Behind Closed Doors (Daniels Brothers #1)

[Reading] ➶ Behind Closed Doors (Daniels Brothers #1) ➬ Sherri Hayes – Elizabeth Marshall spent the last nine years doing all the things she was supposed to do She went to a good college Married a man with a promising future Elizabeth even had a nice house in a respectab Elizabeth Marshall spent the last nine years doing all the things she was supposed to do She went to a good college Married a man with a promising future Elizabeth even had a nice house in a respectable part of town There Behind Closed PDF/EPUB ² was even the promise of kids in her future From the outside everything looked picture perfectThen one night the world she lived in came crashing down Six months later with her husband dead and her friends gone Elizabeth moves to the small town of Springfield Ohio to start a new life where no one knows who she is or about her pastChristopher Daniels enjoys the simplicity of his bachelor life After his divorce three years ago he swore off women He has no desire to change that philosophyWhen Elizabeth Marshall moves into the apartment below his in the small Victorian house she makes him reconsider the motto he’s lived by for the last three years women are trouble She is everything his ex wife is not and it doesn’t help that she is his wet dream come to lifeHe is determined to resist her charms; however when someone sends threatening messages to Elizabeth he finds himself in the role of protector Can he protect Elizabeth and still resist the pull she has on his body and his heart.Behind Closed Doors (Daniels Brothers #1)


Behind Closed Doors PDF/EPUB ä Behind Closed
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  • 216 pages
  • Behind Closed Doors (Daniels Brothers #1)
  • Sherri Hayes
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  • 15 October 2016

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    Really 45 StarsElizabeth Marshall seemingly had the perfect life Successful husband beautiful home and a whole boat full of money she has the life that is the envy of many That is until the doors are closed and everyone has gone home Then Elizabeth is subjected to the whims of a controlling man a man who punishes imperfections with his fists Then one night everything changed The controlling man was dead and Elizabeth was left to deal with accusations and judgement all by herselfSix months after the death of the man that shall now be known only as The Ass Elizabeth moves into a new town to escape the memories of that night Determined to move on and start afresh she doesn’t uite manage to shake the wounds that have been imprinted onto her soul When her new neighbour Chris starts acting abrupt and gruff around her part of her wants to run for the hills and stay the hell away from him The problem is that the other part wants to fall into his armsChris has been through a very nasty divorce Married to a superficial woman who couldn’t keep her legs closed he wanted to only to be left in peace to lick his wounds Then Elizabeth moved in downstairs and became his walking talking wet dream sent to haunt his days and nights He wants nothing to do with her wants to only get on with his cosy little world Then the threats start Seems that someone wants to do Elizabeth harm and they are certainly not shy about showing it Left with the option of seeing her harmed or try to keep her safe Chris finds himself thrust into the dark world of Elizabeth’s past Naming himself as her protector makes it very difficult for him to steer clear of her Once the dust has settled and he knows she is safe will he be able to walk away unscathed?Well this was as far removed from Ms Hayes’s last book as you can get but I enjoyed it all the same The suspense plot was well crafted and wasn’t just there to propel the love story along I really have a problem with half baked suspense plots but this was a good side plot in its own right I’ll be honest I’d guessed the identity of the stalker from the beginning and I have no idea why Still I enjoyed the escalation of the events the uncertainty as to where it was going next It kept the pages turning The bit of the story that I enjoyed the most was Chris’s reluctance to give into his initial lust She knocked him on his knees from the moment he saw her even finding her yoga pants and baggy shirt combo’s sexy ? but still he tried not to give in I love this kind of story I liked that it wasn’t because of her that he didn’t want to get involved but because of his witch of an ex wife This was not a Mr Darcy type reluctance “I love you inspite of everything that you are” etc he wasn’t uestioning her worth Even when he found out about the death of The Ass he didn’t try to suggest that there was any other reason he didn’t want to get involved with her other than fear I love a man who can own his feelings like that He was so kind protective and gruffhe made me a little swoony I definitely swooned when he tried to take care of her when he tried to help her even when he knew it would bring them closer together I cheered when he put her in a big protective bubble for the majority of the book; it didn’t make my inner feminist scream as she really needed protecting I usually have a problem with abused women in a love story It’s not that I don’t agree that they should never find love again; it’s just that I often think it’s too soon These were different circumstances they were perilous circumstances Chris proved time and time again he would stand for Elizabeth that he would keep her safe Even with the emotional scars she undoubtedly had there was very little doubt that she could fail to recognise how trustworthy he was This is why I accepted their love story that I did’t have a problem with the whole thing I liked the growth of Elizabeth’s character over the tale but I do believe that she could only grow because of him He gave her the safety that she needed to stop being so afraid whilst never trying to stifle her She became a character I could like rather than the scared little rabbit she was at the start and I found I could settle into the tale I usually comment on the sex here but the majority of the sex in this book is off page or glossed over I didn’t mind that it gave the overall book a much sweet tone that was probably appropriate for the themes that it was dealing with I am hoping that in the next brothers book yes Chris has brothers Yes we meet them all Yes they all sound hot we get a little of the smexy times but I suppose that depends entirely on his HEA Either way I can’t wait to read itA thrilling romantic suspense story which looks set to be the first in a fantastic series With a gruff protective man as the lead I couldn’t help but adore every page

