voices challenging and beckoning us to discover our ultimate purpose—the primary task of the modern day Hero and Heroine; and in the process serve to unleash the power of our Soul in delivering grace to Fate Into Destiny A New PDF/EPUB or the world.Transforming Fate Into Destiny A New Dialogue with Your Soul


Transforming Fate Into Destiny A New Dialogue with Your
  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Transforming Fate Into Destiny A New Dialogue with Your Soul
  • Robert Ohotto
  • English
  • 27 October 2014
  • 9781401911553

10 thoughts on “Transforming Fate Into Destiny A New Dialogue with Your Soul

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    I have read many a self helpspirituality book over the last 20 years Some resonated with me many did not In this instance I connected with Transforming Fate Into Destiny from the first page through the last The message contained within is transformative I also appreciated how well this book was structured and written It clearly and concisely provides you with the effective tools to achieve what the title states transforming your fate into your destiny To understand what that really means and why it matters well you have to read the bookMr Ohotto has written a tremendously enlightening book that has changed my life for the better It is without uestion one of the best and most useful books in the Spirituality genre that I have had the good fortune to read I highly recommend it as a tool to help your soul along with its spiritual journey Namasté

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    Honestly I don't like to give negative reviews and I thought about just leaving this one blank But I'm tracking my books here mostly as notes to myself about my reading habit which I'm working on strengthening this yearSo if I read any details about this book I might've known that it wasn't about astrology which is what I wanted Ohotto's videos are insightful and deep and I was looking for of this Instead this book goes into his own spin on 'fate' and 'destiny' The fact that Caroline Myss endorses him is a big deal to me but he doesn't offer anything compelling or inspiring that I haven't already seenheardread The best part of the book was about redesigning a prayer from 'ego' to 'soul'and I think Myss has or is about to publish a book on this subject which I'd be inclined to exploreI gave it 2 stars instead of 1 because I value the fact that he actually wrote a book good for him I'd love to see something from Ohotto about astrology and hope that's next in his destiny

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    In Transforming Fate Into Desitny author and professional intuitive Robert Ohotto gives us a guide for creating our destiny by learning to work within the boundaries of mortal fate and by releasing victim mentality allowing us to move forward with the creation of destiny finding our life's purpose what we hoped to accomplish when we chose to incarnate on earthWe've all heard the old adage Fate is the cards you're dealt; destiny is how you play them Mr Ohotto explains that we choose our situations on Earth We come to Earth to experience and live within earthly paradoxes such as joysorrow successdisappointment lossvictory and to create providing growth that enables the soul to enhance its luminosity This is how the soul comes to know itselfSo what is the soul anyway? It is the very essence of our being our immortal higher self that comes to earth to experience and create We incarnate with others who are seeking similar creative experiences They most often appear in our lives as those close to us such as family friends and even adversaries who provide growth through conflict The most challenging people and circumstances we encounter may serve a higher purpose an opportunity for our soul to grow and raise its vibration Mr Ohotto emphasizes acceptance crucial in the fulfillment of destiny and asks us to sit with the idea that our souls have chosen the situations that we are born into He explains this cosmic contract is decided before we incarnate which we do to challenge ourselves to live our life's purposeMr Ohotto explains how to encourage acceptance by detailing the difference between fate and free will soul esteem versus self esteem and defines what he calls inner authority Our souls crave authenticity and we cannot be fulfilled until we find what we are meant to do our destiny We cannot be other than whom we are born to be and as long as we desperately try to fulfill cultural spells that which our culture tells us we need to succeed our souls will not be able to bring forth our highest potential We need to find our authentic selves to succeed This is achieved when we begin to shift from a need for outer approval and validation from our culture families and peers to a soul esteem that comes from within When we do this we will begin to discover our authentic self a discovery that is a life long processThe concept of fate and free will raises uestions about the Law of Attraction Mr Ohotto explains this is the creation of our own grace our vibrational energy attracting like energy as a result of what we focus on think about and believe Thoughts are powerful energy Mr Ohotto sees thoughts as the creative power of the soul He explains how the law cannot be used to fulfill the desires of the ego Rather it provides for the manifestation of our greatest potential but the law is also bound by fate and destiny It is bound by the divinely designed events necessary for the growth of our souls Here Mr Ohotto's definition of the Law of Attraction differs from others' views which he feels see the idea of manifestation through the western misinterpretation of abundance Instead he tells us to co create our own reality through the inner response to the events in our lives by adopting an attitude of gratitude that allows us to see the guidance grace and meaning in every situation We alone are responsible for the way we choose to see each challenge The Law of Attraction is intended to enhance our purpose and cosmic contract not negate itMr Ohotto goes on to discuss the power of surrender the alignment of the ego with the soul and the vehicle of prayer in achieving surrender Surrender doesn't mean relinuishing our personal power Rather he explains it is releasing the ego our inner victim giving the soul the freedom to choose that which is for our highest good The ego is that part of our mind that senses when something in life is unfair and seeks vengeance and justice for perceived wrongs done to us When we let it go we are trusting the soul to guide us toward our destiny to have authority in the choices we make Prayer can help bring us to this point Prayer opens a dialogue with the divine and the soul or higher self a way of focusing on something other than the messages from the outer world where our ego seeks validation Prayer allows heaven to intervene We can let the soul take it from thereMr Ohotto offers good advice on how to achieve acceptance of ourselves and discusses other important concepts such as our views on aging and death structure of the ego creative obstacles versus fated redirections and the collective unconscious Still as much as I liked this book I must point out that it is not an easy read and I have but touched on a few of Mr Ohotto's teachings here The book is very intense I found myself rereading sentences and paragraphs to absorb the lessons imparted The lessons are well worth learning but reuire effort In fact looking inward to this degree of honesty and accountability can be downright difficult A lot of information comes at you very uickly There is not a single wasted word in this book I think of this book as the third in a trilogy about the journey of our souls that I have read recently the other two being Your Soul's Plan Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born and Journey of Souls Case Studies of Life Between Lives both of which I would highly recommend These books are not related I am making the connection in my own mind only Each covers some of the same ground yet each is also very uniue This is definitely the difficult read but well worth the effortMr Ohotto leaves us with the comforting thought Death is not the end but a transition to a greater consciousness that of the soul

