❮Read❯ ➪ Insight Author Jamie Magee – Before that fateful summer night Willow had balanced the insight of emotion and the vivid images That night the figure in her nightmare marked her wrist with a star giving her father no choice but to Before that fateful summer night Willow had balanced the Insight of emotion and the vivid images That night the figure in her nightmare marked her wrist with a star giving her father no choice but to tell Willow a family secret that would abruptly change life as she knew it forever Before Willow had time to absorb the shock of her father's secret her soul mate that had shared every stunning dream with her found her and darkness captured her closest friends In order to save them she must weave through broken myths and the undeniable power of the Zodiac In the end Willow discovers that at the moment of our birth we are all given a divine gift.Insight

I'm an obsessive daydreamer Lover of loud alternative music I love to laugh until it hurts Fall is my favorite season Black is my favorite 'shade' Strong believer in the saying there is a reason for everything therefore I search for 'marked moments' every moment of everydayand I find them Life is beautiful.

Insight Epub ò Kindle Edition
  • Kindle Edition
  • 318 pages
  • Insight
  • Jamie Magee
  • English
  • 02 May 2014

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    Me Oh thank goodness I've finally finished this bookFriend Was it good? Me It really depends on your definition of the wordgoodFriend Why? What's the book about?Me Well I don't even know where to begin Insight could've been an amazing story The plot was uniue but I felt SUPER bored while I read it There were some structural errors; the characters were poorly portrayed and underdeveloped; and there was a lack of finesse in describing the settings and events in the book I felt like my mind wandered as I read this because of the lack of excitement and emotion It was basically about a girl named Willow who discovered that she and her family had supernatural abilities and could travel from different dimensions by utilizing strings She met Landen literally the boy of her dreams and BOOM they fall in love There were a lot of kissing scenes and I love yous that made me want to throw my laptop away But as all love stories go there's a conflict when the evil Drake tried to separate the lovers and take Willow as his own Willow's and Landen's friends and family tried to help them escape Drake and save the unfortunate friends he had tried to kill They were all strangely supportive of the lovers Everything went smoothly and they arrived at a very happy conclusion I just it was all so very dull I did not feel excited or thrilled My emotion ran through a single plane this emotion was raw boredom I HATED IT SO FREAKING MUCH I WISH I NEVER READ IT But anyway uh do you have any recommendations of what I should read next?Friend

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    Insight is one of those indie pubs whose plot sounds incredibly exciting and fast paced but turns out that there is a reason why it was not published and it’s not because the author is specialI could list off so many of the faults I found in Insight There is obviously the faulty grammar and spelling that is found in any indie but in addition there is a plot that cannot surpass the speed of a sloth and a moronic premise that makes you want to smash your head repeatedly against your kindleThe characters were all so naive and pathetic Everyone even the adults seemed to be clones of Edward and Bella It was just so horrendous reading how they perceived their world and how they acted throughout situations For example would you continue to hang around a guy whom you state repeatedly is obviously creepy and is staring at you like your prey? Then when he goes and assaults you blame your friends for not stopping him fast enough I mean really? Really? This is our pathetic protagonist Hooray party streamers Willow is such a wimpy protagonist The author portrays her as one without faults one who is ready to charge to save her friends one who actually cares about others and a person one can relate to However whenever she is seen acting as a typical protagonist it doesn’t feel real The flatness of her character is remarkable All she truly seems to care about is kissing Landen and being so special whenever someone is not in “danger” Nothing matters not even the creepy guy who is following her and causing everyone around her burdens She just lives her life acting like everything is perfect even though around her people are dying and sufferingThe romance in this novel is just so frustrating Apparently in Insight everyone from one certain planet has a soul mate Once you meet that soul mate you fall in love immediately and start making out Basically that is how love works in Insight I understand that the author stayed true to the concept but this caused all of the emotions in love to feel forced and unrealistic Unlike most stories the true love has to take time to discover I appreciate the build up so much In these scenarios the lovers already know they’re stuck together for life and just make out all of the time In a sense it feels like prostitution Before I go on and rant on I must mention the love interests Yes even a story about true love happening spontaneously has a love triangle Confusing and somewhat ironic yes it is What the heck? I mean the main character hooks up with Landen for pretty much the whole book yet the bad guy is still considered another possibility for a soulmate Really? I mean if you show us all of those kissing scenes and special scenes why would you even include a second guy to be “considered” for love when he’s obviously going to be tossed into the garbage and die It is a useless addition to this already trashy indieI cannot state how much I abhor Insight The characters and plot are just BS Nothing can convince me to even consider recommending or looking at Insight again Let me warn you if you even consider reading Insight be prepared for monotone conversation situations that are ridiculously hilarious that aren’t even supposed to be funny and a cheesy clichéd love triangle that should have been omitted to save much grief from the reader suffering through Willow’s idiotic narration Please I beg you do not ever consider reading Insight Note The grammatical errors made in Insight are too numerous of a number to allow forgiveness for

