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❰Download❯ ➽ Angel Evolution Author David Estes – Angel Evolution the first book in the young adult fantasy trilogy The Evolution Trilogy When Taylor meets Gabriel at college she is in awe of the subtle glow that surrounds him No one else not even he Angel Evolution the first book in the young adult fantasy trilogy The Evolution Trilogy When Taylor meets Gabriel at college she is in awe of the subtle glow that surrounds him No one else not even her best friend seems to notice Something about him scares her Is all as it appears While Taylor struggles for answers she finds herself in the middle of a century old war centered on one miraculous revelation evolution.Angel Evolution

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  • 10 March 2016

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    I received this book to review for the ReadItReap program in the ShutUpRead group Thanks to the mods and the author for providing this book for us to read Angel Evolution is book that kicks off The Evolution Trilogy I feel this was a fantastic start to this young adult fantasy seriesThis book sucks you in from the first chapter and will constantly keep you engaged There is nothing predictable about this book either so you will always be on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next I liked that the main character Taylor was a college student and the whole college setting was a nice change from the typical High School atmosphere Taylor was a great heroine to read about and follow on her journey At first I didn't really like Gabriel too much because he seemed a little bit weird or creepy but by the end I started to like him One thing that I didn't like about this book though was that were at least two characters that I can think of that were introduced in this story and they just disappeared without explanation I don't know if this was the author's intent and if he just brings them back in the other books or whatever but this is something that always gets on my nerves when it happensWhen you read the synopsis you may be worried that this will be the same good vs evilangel vs demon story that has been done to death but this story is actually pretty original This was a fast paced uick read that's exciting and will leave you wanting to start the next part in the series45 stars Recommend to all fantasy lovers

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    I liked this book particularly because it seems pretty original It's a story about Angels and Demons but they have special powers so they're pretty coolI like that the book was written about a girl in college because most YA books are written about characters in high school so it was nice to get something different Taylor and Sam are fun energetic girls and I liked reading their stories Sometimes I think Taylor needed to ask uestions but overall I liked her Gab was fun to read about because he seems to have a lot of internal struggling happening Chris was my favorite character We get enough of him to be interested but not enough which keeps him interestingI liked that we knew what everyone was thinking at the same time I didn't like it It was great because we got to see the story from so many different angles but at the same time it seemed like a chapter would be about someone particular but then we would get a sentence or two about what a different character was thinking I might not have been following the POVs right but it confused me sometimes Although I liked the story something seemed missing to me and I can't tell what it was Maybe there was too much foreshadowing? I'm not sure I think maybe subtle foreshadowing would have been better Something I would have needed to figure out instead of being told That makes the books exciting for me But I do like that we were kept in the dark sometimes Because we could really get into anyones head in this story it was nice to not know everything that was going onThe two different battle sides were REALLY interesting to experience because we don't have or I've never seen anything like those in our world It made me want to be in one of those places just to see everything that was happeningI have a couple uestions but there is another book so I'll wait and see if they are hopefully answered Looking forward to reading book two