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    What a great story this is a great book about finding new love and learning to love again it had pulled me in right from the start Elizabeth Marshall spent the last nine years doing all the things she was supposed to do She went to a good college Married a man with a promising future Elizabeth even had a nice house in a respectable part of town There was even the promise of 24 kids in her future From the outside everything looked picture perfectOne night six months ago the world she lived in came crashing down Her husband dead and her friends gone Elizabeth moves to the small town of Springfield to start a new life for herself where no one knows who she is or anything to do with her pastChristopher Daniels enjoys the simplicity of his bachelor life After his divorce three years ago he swore off women He has no desire to change that philosophyWhen Elizabeth Marshall moves into the apartment below him in the small Victorian house she makes him begin to reconsider the motto he’s lived by for the last three years women are trouble She is everything is ex wife was not and it doesn’t help that she is his wet dream come to life He is determined to resist her charms however when someone starts sending threatening messages to Elizabeth he finds himself in the role of protector Can he protect Elizabeth and still be able to resist the pull she has on his body and his heartThe main characters Elizabeth and Chris they had both experienced pain in their past and had trust issues There is some great chemistry between Elizabeth and Chris They were perfect for one another needed one another and didn't even know it They came together in a very slow and sweet way that was completely realistic

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    Also posted at ThoughtsSuspensefulRomanticEye OpeningWell Written book; that went way beyond my expectations It’s a who done it story that will have you seriously thinking We get to hear two POVs Chris and Elizabeth’s I always love hearing both sides of the story It tends to draw me in deeper to the story This book is of a narration from up above and many of the conversations are summarized instead of talked out I would have liked to read the monologue between the characters—not the synopsisI loved learning about the characters and their pasts The author did a very good job being descriptive and very convincing The issues discussed are deep and cut through meChris was easy to fall for He’s a good kind man that is broken with good reason I totally understood him and his hurtpain Not to mention his tentativeness and apprehension No one wants to risk being hurt right?Elizabeth was so shattered and I totally admired her trying to start over and gain her life back She was so strong yet seeing her hide or feel her pull away was heart breaking I was pulling for her to grab her life backI freaking loved the who done it I kept guessing and eliminating and I finally guessed right I actually yelled ‘I knew it’ at my kindle—Thank got it didn’t respond back Overall this was a well written captivating book that will have you guessing—who done it to the very end Book was given by author for honest review