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    Once again I find myself comparing a YA novel to another YA novel I’ve read recently I don’t do this because I can’t describe it accurately without comparison but because it is too similar not to mention It’s as if one author read the work of the other author and thought “Hey that’s an interesting idea I should write a story like that too and maybe make it better” The only problem here is that the story just ends up being the same with only a few differences here and there The novel to which I am comparing this is Significance by Shelly Crane In both novels there is this strange mystical connection between the main love interest They both fall madly in love practically instantly after first meeting each other and are in physical pain when separated for too long Also in both stories is the appearance of the super villain who comes to the heroine through her dreams My final comparison which is sadly not limited to these two novels is the utter lack of proofreading that went into this project Seriously people would it hurt to have a freaking proofreader So many misspelled words missing punctuation including periods at the end of the sentences and horrible grammar At one point the narrator shares that “My parents Dane and Clarissa had banners” which really confused me because I knew that her parents names were Jason and Grace It should have read “My parents Dane and Clarissa had banners” Come on people these are very basic rules here I might be able to forgive a few of the punctuation errors given that I read this on a Kindle and they tend to change things around a bit but since when does adding an apostrophe make something plural? Answer NEVER Moving on I found the initial description of the string very confusing It’s almost as if it was over explained Despite the thorough explanation I still never got a really good image of it in my head so I felt myself sort of glossing over the references to it in the rest of the book I feel as though a simpler description might have been betterBRIEF SPOILER The concept of traveling between dimensions was interesting but I was literally rolling my eyes at the whole “past lives” part I’m seriously getting tired of that current trend in YA fiction And what's with the sister being their long lost daughter from another life? What the heck? Can you say bizarre?END SPOILERThe name choices bothered me a bit and I see I’m not the only reviewer on Goodreads who thinks so Willow strikes me as a sidekickbest friend character than a heroine or maybe that’s just my memory of Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer coming back to me and Drake is just too obvious and cheesy a name for the villain Also the author apparently couldn't decide if the guy's name is Guardian or Gaurdian She flipped back and forth between the two names once even on the same page one line down from the other that it wasn't clear Aside from the names themselves there were simply too many of them for me to follow I had just barely begun to correctly identify each of her childhood friends when they are ripped out of the storyline and a few dozen new names are thrown at me in rapid succession I kept searching for helpful hints in the writing to remind me who was related to whom and how Then by the time Willow’s friends’ names are mentioned again I’d completely forgotten which one Willow was closest to and which one had a crush on one of the guys who I’d forgotten as well I was half tempted to go back and write out a list so I could keep track of them but was already getting so frustrated that it wasn’t worth the time OKAY SO THIS NEXT PARAGRAPH HAS A BRIEF SPOILER BUT NOTHING THAT WOULD RUIN THE STORY IF YOU HAVEN’T READ IT YETAlso along the subject of names is the fact that despite coming from a dozen different dimensions they all have fairly normal recognizable names Even in our own dimension aka planet Earth different countries have different sounding names but I’m suddenly supposed to believe that a completely different freaking dimension has names as recognizable as Clarrisa and Brady and Rose? And since when does Jeep export vehicles to other dimensions too?END SPOILERI found it a little annoying that people kept asking uestions that went unanswered and didn’t think to prod a little to get the answers This happened than once throughout the story Seriously if you wanted to know the answer ask again If you don’t really care that it isn’t answered why did you ask in the first place? Most of the time after the uestioner asked said uestion the story moved on without ever revisiting the subject It was almost as if the uestions were asked simply to get the reader thinking about it and the lack of immediate answers served to build the mystery If that was the strategy it fell flat as far as I was concerned because I simply found myself getting frustratedThe most blatant and annoying uestion that kept getting deflected was what Drake wanted with Willow in the first place Seeing that this conflict was the main driving force of the plot it would have made sense for it to be explained better and sooner I understand the point of dragging it out to draw out the suspense but it just got tiresomeThe way simple expressions and actions were over explained got a bit old too When has nodding a head in response to a uestion ever meant anything other than yes? It is really necessary to write that “he nodded his head yes” or “shook her head no”? Also there was a lot of extraneous explanation following the emotions that Willow senses “Rose gave off an emotion of surprise meaning that wasn’t what she meant” Couldn’t we have figured that out on our own?BRIEF SPOILERWhat are the odds that when two soul mates find each other two of their friendsrelatives also discover that they are soul mates? I might be able to forgive the coincidence of that happening to one friend but two? Come to think of it I could add that to my list of similarities to SignificanceEND SPOILERI love a good happy love story as much as the next person but this one was a bit over the top on the lovey dovey happy stuff There wasn’t enough depth in the main characters’ love story to really draw me in and actually care about them They dreamed about each other then they met each other and were instantly in love We don’t know why they were in love just that they were and they made sure everyone knew it I’m not saying that I need a list of reasons that they loved each other but most romance novels go through a lot of storytelling before we get to the “I love you”s Their relationship seemed a little co dependent to me Instead of it being a first person narrative it was almost a two person narrative We stop hearing “I” and start hearing a lot “we”s Can’t she have a single thought on her own any?I find as I sit here writing that I could go on and on about what annoyed me about this story but I won’t bore you Most of the people who read and reviewed this story gave it 4 stars so my voice will definitely fall in the minority but I just found the whole thing a bit boring The idea was certainly an original one but there was simply too much going on for me to follow and after a while I stopped caring about trying I’m just glad it’s finally over

