❮EPUB❯ ✿ Immolation ✺ Author Sam Reese – Lydia Allison Cantrell appears to live an idyllic life She is the daughter of the richest man in the small town of Sherman’s March and has access to everything money can buy But there is something w Lydia Allison Cantrell appears to live an idyllic life She is the daughter of the richest man in the small town of Sherman’s March and has access to everything money can buy But there is something wrong in the Cantrell household; an evil dwells within that goes against the laws of God and Nature What’s Lydia has just learned that she is pyrokinetic and the Voice in her head is pushing her towards a vengeance of biblical proportions.Immolation


Immolation ePUB ò Ebook
  • ebook
  • 164 pages
  • Immolation
  • Sam Reese
  • English
  • 08 February 2016

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    Immolation is an intense book It is not for the faint of heart The protagonists are teenagers but this is no young adult novel The language and plot themes are way too strong for young readers though unfortunately this book touches on topics that many young people endure on a daily basis Bullying self mutilation incest domestic abuse drug addiction Immolation will certainly make the reader suirm at times but these elements are not rolled out merely for shock value Sam Reese paints a very real portrait of conflicted teenage angst and trauma along with a heaping helping of horror and violenceThe story of Lydia's terror and triumph is indeed horrifying but this isn't just another Carrie clone The real life horror that Lydia goes through is actually frightening than the supernatural elements that come into play in the second half of the book Sam Reese's prose is uite vivid as well though it can be a bit uneven At times his language is elouent and verbose then suddenly will become casual and even blog ish A lofty tone or a personal and intimate style would have made the book flow smoothly but this is just a small gripe Immolation was gripping from start to finish and you don't have to be a persecuted self loathing goth to enjoy it Highly recommended

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    In his debut novel IMMOLATION Sam Reese tackles some pretty taboo subjects child rape and incest and it is a credit to his ability as a writer that he handles them so well He chooses to tell this heartbreaking story within the horror genre couching the real life terror of his protagonist's life within realm of the supernatural Lydia is the daughter of the town's most prominent citizen Her life is ideal until her tenth birthday when something unleashes the monster that has always lived suppressed within her father The result is a nightmarish existence for the young girl Ashamed guilt ridden and frightened she retreats from her friends and from the world she once so innocently embracedAdd into the mix inherited pyrokinetic abilities and an ancient curse and you have the makings of a real page turner that also conveys a strong message of love and compassionI won't say anything about the plot as I don't want to spoil the unveiling for the reader However Mr Reese does leave the door slightly ajar that end so maybe we will see a continuation of this absorbing tale in the future Highly recommended for adult fans of horror or for those who genuinely enjoy a good read

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    This was an enjoyable and well written story from an up and coming writer I expect there is a lot to come The story revolves around Lydia who at 13 is experiencing both neglect and abuse at home Due to a 150 year old curse on the female members of the family she develops the power to control fire which she uses to seek revenge upon her tormentors I must be honest and say that although enjoyable this book is at times over written with slightly odd similes that detract from the flow of the story 4 stars because I couldn't give 35 In my opinion which is probably worth nothing Sam Reese will give you better in the future but you should still read this

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