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❴Reading❵ ➷ Head Over Heels Author Rain Mitchell – E17streets4all.co.uk Five unforgettable women One beloved yoga studio A million tales to tell Lee is a caring yoga teacher who changes lives and inspires friendships But a year after the breakup of her marriage she's stru Five unforgettable women One beloved yoga studio A million tales to tell Lee is a caring yoga teacher who changes lives and inspires friendships But a year after the breakup of her marriage she's struggling to raise her twins and make ends meet at her small studio in LA's trendy Silver Lake The California yoga scene is dominated by celebrity teachers with agents publicists and other trappings Lee has rejected When she's offered a teaching stint at a high profile yoga festival at Lake Tahoe she has to choose between standing by Head Over eBook ô her principles and those of the man she's just started dating and the lure of becoming a star It would be an easier choice if her four best friends could join her but each has problems of her own Katherine a masseuse with a troubled past is being evicted from the only real home she's ever had Graciela a dancer is in New York trying to hide her affair with a famous baseball player from her volatile boyfriendImani is a TV actress coping with motherhood as she's struggling to make a comeback in filmStephanie a screenwriter is trying to come to terms with a very unexpected relationship Head Over Heels explores the burgeoning world of commercialized yoga with the warmth humor and insider knowledge that won Rain Mitchell's Tales from the Yoga Studio raves from critics and yogis and made the book an international success.Head Over Heels


Head Over Heels PDF/EPUB ☆ Head Over  eBook ô
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Head Over Heels
  • Rain Mitchell
  • English
  • 02 July 2016
  • 9780452297265

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    I felt like I was reconnecting with old friends as I read Head Over Heels I love yoga which is why I was drawn to Tales from the Yoga Studio and I look forward to the third and final installment of this seriesThis is a light and easy read but it's a page turner It's hard to not read it straight throughOne of the things I find notable is that two of the male romantic interests seem to be perfect the husband of Imani and the boyfriend of Katherine Where are these real life men? I guess in a book like this the character development is on the women not the menI won't spoil the plot for those who haven't read the book but I'm so glad that Graciela is finally going to be able to move on with her lifeOne of the storylines is that there's a yoga and music festival in the Sierras Could that be Wanderlust? Who might be the real life versions of Kyra?For some reason this book seemed light and fun than the first one It's been a while since I read the first one so I'm not sure why Maybe it's because Lee is free from her obnoxious ex husband so the black cloud of Alan isn't as dominant as it was in the first book Maybe it's because all of the women seem to be in a better place professionally and personally If there is a drawback to the series it's that each woman has to have a significant other in her life Why can't at least one character be happy where she is without a significant other? Life is like this relationships come and go Sometimes good relationships last a while and end without drama because the relationship no longer fits the two people involvedOne of the things I like about this series is the focus on female friendship where the women are different but share an appreciation for yoga However they really are friends I like that there are women in it who are older and younger and the older women nurture the younger ones Strong female friendships where they aren't all the same raceagedemographic etc makes for much interesting charactersIt will be fun to see what happens in the third and final installment I'd love to see a movie made out of this trilogy or a TV series Recently I learned that Rain Mitchell is a pseudonym for the writer Stephen McCauley Hmmmstill not sure what to think about this series being written by a man However I do think I'll have to look into his other booksOne thingI like yoga and it's very interesting to see the big business of yoga being commented on in this book and the first one The yoga blogs and mainstream media such as The New York Times have been buzzing this year with all kinds of good fodder should the author decide to be inspired by real life Truth IS stranger than fiction for those who have been keeping up with the yoga world this year

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    I think I got sucked into this yogaLit series because I love yoga and I like the characters I was hoping the author would move a little deeper into the interactions between the main characters but she continues to skim the surface Will I read the third book? Yes I willhope springs eternalFinally the author is a male using a pseudonym I am always suspicious of that

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    Is it wrong that I love this lite and fluffy version of Stephen McCauley the author behind the pseudonym Rain Mitchell almost as much as I love it when he writes under his own name? I might even try yoga as a result of this pair of yoga themed novels and that is something I never thought I'd say

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    Why I read this one I can't imagine since I disliked the first in the series so much I did think that it was a little bit better than the first; there is less about the dysfunctional men and about the women making better choices Still it isn't a book I'd recommend

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    A fun readI fell in love with the characters the crazy southern California backdrop and the spot on yoga references It's definitely chic lit but fun

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    This continues the journey of women that we met in Tales from the Yoga Studio Maybe this was a tiny bit better than the first book but it's still shallow and the women don't develop They just do stuff or stuff happens to them I guess the author planned to continue with the series but just never did because I found the ending abrupt and unsatisfactory for many of the storylines This series really doesn't reuire much from the reader but it doesn't give much in return either

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    I liked this but after reading realized that I read the second in the series which is maybe why I felt like I was missing something It's a 'cotton candy' read about a group of women they're friends though interact sporadically who all do yoga in LA One odd thing I would guess that the author doesn't live in LA The way they describe people just blithely going to and fro the city is slightly comical eg very few people who live in Silver Lake would go all the way to Santa Monica for a yoga class it could easily be an hour each way

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    Head Over Heels by Rain Mitchell was a light and relaxing book I go to the gym a lot and participate in a yoga inspired class called PiYo I love this class and the feeling I get when the session is over The characters were believable although I feel like there were several characters that were underdeveloped I loved the dialogue Lee had with her mom on the phone I’m looking forward to reading the next book in this series

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    uick read As a yogi I liked this book I have not read the first one as I didn't realise it was a series but no problem you can still readit and it made sense I read it in a day uick and easy readand I want to see what happens to the characters next Hopefully there is a book 3?

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    I like this two book series It's fun Rain Mitchell is a pseudonym for Stephen McCauley McCauley does a great job of writing from a female perspective Was a bit disappointed in the end because there was a loose end that was not tied up

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