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❮Download❯ ➹ Blue-Blooded Vamp ➾ Author Jaye Wells – The epic conclusion to the amazing Sabina Kane urban fantasy series by USA Today bestseller Jaye WellsSabina Kane is on the hunt Her prey Cain the father of the vampire race and the one who murdered h The epic conclusion to the amazing Sabina Kane urban fantasy series by USA Today bestseller Jaye WellsSabina Kane is on the hunt Her prey Cain the father of the vampire race and the one who murdered her family and her friends Unfortunately Cain is hunting Sabina too The one man who holds the key to defeating Cain is of course Abel A mage with secrets to spare and hopefully the power to match it Unfortunately for Sabina he's in Rome and may not want to be foundSabina sets out for Italy with her friends Giguhl and Adam Lazarus to track down the only man who can get her the revenge she hungers for But will he help her or oppose her And just who is Abel really Worst of all when Sabina figures out the goddess Lilith has a plan for her she realizes this trip is getting deadlier by the minute As they say when in Rome SURVIVE.Blue-Blooded Vamp

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  • 09 November 2014
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    4 A buddy read with Maria at the MacHalo Group We are getting our vamp witch on The mission if you choose to accept it Find and disable if possible Kill Cane the father of the Vampire race and creator of Murder Make sure he does not reach his obsession the Mother of the Dark races Lilith This message will self district in 10 secondsOf course Sabina Kane a half Vamp Half Witch of the tender age of 54 is going to put this Mission Impossible on her doubly marked shoulders and get her friends and loved ones deep in it just in case someone gets unscathed from the experience Or as their very wise Rock Musician Mage friend says “No what’s insane is thinking that you’ll be able to defeat Cain This whole ragtag team thing you got going here is charming and all but this shit is as serious as it gets Cain hasn’t survived this long because he’s dumb You won’t be able to trick him into letting his guard down He’ll keep coming for you until he gets what he wants”“Which means your plan to run will only delay the inevitable” Adam saidErron raised an eyebrow “Extra time will give you a chance to weigh your options and form a real plan Not this half assed uest that was doomed from the start Besides if being a coward means I get to live a few extra years I’ll always chose that option You should too” So Cain is in Italy and our gang goes there and proceeds to fall in every possible trap set up for them making the lack of planning they have obvious even to the unobservant “I thought I told you to leave Rome”I raised my chin “I am not yours to command”“Well someone needs to What the hell were you thinking?”I frowned “With which part exactly?”Giguhl snorted“Your teammates filled me in on your ludicrous plan”I crossed my arms defensively “At least I had a fucking plan Unlike some people who are ready to surrender before the real battle’s even begun”“Your sarcasm is both unwarranted and unnecessary”“Your existence is unnecessary” I shot back“Ouch” the vampire chick said “Can we put aside family dysfunction hour for a few minutes so we can formulate a plan to get very far away from here?” As I was saying SO Sabina and friends had to go to the Underworld and reach Lilith in order to figure out who exactly is The Chosen who is fated to destroy Cain ones and for all Sabina is put through some horrifying tests such that I actually got very emotional when the dead Vampires who rule in the Bloodlands took their toll for passage That was just cruel and nightmarish On top of that this Dog g d was being a douche and made their lives even miserable So as is expected going through the levels of Hell was Hell on Sabina and her companions In order for you to find out how things worked out you guys will have to read the series and the book The books are interconnected so you can not read them as stand alones or out of order This is the last book in this series and I have to say it had its issues but it also had many positives and a ton of humor The preachyness got a bit OTT in the middle and upper half of the book but it ended on one of the hilarious conversations I have read as of late So everything balances out I might even miss the characters especially Gighul This is hillarious but it is also a spoiler form the last part of the book so I will treated as such Open at your own riskview spoiler “Adam Sabina” Giguhl said his tone reluctant and not a little nervous “I’m knocked up”I sputtered a mouthful of champagne across the table “What?”“Wait” Adam held up a finger “Don’t you mean Valva is pregnant?”Valva shook her head “Gross no”“Giguhl?” Adam said his tone growing alarmed “What the hell?”I put my head in my hands “I’m so confused right now”My minion took a deep breath and leaned forward “It’s true I’m carrying our first litter”“But how?” I held up a hand “Wait I’m not sure I even want to know how that’s possible”“It’s simple really” Valva said ignoring my plea to remain ignorant of the inner workings of demon procreation “Female demons have two sets of euipment”Adam closed his eyes “I know I shouldn’t ask this but I can’t help myself Do males have both as well?”“Um hello? How many times have you two bitches seen me in my magnificent naked form? The answer is no The only tool I’m sporting is the mighty Pitchfork”“Then how are you—” I stopped myself“Gods Sabina don’t be such a prude” Valva said “It’s just a matter of me implanting a sperm packet in Giguhl’s ass womb” hide spoiler

