Fatal Induction

❰EPUB❯ ✰ Fatal Induction Author Bernadette Pajer – E17streets4all.co.uk Seattle 1901 The race to win an electrical competition incites Professor of Electrical Engineering Benjamin Bradshaw’s obsession for invention in the second entry to this exciting historical series Seattle The race to win an electrical competition incites Professor of Electrical Engineering Benjamin Bradshaw’s obsession for invention in the second entry to this exciting historical series The contest winner’s telephonic system will deliver music from the Seattle Grand Theater to homes throughout the city and Bradshaw is confident he can winBefore he can enter the contest Bradshaw discovers what is thought to be a gypsy wagon suddenly abandoned behind his house What happened to the father and child who lived in this cart Then President McKinley is assassinated casting Bradshaw and the entire nation into shock However Bradshaw is captivated by a crime closer to home the peddler’s child may have witnessed a murder He follows the girl’s trail plunging into a seedy underworld of bars and brothels   Frustrated by the police department’s apathy and caught between power struggles he doesn’t know whom to trust Each step of his investigation entangles him deeper in crime and corruption until he realizes that to save the child he must transform his contest entry into a trap to catch a killer   Bradshaw’s electrical forensic and investigative skills combined with a keen understanding of human nature bring the Seattle police—and murder—to his doorstep during the social and scientific turmoil of the early twentieth century.Fatal Induction

Bernadette Pajer spent her childhood in Seattle surrounded by the beautiful Cascade and Olympic mountains and Puget Sound She holds a degree from the University of Washington Bothell where she studied CLA Cultural Literature and the Arts in the Interdisciplinary Arts and Science program Research is her favorite activity and she happily delves into Seattle's past and the early days of ele.

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  • Hardcover
  • 250 pages
  • Fatal Induction
  • Bernadette Pajer
  • English
  • 10 April 2015
  • 9781590586129

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    I had bought this second in the series before I started the first Turns out I was not such a fan of book one but I believe writers improve and there were some things I liked about the first in the series So I plowed ahead Well same rating because I just can't whip up the enthusiasm for 4 stars I like the setting enough I like the main charactersenough clearly the author has done her research and I applaud that and it's also the only thing that approaches 4 5 stars The plot of this one is slightly better There is a missing child who witnessed a murder so the pacing in this one is better But overall these just miss the mark for me The plot is too loose the side elements main character's love interest to ignored All in all it just felt like the author was writing a book because she had done all this great research and not because she had a great idea for a mystery or a character

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    This was fun It was a Netgalley selection so to them I give thanks As I've said before I never know uite what I'm getting with Netgalley books so it's a happy thing to find something this good This is the second book in its series but was fine to read on its own; enough information was skillfully provided about what went before that I'm only slightly spoiled for the first book and I definitely want to read it Score one The hero of the series Professor Ben Bradshaw is almost a typical absent minded professor He is obviously brilliant but not socially adroit; he lives in 1904 Seattle with his eight year old son and their housekeeper Mrs Pouty a tartar if there ever was one she cares about her charges and won't hesitate to prove it by verbally beating them about the head and shoulders On the outskirts of their household is Missouri the bluestocking niece of an old friend for whom Ben helplessly carries a very bright torch which for various reasons not all of which are entirely clear to me he tries very hard to extinguish Into a momentarily placid existence wanders one morning a horse discovered in the passageway behind the house hitched to a patent medicine seller's wagon and eating the beans from Mrs Pouty's garden When hours pass without anyone coming to claim the wagon and when Ben investigating discovers a doll and a young girl's clothing among the possessions still in the wagon he sees to it that the police enter the picture; a missing child is not something Ben is going to leave lie Add to his growing obsession with the vanished girl's welfare stories that begin to circulate about the patent medicine sold from this wagon being poisonous bringing illness and blindness and perhaps even death and Ben finds he's been dropped into a hornet's nest One aspect of Ben's situation which makes him very much an atypical professor – and indeed an uncommon fictional character – is that one of the things Mrs Pouty is trying to guard him from is his own alarming tendency to work himself to the point that he blacks out – and it isn't simply a loss of consciousness Whether this is something that would happen to anyone who allowed himself to become so engrossed in a project in an occasion of great pressure that he went without food and sleep or whether it's something ominous and physical diabetes perhaps? or ominous and mental some psychological result of the major stresses that he encountered in the first book which left psychic scars there is no way to know but it is an unexpected ingredient thrown into the mix which takes the story on unexpected tangents The integration of the time and place and events of the day into the story is beautifully done The first book of the series involved Ben in a struggle to stop an assassination attempt on President McKinley something made uite poignant by the shooting of the president early on in this book The burgeoning science of the day is exciting it must have been wonderful to be alive a hundred years ago as miraculous things began to happen through technology and life began to change at a speed that had to be dizzying This is the era of HG Wells the end of that of Jules Verne – a time when anything absolutely anything seemed possible I wish that feeling could be recaptured now We're all so jaded This is an organic story by which I mean that while it is distinctly and well plotted with a clear story arc it is also written as part of the main character's biography The character of the city comes through in the course of the story rather than relying on chunks of description to remind you it's set in 1904 Seattle Pajer works 1904 Seattle into her storytelling until the landscape is seamlessly integrated into the characters' actions and reactions This would be a very different book if it was set in Sheboygan or Manhattan Also what happens to Ben in the course of the story will it seems affect later books as the events of the first one continue to reverberate here This isn't always something that happens in series and the grounding in a solid alternate reality is a good sign I enjoyed the children which is apparently something that isn't easy to pull off given the sheer number of horribly written children I've read I uickly became surprisingly fond of Ben and all of his family circle I like this setting I like this cast of characters I like this concept – from this example I like this series Long may it continue