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    Okay Let’s start by explaining the star ratings I couldn’t give Angel Evolution four stars along with some books I love to death but three stars doesn’t feel like enough to me so I would say you ignore the stars and just read the review I tend to be contradicting sometimes Who cares? Just read it Wink Angel Evolution has a pretty different take on angels and demons from what I’m used to And before you narrow your eyes at me let me just tell you that different isn’t always bad As a matter of fact different is most of the time good Like TaylorTaylor Kingston is set of on her first year of college along with her best friend Samantha into her life of independence Taylor is pretty uniue both inside and out She’s strong minded a little obsessed over being in control and doesn’t see herself very clearly She has a black snake with red eyes tattoo on one shoulder wears uite a few rings and is in desperate need to find a flour leafed cloverSo what happens when a stranger –yet very good looking guy with a strange light around himself at that –walks up to her roams the grass for a second and hands her a four leafed clover? She tears it apart Destroys it Pulls out leaf by leaf You get the picture See what I mean when I tell you she’s uniue?But now that you’ve seen this good looking guy with a light around himself I have to make introductions Meet Gabriel Knight aka an Angel So Gabriel is an angel and he’s on a mission Find the world’s strongest weapon seduce her –yes her –and bring her in to help the angels destroy all demons roaming the earth A piece of cake right? At least seducing her is It’s not like he really did have to try what girl wouldn’t fall for a good looking guy with amazing eyes who’s a complete gentleman And who just happens to have wings behind his back and can fly you around campus so you can sneak out together to secret places and make out? Who indeed Taylor didn’t stand a chance and neither did IOh but don’t fool yourself I never said he was good And here lays the problem Is he good or is he not? What if I compare him to our next guest Christopher a demon? A demon who actually seems to be good unlike Gabriel Where do we stand now? Well I’m going to tell you a secret First I thought Gabriel was good and then I thought he was bad Then I thought he was good again and then bad And in the end well you’ll have to read to find out Wink I will tell you this though I am one happy girl or sort of Angel Evolution is pretty original take on angels and demons full of new superpowers and interesting tales It has its own epic battle and warriors in shinny armors It has love and friendship betrayal and lies and it will leave you wanting to know Now it’s when I sit straighter and narrow my eyes at David the author and say Why did you leave it like that? It’s not fair And now I pout for extra effectSo yes in case you’re wondering we are left with a bit of a cliffhanger or maybe not a bit like a huge cliffhanger to me This leads me to say that I’m looking forward to reading the next books in this trilogy and David Estes’ other works Angel Evolution is a good start and debut novel it sets of an intriguing first glimpse into a tale you won’t want to miss

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    I get a little nervous when I get books from authors for review Sometimes they aren't that great Boy was I pleasantly surprised with this one I didn't just like itI Loved it and I can't wait until I get to read the seuel Why I loved it you ask?I was pretty much hooked after the first chapter The writing flowed throughout the book The characters were described in such a hilarious way it really grabbed my attention from the beginning Oh and then Gabriel showed up and uh yah HOT The great thing about the first part of the book is that I couldn't figure out if I was suppose to trust Gabriel or if he really was deceiving me ahem oh I meant if he really was deceiving Taylor Does Gabriel really have feelings for Taylor or is he just using her to get ahead? Are the demons or the angels the bad guys? This book had me wondering the whole time I didn't guess the next move before the author revealed the truth which was very refreshing and kept me reading This book was definitely a different take on angel vs demons and the world that Estes created had me entranced

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    Taylor is off to her first year of college where she meets Gabriel Gabriel is a mystery to Taylor from the very first time she sets eyes on him and she's immediately drawn to him and his mysteriousness Gabriel is not what he seems though and Taylor ultimately has to decide if she can trust him or notI love the characters Taylor and Samantha had such contrasting characters but despite that or maybe because of that they were best friends Gabriel and Christopher thought they were completely different as different as angels and demons but in fact they were actually trying to achieve the same goal Throughout the book I never uite knew how to feel about Gabriel His and Taylor's entire relationship was based on lies and he told her so many lies that toward the end of the book he was not even sure what was a lie and what was the truth any He seemed to be at war with himself about what he wanted and what he thought he should wantI guarantee this book will keep you guessing to the end Throughout the story you never know who you are supposed to be trusting I love the different play on the angelsdemons and am definitely going to be reading the next two books in the trilogyInterview with author David EstesShut Up Read Blog

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    AsdfghjklI am literally lost for words at the momentAngel Evolution Higlight of my dayThis is David Estes' first novel and I think he did a pretty good jobSo the main character is Taylor She has a strong and complicated sense of character who believes she has to be in control Her best friend the gorgeous Samantha also known as Sam has known Taylor for uite a long timeThen theres Gabriel He's an angel brainwashed into thinking angels are superior to humans and all they need to defeat the demons is TaylorExcept Chris refuses to let the angels take her Chris is a demon view spoilerwho happens to fall in love with Sam hide spoiler