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    I just keep saying goodbye to one series after another this month It’s oddly disconcerting I’m starting to feel like some sort of book undertaker To be honest the Sabina Kane series was never among my all time favorites like Newsflesh or Sirantha Jax but I still had a lot of fun with it especially Green Eyed DemonBlue Blooded Vamp was all action with a few delicious swoon worthy moments and a long sort of epilogue that was eual parts cute and annoying But I’ll get to that later I should probably tell you what the book is about first Cain the father of all vampires is still determined to destroy everything Sabina Kane cares about but even he’s dead set on kidnapping his love Lilith from Irkalla and bringing her to the mortal realm a move that means certain death for all dark races Sabina driven by her need for revenge embarks on a mission to find a mage who calls himself Abel in the hope that he’ll help her discover a way to kill Cain without killing everyone she cares about in the process It is strange for Sabina to have that many beings she cares about Until she met Adam and discovered that she has a twin sister she never really got close to anyone But the last year of her life changed it all and now she has people to protect and people to avenge Not necessarily in that orderMy lack of emotional connection with Sabina was never painfully evident than while I was reading this book I just never fully warmed up to her and the only reason this series worked for me is the fantastic set of secondary characters Luckily there was always someone I actually cared about with Sabina so that in the end all the important moments had some weight for me If it was a Big Thing between her and Adam I was happy for Adam If it was a lovely friendship moment between her and Giguhl I was usually laughing too hard at something Giguhl said to notice Sabina was even there To go back to the annoying part of the ending it would seem that there is such a thing as TOO happily ever after Gah Who knew? Not only did Jaye Wells tie up all the loose ends she tied them up a bit too neatly in my opinion Did I hope for a happy ending after five books? Of course Did I expect it? Sure But I just can’t get over how fairytale ish it felt I almost wished for someone to die horribly and permanently just to spice things up a little bitWhile it’s always sad to say goodbye to a series I must say I think it’s the perfect time for it to end These five books have been fun but I have a feeling Jaye Wells’ next project will be amazingAlso posted at The Nocturnal Library

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    Buddy read with Choko Thanks for being so understanding sweetie 4 stars might be an overrating but damn that final conversation was hilarious Even if the book had been a crapfest this alone would have made it worth reading DAfter 4 books we're finally ready to take the fight to Cain Or so I though at the end of the previous instalment To be honest Sabina does try to do it She just sucks at strategic thinking Anything beyond a fist fight is a bit too much for her It's not that she isn't smart It's just she doesn't like to use her brain And that gets her and all her friends in countless messes Good thing she's hard to kill otherwise she would have dies long before reaching this pointSo when she and the gang get to Rome to hunt the Father of all Vampires Sabina proceeds to get caught in every trap Cain sets She also gets to meet view spoiler her not so dead Daddy hide spoiler

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    I FINISHED THE BOOK and it only took me like 5 months A uick run down of the series because I cannot be bothered with a review Only the first 3 books are worth it the last two have tons of cheese and the 4th one was just a whole bunch of misunderstandings which was kind of a pain in the ass to read The female lead remains kicks ass but it reads like a try hard kick ass instead of a genuine one Also she is a special snow flake Oh and has a tough armor and will not let anyone get through You know THAT cliche? Sometimes I wonder if she has any survival instincts it's a wonder she is alive with the stupid decisions she makes LIKE COMMUNICATION WOMAN It's a thing The jokes seem a little over done Now I am not one to complain about humor I LOVE humor but umm when even the Gods talk 'funny' there is definitely something fishy going on here P Adam is umm like a pain He was great for the first 3 books but in the 4 book his personality went down the shitter and well he could never really be redeemed IMO The plot is practically non existent in this one Okay so things are happening but really no There're just tests For the finale I expected hell I wanted a big show down and a show down I did not get Woahh the cheese shudders and the romances like what? Gighul was an interesting character but the ending did not work for me It just turned him into a love sick fool and that's not funny any It's just puke worthy for someone like me who hates cheese One word to describe the series MEHI'd recommend it to anyone in dire need of brain candy but otherwise you might want to skip it especially if you like finishing series The last two books are a headache and stretched out for longer than they should have been The paranormal aspect is pretty decent so that wasn't an issue It's just that this series was so MEH

