[Reading] ➼ Scales ➲ Acacia Awai – Vivian Blue has always been a little different But she had no idea how different until Hatch Lancaster Dragonkind's bad boy enters her life on a secret mission Within a short time Hatch is her boss he Vivian Blue has always been a little different But she had no idea how different until Hatch Lancaster Dragonkind's bad boy enters her life on a secret mission Within a short time Hatch is her boss her friend and a man who haunts her heart and her dreams Everything Blue has known and believed turns out to be a lie.Scales


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  • Scales
  • Acacia Awai
  • 13 April 2015

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    Full Review book set up a very interesting society and I was pulling for Blue and Hatch but the writing left much to be desired At times choppy I often felt as confused as Hatch was about what was going on and I still had too many unanswered uestions at the end of the book However I liked all the characters and the world that was built The concept of what dragon scales are and each character's individual magic was uite fun I would love to see Hatch and Blue get their HEA rather than the ubrupt ending that was left I assume a seuel is in the works and would be pleased to read one

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    I actually listened to the audio book version of this which is unlike me I enjoyed the ideas here especially around dragon's interactions with people Maybe listening to the book didn't help but I could never picture them in my head Where do their wings come from? What do they look like? All that good stuffEually I could never wrap my head around the romance that flowed between Hatch and Blue I expected a fantasy book exploring the nature of an alternate dragon universe not a sit com Yet another ualm I have with this is how disparate the events seemed When Blue for example became invisible and then visible again there was no relevance Ben Durkin played almost no role whatsoever and the little orange and yellow bird which to me seemed important And let's not forget Kimo I'm pretty sure he knew than he was letting onHaving said that I would be than willing to forgive these little blemishes if this wasn't a stand alone book but rather a series like promised on the author page Perhaps one day it will be but it certainly wasn't as promised in 2013 so the blemishes stay as they are for nowFinally I didn't like how ideas were picked up and dropped like a fickle child throwing around their favourite toys The only thing that remained constant was the idea of love between Hatch and Blue Even then their arguments never played out and some tension between them bordered on irrelevant where it could have been integral to the book Eually Kyle who I liked as a character has holes Specifically the 'no love lost' he and Hatch had which dissolved with literally nothing said His relationship with Ducky too would I have liked to see developed further as it would have been a uniue contrast to see a mortal and a dragon interacting even though clan tradition and policy said it was impossibleDespite all this though I loved the setting and imagery of Scales and the uniue take on dragons though it confused me in the beginning I really hope another book will come out so I can de confuse myself and move this up from a 3 to a 35 at least in my mind

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    Awai has created an interesting culture in Scales where the humans live in HI and the beings who suddenly populate her life live in another realm Blue's confusion about not fitting in goes back many years but when she discovers the reasons for those feelings life becomes even confusing and much complicated especially when she realizes that even her father has lied to her about her life and her origins She suddenly discovers her life may be in danger and the only ones able to protect her are people she believe existed only in the realm of fantasy novels Suddenly she founds her self facing options that seem impossible to sort out and decisions that seem eually impossible to make Scales is a book that will appeal to fantasy readers of all ages

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    Full review

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    Very disappointed This audiobook lacked development and continuity It would end a crisis then jump to another scene too uickly in my opinion before really resolving what had just happened I checked several times to see if it had skipped a chapter or not completely downloaded all of the audiobook I so liked the characters and the story idea of this book I kept waiting to understand what was really going on Why was Hatch really sent to Maui? Why was Blue such a threat Who is really after Blue or is it even her they are after? Is she really the daughter of Lucas I wondered? It was so impossible that she was conceived and her parents were together so long before she was It made me think that Kyle might really be her brother I thought maybe his father wanted Blue's mother so obsessively that he had used some evil magic trick blackmail or rape and that was how Blue was conceived Was Blue's development of her dragon abilities delayed because she was not exposed to other dragons? I feel like I could fill a book with uestions about this story I only had the audiobook I kept waiting for things to be explained Are the inn owners some kind of dual form being also? The bird made me think so The worst was the cliffhanger ending that had no rhyme or reason or expectation of when or if another book was coming So much potential with so little delivery I'm still hoping that there is a better written seuel coming in the future This story was one I could see being a series that I could really get into if it were tweaked a bit and continued

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    I should have read this sooner I’ve had this book for a while but I kept putting off reading it because I was so busy and also it’s not my preferred genre I’m not much into romances and I’m picky about my fantasysci fialternate reality kind of stories Joss Whedon spoiled me that way I guess—too many writers andor directors don’t live up to my standards any But this book has something uniuely special about it For one thing it’s set in Hawaii and the tropical sensuality of the place really adds a certain aura to the story that is enticing Awai sure knows her home state For another whoever would have thought of Dragons like the ones Awai creates in her Scales series? Especially dragons like Hatch Lancaster Completely unexpected and like nothing you’ve ever read before At times I grew a little impatient with the love story between Hatch and Blue but I blame that on my personal disinterest in romances in general I’m a mysterysuspense gal so if things get too kissy kissy I’m all “Get on with the story already” Awai handles both romance and suspense with a fun and riveting flair that keeps you reading till the end It’s good to know there are two books coming in the series because with an iceberg tip this entertaining you just know you have to see what the whole glacier looks like Ach iceberg metaphors about a book set in Hawaii—what am I thinking?

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    With this tale set in Hawaii Acacia Awai carries us from one mystery to another to yet another as the dragon hero of Hatch Lancaster and human Vivian Blue seek to unscramble the powers that draw them together yet threaten their union Creative suspenseful and often fun this Romeo and Juliet story of enemy dragon camps explores the complex passions of love and hate triggered by crossing forbidden barriers a battle that takes place unseen by the human world that surrounds them As a story that pits individual love against group loyalty SCALES is a read that should appeal to audiences beyond the fantasy that is its center

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    I could barely finish this one The writing was very choppy causing me to freuently lose track of what was going on For a book with out a love scene they certainly talked about why they should or should not have sex a whole lot The ending came so randomly that it was like the book stopped mid paragraph or something This is one of the few series that I don't think I care enough to even find out what happens in the next books

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    I had a good time reading Scales Romance isn’t what I usually read but I found myself pleasantly surprised A fun original fantasy in and out of our world Autumn has my native Sweden firmly in its grip so I enjoyed being transported to sunny Hawaii even though I’m grinding my teeth with envy Acacia knows how to write dialogue and the book was easy to read with a good flow to it So what’s next for Hatch and Blue?

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    I really did like this storyuntil the end Not giving any spoilers but I expected or something I will keep my eyes out for a seuel if there is one This was published 3 years ago so not sure where this story is going to go

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