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    This was a great story with amazing characters and a nice twist in the plot to keep a reader guessing until the very end the ‘who dunnit’ and if Elizabeth and Chris can make their relationship work despite the drama overload Sherri Hayes is a new to me author but when the opportunity to review the book came up I gave it a shot and I am really glad that I did The book kept me enthralled from the first meeting between Elizabeth and Chris and I was dying to find out all the details that only the ending could give me I would definitely recommend this book to another reader looking for something with both romance and suspense thrown together and this book has made a place for itself on my keeper shelf You will not be disappointed in this one; Sherri Hayes is an author to watch out forTo read Rhys' entire review please visit

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    I'll admit this book was slow starting for me I was extremely frustrated with Chris' angry caveman act as well as Elizabeth's scared mouse one I understood the point of it but the author really beats it in your head in the beginning I was close to giving up when the book finally took a turn and got interesting At which then I wasn't able to put it downview spoilerElizabeth has a rough past She married an abusive man with money who constantly beat her down emotionally One night of him attacking her went south and in self defense she kills him To get her life back in order she decides to move and start over She's scared and intimidated by Chris and his macho attitude In the beginning he comes across as angry and overbearingChris owns his own construction business and is a big overbearing man He has had his heart broken before when his ex wife betrayed him and he's terrified of falling in love again or even getting close to another woman He has an instant attraction to Elizabeth and tries to fight it this fighting it is what drove me nuts in the beginning it drug on too longElizabeth needs a job and ends up being his secretary thanks to their meddling landlady bless her heart It's when her past comes back to haunt her and someone is out to get revenge on her that he finally comes to his senses about his feelings for her He starts to help her and lets his walls down eventually realizing his love for her Their story was incredibly sweet he wanted to do anything to protect her and she was finally with someone who cared about her and loved her for who she was hide spoiler

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    Behind Closed Doors is not only a great mystery but it is a story about second chances and new love Both Elizabeth and Christopher have been hurt in the past by their spouses Yet they are drawn to each other from the first I loved them together and it was so fun watching them fall in love with each other The epilogue was just so sweet The peripheral characters especially Christopher's family round out the story nicely I hope Ms Hayes will feature of the brothers in future books The mystery of who is trying to scare Elizabeth was well written I was kept guessing until the end and I will admit that I was wrong about who it wasI love when that happens I definitely recommend this book It will suck you right in and you won't want to put it down until you finish it

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    I have read three other books by this author so I was not at all surprised how easily I was wrapped up in the story of Behind Closed DoorsThe story of Chris and Elizabeth is not at all the typical love story I was drawn in from the start wondering about their separate pasts and how they had come to live one floor apart in Springfield Ohio The plot is well thought out and was a true page turner The possible villain in this story numbered than one and kept me guessing until the big revealOverall Ms Hayes does it again with this RomanticSuspense I can't wait to read the second novel in the Daniel's Brothers series Red Zone

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    Loved the book I have been a fan of Sherri Hayes for a while and couldn't wait for this book to be published It did not disappoint