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    This is one of those books where the plot and story sound incredibly interesting and you have incredibly high hopes that you’ve discovered a hidden gem only to have your hopes dashed to smithereens when you realize it’s terrible and there’s a reason it’s undiscovered Add to that the cringe worthy grammatical errors AND spelling errors and this book just made me want to cry

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    A beautiful heart warming fantasy book Willow and Landen Two youngsters whose souls have been destined to be together for over 4 million yearsThey have lived their lives separately from each other knowing each other only from the dreams that they haveFinally they meet and they start their life togetherThe universe along with this dark forsaken dimension is yearning for our loveI know it's nuts but I loved him so much that it hurt His absence from my waking life was agonyWhen you find your soul mate you find the person that completes you They are everything and everyone you lifeBut they are in danger from another dimension Esterious and their love might put in risk everyone that they love including the universeI totally loved this book It was very different from the books that I've read I cant wait to read the others

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    Jamie Magee's imagination will suck you right in Insight involves astrology other dimensions past lives fate dangerous encounters and most of all love I didn't want to put the book down and when I did I couldn't stop thinking about itAll the characters are easy to follow and connect with The dialogue of the story makes you feel like you are right there in the middle of it The message that I got out of reading this is that your destiny may be written out for you but you have the power to change itIf you are looking for something new to read than I definitely recommend InsightI will leave you with my new saying I live in Infante I want to live in Chara but I truly belong in Neime If you want to find out what I am talking about then read this great book You will not regret it