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    Mystery science gypsies and the assassination of President McKinley all play major roles in this novel Benjamin Bradshaw is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and is currently involved in an electrical competition The contest winner's telephonic system will deliver music from the Seattle Grand theatre to homes throughout the city The reader can only imagine what this would mean to people sitting at home and able to hear music from the theaterBradshaw is sidetracked a bit when he finds a gypsy peddler cart abandoned behind his home The cart advertises Ralph's Redeeming Restorative the Romany Remedy that Really Works The inside of the cart revealed a little girl's doll Bradshaw brings the doll in the house where he lives with his housekeeper Mrs Prouty and his son Jason who is in the third grade Mrs Prouty is indignant because the horse attached to the wagon has been busy in her garden Bradshaw is upset because he feels that the missing little girl may have witnessed a murderThe city is in shock over the death of President McKinley The police department many of whom are corrupt could care less about a missing gypsy and the little girl who owns the doll Bradshaw decides that he is going to locate the child and goes to great lengths to search for her putting himself in danger At last he devises a scheme that will set a trap that he hopes will catch the killerThis is the second book in the Professor Bradshaw series It is not necessaray to read A Spark of Death the first book in order to enjoy Fatal Induction

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    Once again I have begun a series out of order In this instance the second Professor Bradshaw tale depends very little on knowing what happened in the first mostly because the high points are recapped periodically Set in 1901 Seattle the story involves historical events nationally and locally I expect the setting is better appreciated by denizens of the Emerald City The author captures the blended rural and urban nature of the city very well Electricity and all the wondrous gadgets associated with it play a large part as this is the Professor's specialty There is a mysterious disappearance the discovery of a dead man a missing child gold prospectors a cross dresser drug smugglers and a chase by trainI enjoyed reading the novel for the setting the historical consistency the scienceengineering involved the wealth of detail and the plot The characters were for the most part flat and the writing fair to average and heavy handed at times in staying true to the historical period I look forward to reading another of Professor Bradshaw's adventures

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    I am in love with the way the Author intertwines real history into a very readable fiction story The Bradshaw mysteries are fast becoming a favorite set Cannot wait until I get #3 I am not sure I want the love interest to blossom but if it does I will be okay with it The Science is once again a major part of the story and I feel it was done in just the right amount to not overwhelm the plot Great read

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    Historical mystery set in 1901 Seattle Benjamin Bradshaw is a electrical engineering professor who investigates the death of a peddlar of a tonic that may have caused one young woman to go blind To make the situation worse the peddlar's young daughter is missing It took a while to get through the book but I will continue reading the series

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    I enjoyed reading this book The story was good and I like the characters Hope there is another in the series

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    The mix of murder mystery and science kept my interest and curiosity

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    45 stars

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