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    27 year old Elizabeth Marshall is finally free from the shackles that has bound her when she had been married to Jared the man who had slowly and surely chipped away any self confidence or feeling self worth she might have had before she had married him To start over afresh Elizabeth makes her way towards Springfield Ohio where she gets than she bargained for when she meets the larger than life Christopher Allen Daniels32 year old Christoper is a cynic when it comes to women The ultimate betrayal at the hands of his ex wife Carol leaves Chris with a bad taste in his mouth when it comes to getting close to any woman even though he is tempted to from time to time But none has tested his resolve to stay away from the fairer sex as much as his new housemate Elizabeth who from the very first encounter he desires with everything that is primal deep inside of himThough Chris is determined to ignore Elizabeth and the effect she has on his control and baser emotions all his best laid plans somehow fly out the window when circumstances find both of them spending time with each other Little by little Chris starts to see that Elizabeth is nothing like his ex wife though his insecurities remain and Elizabeth starts to feel safe and secure in the fact that she is all woman and than enough when it comes to ChrisBut somehow the fragile connection that is forged between these two is tested when someone starts threatening Elizabeth somebody out to settle a score and out for Elizabeth’s blood Chris is surprised at the ferocity of all the protective instincts that flare to life deep inside of him and from then on there is no turning back for either Chris or Elizabeth as their relationship grows and fosters and is tested against all the hurdles that they face along the wayIt would be an understatement to say that I loved the 1st installment of the Daniel Brothers series Chris the hero was just ultra yummy Brooding tortured and a hot mess of a man who just made me go weak at the knees with his carnal thoughts about a woman who brings forth too much emotion from him right from the start Chris doesn’t want or need any complications in his life and he certainly doesn’t want that off kilter feeling that strikes him whenever Elizabeth is around But when push comes to shove there is none like Chris his protective nature which just set off all the right emotions deep inside of me and I couldn’t have asked for from him a hero I adored on all countsElizabeth was just plain wonderful I love heroines who are dainty feminine and are not trying to prove every second of the day that they are as strong as or stronger than men I especially loved how Sherri handled the abuse that Elizabeth had gone through and how Sherri portrayed the journey of self discovery Elizabeth goes through and how she emerges that much stronger because of what she had been through Her need for a man who is as crazy about her maybe even so and the way Chris manages to chase away those shadows of self doubt that continue to linger long after was one of the best parts of the story I loved that it wasn’t just Chris who was the giver in their relationship Rather Elizabeth too acts as the soothing balm that soothes the tattered and frayed edges of Chris’s heart and shatters down the walls of reserve that has held his emotion intact until Elizabeth turns up in his lifeThough the villain was easy to figure out than half way into the story the element of suspense in the novel proved to make this already well rounded tale of romance that much enticing For me the Daniel brothers and the whole family signifies a family as it should be Relationships of the believable and heartwarming kind is what you find here and those bits certainly added towards making the story a well developed tale in all aspects I am so looking forward to the story of each and every brother in the family and up next is Gage’s story the playboy and the pro football player and I will continue to wonder what Sherri has got in store for him Winter 2013 seems so far away right now and the wait seems like an endless oneFor fans of tortured heroes abused heroines who together finds the beauty that is love as it heals all scars and wounds on the surface and on the inside; this one’s for you Rating455 Original review posted on MBR's Realm of Romance

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    What a great ending for my last read of the yearThis review is also posted at UTC Book BlogBehind Closed Doors is an awesome start to this series and a series I’m sure to follow Though it’s slow to start the romance sexual tension and suspense to this story were enjoyableThe Daniels Brothers Series consists of four brothers Paul Christopher Trent and Gage Chris our first brother is a divorcee of three years a proud business owner and he's enjoying his life alone without the trouble of any women He has long sworn off women since his ugly divorce until a beautiful woman moved into the apartment below And to his surprise this woman will put him in the unavoidable position of becoming her protectorIt’s sweet how a present time man can still bring out his “defender gene” when its called upon Ms Hayes had not only created a 20th century Knight in shining armor she has also given us a fine Alpha male Oh yes this alpha know when to mark what belongs to himElizabeth Marshall is a beautiful woman indeed with a hell of a history She had moved to Springfield to get away from her past only to have it haunt her present Unfortunately moving one hour away is just not far enough to hide or to start a new life This girl just had the worse luck to have a stalker who means business She’s not my favorite heroine though I commend her for dealing with the issues at hand with composure A survival of the fittest if you willBoth hero and heroine uickly absorbed me into their world of “that HOT guygirl next door” scene It’s a typical scene but one that never gets old once fully immersed into it The sexual tension is definitely evident and their coming together was explosiveI cannot wait to read of these brothers and especially Trent I love a good flirt Unfortunately I have heard from a “twitter bird” that his story will be last boo But alas this twitter bird promised the next brother will be very flirtatious and possibly even seductive twitter bird is Ms Hayes herself gigglesNOTE There will be Coffee TalkFebruary 9 2012 Join usCome to the chat about this bookClick Here then you will have to sign in and select Book Release Party roomARC provided by publisher

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