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    Having read some fantastic reviews for this novel I was looking forward to an action packed read full of intrigue and suspense To be honest I was disappointedThe storyline was uniue and had the potential to be spellbinding but some of the scenes were so weak they frustrated me For example the demons that instilled unimaginable terror into everyone they went near were only awarded one sentence of description They had red hair and spikes growing out of their spines and sounded cute than frightening I really felt that considering the amount of times they were mentioned and the severity of the conseuences their fear was to bring upon the people they ‘sat on’ they deserved delineation than they were givenThe description of the ‘storms’ in ‘the string’ came across as nothing than a mild earth tremor certainly not something so severe and dangerous that it should be avoided if you valued your life I became confused over the significance of the blue and green flowers the petals while covering Hannah’s and Jessica’s bodies kept them alive I know earlier in the book Willow told Landen she thought the flowers represented them is this why they kept the girls alive??? I don’t know am I supposed to know???I did like the characters Willow and Landen it was great to finally read a ‘love’ story where both characters were strong and importantly eual it worked wellI tried my hardest to ignore the numerous typing errorsno one is perfect but one expects these things to be corrected in the editing stage and I hope Jamie finds a competent editor for her next bookwhich by the way I WILL be reading Since reading a number of kindle books I now realise that typing errors are a major issue with every kindle book I have read and it is not an editing issue just an 'ebook' issue which I hope is a problem that will be solved in the near future sorry Jamie xx

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    I'm torn It feels like two people are pulling me into two opposite directions Personally I like this book I really really do but I also don't like this book because there are so many aspects that just got on my nervesLet's go for the bad things firstInsta love my old arch nemesis It is probably one of the most irritating things ever It makes me want to roll my eyes cry vomit and launch the book across the room in a temper tantrumAll in all it bugs me to no end Why? Because seriously IT IS NOT REALISTIC IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO FALL IN LOVE WITH JUST ONE LOOKIt feels like the author has just tried to disguise her case of insta love with the dream thing Seriously though The main protagonists literally sees the guy and falls in love instantly Actually no She doesn't even see the guy She just falls in love just like that She may as well have fallen into his arms declared her undying love for him and skipped off into the sunset togetherview spoilerAt least for Willow her dreams gave her some excuse A bad one at that but an escuse nevertheless But DANE? I got the impression that Dane had feelings for Willow fairly sure it is implied in the story many times at the beginning Dane eyerollDane fell into whatsername's arms and never looked back Insta love much? hide spoiler

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    Review comming soonSo the I think about this book the I hate it I gave up on it after half way due to the fact of undeveloped characters and plot Willow and Laden were great together but it seemed somewhat undeveloped and fake The worlds were the best part that I though made me give this at leaf 2 stars Though I was thoroughly disappointed as I was expecting a better development in this story

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    I am completely amazed that I am just now finding out about The Insight Series Insight is a truly amazing and inspirational tale weaved with uniue mythology and modern day values The characters are each uniue with an important role to play defining destinyInsight begins in the midst of one of Willow's painful repetitive nightmares where she finds herself face to face with her tormentor of many years She will soon find that her life is fated to be intertwined with the maker of these horrible dreams Lucky for her she is blessed with a loving and talented family loyal friends and a total kick butt soul mate She will have to rely on everyone she knows to survive the trials that lie ahead of her Willow is such a great protagonist Honest caring loyal and completely accepting of who she is She is one of those heroins we love you knowthe ones that don't whine a bunchOne thing I found slightly confusing about Insight was the amount of characters that played major roles In the beginning I thought I was going to have to make a chart to keep everyone straight As I continued to read the bonds were reinforced and each character carved out a little spot in my heart Ms Magee created an amazing group of interdependent characters who are ultimately striving for the same goal Love and euality Landen Willow's soul mate was one of my favorite characters He and Willow met in their dreams but their families have known each other for many years This young couple will fight to save than one worldAnother of the characters that really spoke to me was Dane He and Willow have been friends throughout school never ; however Dane never hesitated to protect Willow from harmeven if the harm was herself I was relieved to find out that Dane found his soul mate and was still highly involved in Willow's lifeI loved the overall theme of Insight It provided a fresh outlook on fate and destiny Willow and Landen have a difficult task ahead of them and I cannot wait to see how amazing these two will be

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