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    Posted on Under the CoversJaye Wells delivers in the epic conclusion to the Sabina Kane series The half vampire half mage kickass heroine readers have come to know as Sabina has her hands full as she tries to hunt down her next prey This time the man she is after is far powerful than the last enemy she faced down The biggest baddest chick is hellbent on exacting revenge on the man who murdered her friends and family Cain – the father of the vampire race Nothing is ever easy for Sabina because it seems that Cain also has his sights set on getting rid of her tooThe only way Sabina and her awesome demon sidekick Gighul and sexy hexy boy toy Adam Lazarus can defeat Cain is by finding Abel However it seems that locating Abel is a task in of itself So Sabina is en route to Italy where Rome holds the solution to all her problems There she runs into people whom she never expected to encounterAs the final book in the Sabina Kane series I was expecting something epic something that would give readers that one last shebang before we say goodbye to Sabina and the gang Wells delivers a perfectly paced story with that that refreshing bite of humor that I can never resist I plowed through this book even though I knew it was the last one I meant to savor it but those plans were promptly thrown out the window once I opened this book and read the first line There’s just this ease to which Wells writes It’s effortless fast paced and a guaranteed a good timeSabina Kane was grown throughout the entire series She’s gone from a being a kickass tough girl with a chip on her shoulder to a daughter a lover and a friend Finally the biggest baddest girl on the block has opened her heart and allowed people to touch her life in a way that leaves her vulnerable Sabina still has her trigger happy temper but now she has people in her life like Adam and Gighul to tell her to slow her rollI also have to mention Wells stellar plotting Everyone who has made a significant appearance in the series is back in some way It was nice to be able to recall those moments as we met them again in this last book Wells does a great job of closing out a great series that has captured many hearts and spellbound readers of urban fantasy It’s sad to say goodbye to the snarky Sabina the horny demon and the sex hexy but as the saying goes “All good things come to an end” I just hope Wells has up her sleeve to tide us over I want pitch forked penises ARC provided by publisher

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    25 Sabina gets to have her time with the father of the dark races after all in this final installment We find her and the entourage in Rome looking for Abel I think most of the readers have guessed who Abel really is Well apart from that he is arrogant and very difficult to reason with Sabina has to prove herself though out the book and she gets to learn a lot as well There is good enough action where she still is the badass we all know but with a bit of consciousness this time around The book could have gotten stars just for the sake of it but the last 60 pages of the book where so ridiculous that I couldn't believe what I was reading I am well aware of the fact that Jaye Wells is not the best writer out there if I hear the word dude and chick one time but up until now she's managed to compensate with uite skilled story building I know I am reading fiction and I don't expect everything to be realistic but somethings are just plain stupid I can't say much without spoilers but let's just say that Lilith Asmodeus and the whole bunch are very bad caricatures Generally I liked the series but I am not sure I would recommend it to anybody

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    Genre Paranormal RomanceRating 40Review Sabina Kane the former vampire mage assassin is on a mission Her mission is to find the mysterious Abel and ask for his help in stopping Cain once and for all Abel is after all the only person who has had any sort of success in stopping Cain Now he is needed than ever to prevent the destruction of the dark races Along the way Sabina will be tested and her patience tried over and over again until it comes down to her or CainSabina along with boyfriendmage Adam Lazarus minion Giguhl and Recreant Mage Erron Zorn find themselves in Italy searching for Abel Sabina knows that without Abel’s help she will have to fight Cain all on her own which is a major task to say the least Several new characters including the vampire Nyx who the god of healing Ascleopius has sent to find join the cast and the fight against CainCain believes that Sabina has the power to cross over into Irkalla and help him kidnap Lilith away from Asmoedus the King of the demons Sabina knows that if she kills Cain she and 6 others who are close to her will die thanks to a magical spell that was placed on CainWhen we last left Sabina she was suffering from the loss of her twin sister Maisie at the hands of Cain Sabina still uestions the fact that she is the so called Chosen one who is said to be able to bring all the dark races together in peace and harmony Somewhere along the line she realizes that it’s not just her that is needed to stop Cain and stop the war between the dark races It’s become a team effort that includes those who have passed into IrkallaThere is so much that happens in this the last installment of the Sabina Kane series that it is hard for me NOT to spoil what happens Lives are lost; reunions are made with those who were thought to be dead And a major confrontation happens with a surprising revelation that will leave readers either speechless or clapping their hands in excitement Wells really knows how to drive the horse towards the finish line This series ends on a winning note and it should be noted that I’m happy to see it go out in style and grace rather than a whimper and a struggleAs for our snarky minion Giguhl I am glad to have him back in his wise cracking ways instead of worrying about other things like his relationship with Brooks I also loved the fact that he gets a reunion of his own and a shocking surprise at the end of this storyOf course it would be rather boring if the story was all about Sabina’s rage against Cain and her desire for retribution for her sister The romance with Adam actually heats up and the story leaves room for imagination in where their love is headedOverall this was a fantastic ending to a great series that leaves me sad but hopeful that Wells has something else in the bag for her readers and loyal followers I’m happy that this series didn’t drag on to the point where Wells was struggling with storylines or changing her character so much that you no longer recognize her or where the series is headingARC Received 05042012 via Netgalley Publication June 1st 2012 by Orbit