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    I enjoyed reading Ohotto's personal journey into the discovery of fate and destiny He has a really uniue view point as an astrologist It's filled with wisdom and the decisions about our individual purpose and destiny I could re read this book again He is a thought leader who studied with medical intuitive Caroline Myss Education Institute in Chicago I did not really use any of his astrological readings but this book was really interesting because it delves deep into the difference between our fate ego and our destiny soul Mostly about overcoming limiting beliefs of fate and ego and allowing ourselves some creative new energy to enliven our souls in any age Although it's challenging to follow his soulful ideas 100% he does have a point Sometimes we do have to through our ego's fears out to the wind and follow our soul and heart to guide us forward

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    I borrowed this book from Beth At first the concepts seem too intangible for me but as I read on it was very helpful in understanding where I am now how I got there and that things will happen when they are supposed to happen Easy to read writing and very positive and uplifting in my opinion Good read

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    It is an explanation of the difference between fate what you are born with and destiny how you play the cards A topic that could be really dullRobert has turned into a great read Just enough humor to keep it from getting too heavy but doesn't become fluff

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    An amazing book particularly in light of the many dances we are all experiencing as lightworkers Things are shifting and this book helps explain how we can claim our destiny Loved it and our spiritual circle really engaged with it in our discussions

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    Really liked his book Reminds me of Thomas Moore's wise counsel in Care of the Soul listen to your soul instead of your ego for passionate satisfying life

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    Loaned from the library Good definitions to soul spirit ego etc But difficult to enjoy

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    Ohotto gives us a tidy package right smack on Fate and Destiny as the title promises It is written in impressively accessible articulate language You'll find no abstruse paragraphs à la the admittedly lovely Dao De Jing for example He aims for and hits practicality without neglecting abstract foundationsThis book holds center in the polarization between the two arguments to purely follow your passion vs purely develop with discipline where you are now like Cal Newport argues The former too often is stricken with entitlement and the latter too often is stripped of joy I think Ohotto's take on things can hold both these truths simultaneously It's the hub around which these spokes can revolve resolving the apparent conflict and holding the elevated space which makes harmonious paradox possibleOhotto's treatment of prayer is spot on and I think would especially appeal to someone who finds the rote prayers one grew up with somehow lacking This book reminds me that prayer is not to make the universe my errand boy to fetch me what I desire Rather prayer helps me bridge the gap between me and Cosmic Law in a personal way despite the impersonal nature of Cosmic Law BeautifulAn excerptpg 195 When you engage the tool of prayer you don't ask for the mountain to be taken away because the act of climbing it is building something in you that will be crucial for the next phase of the journey Instead you pray for help up the mountain and then accept however assistance shows up Every prayer is answered without exception but you must employ acute awareness in perceiving the response Realize that you may simply be told to make the most of this difficult circumstance and keep on livin’

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