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    I was very lucky to get a copy of this book for review from author David Estes and right from the start the book cover hit all the right spots for me I adore the blue book cover with its pair of wings on the cover actually I adore all the book covers for this series I think they complement each novel and the story that they are trying to portray as well As for the book author David Estes makes Angel Evolution original and doesn't follow the whole angel's are good and demons are bad cliché There is also no talk about religion or God during this book as well Which surprised me a lot cause most books that have angel and demon themes also include some talk about religion or God somewhere during the book Not Angel Evolution instead David Estes makes the Angels actually the bad guy for wanting to destroy mankind and the Demons the good guys cause they want to co exist and protect humans instead So as you can tell Angel Evolution had me hooked line and sinker just after a few chapters I did find a flaw or 2 but really every great book has them don't they and I think every reader sees different flaws in each book My flaw that I noticed and had to comment on was about the releaships bettwen character's I really thought they moved way too fast it felt like they were instant couples The main character's Taylor and Gabriel meet and within a few chapters were dating author David Estes also does this to the other main character Christopher aka Chris with Taylor's best friend and room mate Sam I can see why David Estes wanted to get these couples together uickly cause it kept up with the story line But I would of still rather the character's have time to get to know each other So I happily give Angel Evolution a 5 star review It was original exciting the writing flowed easily and the suspense had you guessing who to believe to the very end I'm looking forward to reading the seuel Demon Evolution as soon as I can get myself a copy Will you be adding Angel Evolution by David Estes to your reading list or have you all ready had the pleasure of reading it? If so Let's talk

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    What I likedI really liked the author’s idea of combining evolution with angels demons mythology however the issue of the snake that started it all needs further delving in Maybe it will be touched upon in the seuelsOf course the superiority complex that all angels seemed to be a prey of and to what lengths they’d go to keep it that way was another interesting bit both the angel and the demon did NOT fall in love with the heroine very refreshing in a YA novel What I didn’t like the treatment of Gargoyles if I’m correct they’re the result of unions between two angels or two demons which makes them their offspringssub intelligent but still their kids Why are they treated like animals by both sides? And not only are the supes okay with that so were the humans?Taylor took a lot of things too calmly and she switches between hating and loving Gabe a little too much too easilyThis is a fast paced YA novel with a uniue spin on angeldemon myth I liked it a lotAlso reviewed atPBD BlogShelfariSmashwordsBN

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    AGH I just finished the book and was about to start screaming about the ending Then I checked and saw that the second book was already out and was like thank goodness I am glad I don't have to wait to find out the next part of the story Angel Evolution is really different from the other angel and demon stories out there This story has no basis on religion at all The angels and demons come from a different source which I found to be fascinating Taylor is a pretty cool character She has excellent instinct which she later ignores to her detriment She has dreams about a black snake and two guys that come to her after the snake captures her Eventually she meets both guys – but which one is the one that killed her in her dream? Which one can she trust? One is an angel and the other a demonThankfully this book doesn’t have a love triangle Taylor is in love with Gabriel Despite the author’s attempt to make you like Gabriel I don’t He is a LIAR A big fat Liar with a capital L He lies all the time Maybe in book two I might like him better but for now I think he is a jerk Sam is Taylor’s best friend and I love her enthusiasm and loyalty She begins dating Christopher who is an awesome guy Somehow all four of these characters are mixed up in this big mess You will need to read to figure out how You will need to read to figure out which of the guys is the angel and which is the demon I don’t want to give too much of the plot awayI enjoyed Angel Evolution The writing was good and the characters well developed I’m looking forward to seeing how Taylor Gabriel Sam and Christopher’s stories end

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    I acuired this book from the author to review it I did not pay for the book although the author may wish I did after I finish reviewing it If I were a 13 year old girl who liked to fight over who was hotter Edward or the other guy the werewolf I might have really liked this book The central theme centered around a oh whoa is me angst ridden 19 year old girl whose life was not complete until the otherworldly boy who saw that something special in her brought out her inner hotnessI thought when I would write this I might address the conflict of good versus evil shown in different lights through the use of the evil angels and the good demons but then I just realized how bored i was through the entire bookThe dialog was stilted and unbelievable After shown a complete setting of armor that fit her perfectly the main character's response was Cool I just found the entire book to be a chore to slog through As bad as Twilight was it at least had a central story line that I cared aboutIn the first paragraph I stated if i were a 13 year old girl I am not I am a 45 year old man who occasionally mixes in a light YA book so anyone reading this review should consider the source before making a decision on this book It may very well be a book that a 13 year old girl would like it just wasn't for me

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