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    455Mon avis en FrançaisMy English reviewI was curious to read this volume and at the same time knowing that it was the last of the series I preferred to keep it as long as possible yes I know it does not change much in the end I think it’s always interesting to have the end of a saga such as this one and at the same time it’s still pretty sad to say that we will never see the characters again Well now we know that we have them in some novellas but it’s still always a little different So here I am with the fifth book in the Sabina Kane saga I was curious after the last one and as I wanted to see how our heroine would be able to face Cain after what happened especially with Maisie I must say that the fourth volume has messed the life of our vampireSabina therefore goes to Rome with her friends to find Abel who could help her to destroy Cain But finding him sounds complicated than expected and when in addition the God who worked with Sabina asks her to kill a vampire that nobody seems to know about it does not help her business I can not say not to reveal the big surprises of the novel but it has many twists and turns throughout the chaptersI must say that I was curious to know the real identity of Abel and I think it is impossible to even suspect who he is But it was great to meet him and see how Sabina behaves with him Many new characters are introduced here and some old ones return as well It was lovely to see them all in full force Sabina has a uest to lead but it’s much complicated than what she thought at first We will also discover the demons world and its subtleties It was interesting to see that this world is complex than we might think and that the characters are very different The relationship between Adam and Sabina is also changing significantly and it is a pleasure to see her so happyThis novel was a nice conclusion to the series and I think that the fans of the series will not be disappointed We had a lot of things from beginning to end and we never get bored for a second I was uite surprised by the direction of the story but at the same time it made sense compared to what we had learned before It was a very nice volume and I’m still a little sad that it’s the end

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    I can hardly wait for this final book to come out I don't know about everyone else but I have a strong feeling that Abel is going to turn out to be Tristan Hmmjust gonna have to wait then

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    Review originally posted on my blog A Book ObsessionAfter the harrowing events of the last installment Sabina has only one goal in mind Revenge against Cain for destroying everything she holds dear She's bound and determined to kill him even if it is the last thing she ever does Problem is that doing so comes with the steep price of the deaths of the seven people closest to her a sacrifice she isn't willing to make But a powerful mage that goes by the name of Abel may just know of another way to defeat Cain Problem is he has his own agenda and secrets that will forever change everything Sabina has ever known It will be a fight to the bitter end with everything and everyone on the line As I think back to where this series started I cannot believe just how much Sabina has grown Don't get me wrong she is still the same Sabina at the core stubborn obstinate and one heck of a fighter But the past few months have really shown her so much that she been able to finally let go of a great deal of her anger to become who she was really meant to be In fact she's grown so much that everyone else is finally taking her seriously and giving her the respect she deserves But importantly she has finally started to accept herself both the good and the bad and she is so much stronger for it In addition to her own self acceptance she has also learned some very hard lessons including how to trust others and knowing when to ask and accept helpEverything in this series to date has been leading up to the final showdown with Cain I especially enjoyed the pacing of the build up to that final battle and then the aftermath was handled In many final installments 34 of the story will preparation leading into an extremely intense ending that a lot of time ends rather abruptly not leaving the reader much of a cool down before everything is said and done In Blue Blooded Vamp the pacing was much even as the action was incredibly intense throughout the entire book rather than just the ending Then one the final showdown was completed the story continued for a while in resolution giving that much needed break from the action while still continuing on What was even better was the inclusion of the epilogue I am a huge huge fan of these as I love the chance to see where the characters end up in the future after their troubles are finally behind them I'm a sucker for a happy ever after no matter what form it takesI got everything I could have wanted and from this final installment in the Sabina Kane series Everything about it just screams epic and intense making for a seriously thrilling roller coaster of a read Yet in between the almost non stop action there are still stolen moments of emotion that really pulled my heartstrings and only dragged me further into the story Blue Blooded Vamp could not possibly have been any perfect of a conclusion to the amazing Sabina Kane series

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