Red The Circle The Graphic Novel #2

[Ebook] ➣ Red The Circle The Graphic Novel #2 By Ted Dekker – The stakes of the mind bending story spun in Black are raised to a new level in Red In one world Thomas Hunter must lead a small highly trained force of 30000 against an unstoppable army of a million The stakes of the mind Circle The Epub â bending story spun in Black are raised to a new level in Red In one Red The PDF/EPUB ² world Thomas Hunter must lead a small highly trained force of against an unstoppable army of a million warriors In The Circle The PDF/EPUB ê the other he will face an evil beyond the scope of imagination.Red The Circle The Graphic Novel #2

Ted Dekker is known for Circle The Epub â novels that combine adrenaline laced stories with unexpected plot twists unforgettable characters and incredible confrontations Red The PDF/EPUB ² between good and evil Ted lives in Austin with his wife LeeAnn and their four children.

Red The Circle The Graphic Novel #2 PDF/EPUB ë Circle
  • Paperback
  • 132 pages
  • Red The Circle The Graphic Novel #2
  • Ted Dekker
  • English
  • 19 July 2016
  • 9780979590016

10 thoughts on “Red The Circle The Graphic Novel #2

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    Wonderful story impressive artwork great dialogue fabulous action seuencesbut a bit too much sultriness

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    The story continues with Thomas Hunter who is trying his best to save two separate worlds from collapse I loved this graphic novel It was clear and to the point and uite fast paced so it keeps you wanting to read The artwork was awesome too I find myself becoming a big fan of graphic novels This one is one of my faves definitely Five out of Five stars

  3. says:

    I preferred this instalment to the previous graphic novel but that being said I wasn't expecting much going in I felt as though there was less jumping around to disrupt the rhythm than what I saw in Black but at the same time important parts seemed to pop out of nowhere unfortunately destroying their drama This disappointed me because there were a lot of scenes in the original novel that I had enjoyed that seemed cut short or just glossed over Again I felt that artistic freedom could have been liberal with this one given the nature of the story plus the fact that it was originally written in omniscient third person without defined chapter breaks would've made for some interesting opportunitiesI rounded this up due to the fact that I do honestly feel as though this is an improvement over the first graphic novel but I am still disappointed

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    More intriguing than the first and also overtly Biblical Parallels between Justin and Jesus and evident early on but Decker writes with enough skepticism to reflect what was probably an accurate representation of the opinions of the early disciples The connective thread between Rachelle and Moniue was a great addition This shows a positive growth for me and makes me interested in reading the next book than I anticipated being

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    The first one was good but a bit cheesy This one was better I’m really excited to start the final one Please note if you haven’t read these novels — they are out of this world Read them they are way better than the graphic novels

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    The story continues The allegory gets stonger

  7. says:

    If you're living in two worlds and helping them both What happens if you die in one of them? This is something that Thomas Hunter doesn't intend to find out anytime soon Thomas is a busy man what with saving the histories from a fatal airborne virus that will wipe out most of Earth's population in basically 3 weeks And leading Elyon's men in a war against the betrayal forged by the Horde in the fantasy world which is Earth in an alternate dimission The man never gets a free moment to just spend with his wife and kids or with his sister and that's what makes this story what it is which is an action packed graphic fantasy that every one will love In our world the histories France is coming into power as the most powerful country in the world by making all other countries surrender their weapon arsenals to them in exchange for the promise of an antivirus to cure the virus which has not yet even been created On the other Earth Thomas is leading his army against the evil ScabsHorde and needs a way to destroy cliffs He learns to create black powder gunpowder and amazes everyone But that's not enough Alot of people has started worshipping Justin and turning their back on Elyon's beliefs of The Great Romance Will this lead to betrayal? Can Thomas return in time to keep Justin from being killed after learning his secret? What is Justin's secret and what does he have in store for Thomas and his people? This volume ends with the death of Thomas in the histories How will this event affect each reality?

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    For fifteen years Thomas Hunter has eaten the rhambutan fruit and for fifteen year he had not awakened on earth His army is fighting a war against the Horde There are too many to defeat Thomas’ only plan is to dream and find out how to make explosives on earth so that his army might win against the Horde Thomas wakes up to discover not a day has passed on earth He and his sister are still trying to stop the outbreak of the Raison Strain Thomas bounces between worlds again trying to be a hero in both He works with the United States government to try to prevent the end of the world on earth and when he sleeps he is trying to save the forest dwellers from an eually devastating crisis with the Horde In graphic novel form the story moves really fast It’s an action packed story anyway but if you’ve read the novel you might feel like lots of stuff is missing I also felt like there was a mistake in there when Thomas was shot on earth he awoke fine then a few pages later Rachelle was shocked that he wasn’t hurt Something was off there However my seven year old son loved this one as much as the first Beautiful illustrations The allegory of Jesus is strong in this book It was fun to talk about that with my son Once I brought it up he started noticing things too Then the other day he had chapped lips and told me that must be what the Scabs had felt like

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    So this is the second in the Trilogy series The first book was intriguingThe story of Thomas Hunter a man who who lives in two separate worlds and travels from one to the other by way of his dreams every time he sleeps he wakes in the other world What connects both worlds besides Hunter is the fact that both worlds are in peril and only he has the power to save them I went into the second thinking that I was in store for the same thing but sad to say I was not I don't know why I didn't see the similarities from the beginning but it turns out that this is the story of Jesus in graphic novel form So picture the story of Jesus' adult years and add a diseased people and a few sword fights and that's what this novel is Of course I have to finish the third to see what happens but I do it reluctantly

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    I guess I just don't understand or empathize enough with Christian theology to really connect with this book and its characters Most of the motivations seemed too predetermined is a bad word to use but I can't think of anything better especially when most of the book seems to insist that free will is important It does seem that free will is only important when you make the choice you are supposed to though which is too much like fate and destiny and God stepping in to be free will to meSame amount of language and sexual content as far as I remember; these are 16 and 17 year old books than young teen but still young adult generally fits for me There is a bit violence with leading armies and fighting terrorists

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