The Wiccan Diaries (The Wiccan Diaries, #1)

On The Eve Of Graduating From Her Posh New England Academy, Seventeen Year Old Halsey Rookmaaker Receives A Disturbing Package In The Mail, From Rome, Italy She Drops Everything Her School, Her Friends, Her Future And Sets Off, To Find The Only One Who Can Help Her Get To The Bottom Of Her Past, And To The Secrets Of What Happened To Her Parents.Kinsey And Maximilian Rookmaaker Were Two Powerful Magical Beings Until Somebody Killed Them Now Halsey Wants To Know Why.With Her Is Ballard, An Attractive Teenage Boy With Problems Of His Own Together, They Must Decipher An Ancient Magic Text, And Prevent An Evil Necromancer From Taking Over The World.Life Is Never Easy When You Re An Unfledged Teenage Witch In Volume One Of The Diaries, Halsey Rookmaaker Must Come Face To Face With Her Past, And With A Dark Stranger, Who May Be Out For Her Blood.The Wiccan Diaries (The Wiccan Diaries, #1)

⚣ The Wiccan Diaries (The Wiccan Diaries, #1)  Books ⚡ Author T.D. McMichael –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 266 pages
  • The Wiccan Diaries (The Wiccan Diaries, #1)
  • T.D. McMichael
  • 23 February 2018

10 thoughts on “The Wiccan Diaries (The Wiccan Diaries, #1)

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    For a series foundation book, I thought it did a really good job setting the stage for the story to come I really like the characters and I like the settingRome There were some deep and well written philosophical parts to the story concerning the battle between light and darkthe author told that story in an exciting scene in the book and it worked well for me I can t decide if I m team Lennox or team Ballard, but I want them both to be in Halsey s life I want to see Halsey s story unfoldI am in for the ride and I think this author will deliver

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    I just read this It s sort of a blend between supernatural romance books Twilight, etc and the way Young Adult novels Harry Potter are written It s kind of slow to begin, but then it just picks up, up, up I loved it Also, a sequel is in the works, which promises magic and supernatural surprises Five stars.

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    I thought the story line was really good I like that she was kind of on a hunt to solve a mystery about herself I wished that there was a little detail about her discovering who she was and what her powers were Other than that it was a decent read If you are looking for YA love story goodness skip it though there are a few moments that get you yearning for a little Lennox in your life but he is easily forgotten and the love story gets lost in the rest of the story line I am uncertain if I will read the second book or not.

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    This book centers around Halsey, a 17 year old orphan girl who went to Rome to find out the truth behind her parents deaths She also happens to be a witch, but she does not know how to use her powers, or if she really has any She received a letter from a boy named Ballard form Rome, whose late uncle knew Halsey s parents intimately, and told Ballard tot contact her in a letter They get to work deciphering the Magus Codex, a grimoire, left behind to Halsey by her parents One night, Halsey takes a walk and runs into a shady figure who tries to kill her Luckily, the vampire Lennox is around and scares off the shadowy figure They are immediately attracted to one another, and see each other regularly Halsey learns about vampires and The Suck, a disease affecting both mortals and immortals alike, created by a necromancer running rampant in Rome Ballard gets in with the vampires too, but is he holding something back from Halsey What about the the mysterious book called The Urban 411 A Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse Read to find out.Although the writing isn t the best, the plot really interested me I haven t read too much on Wicca before, and I admit I was intrigued The mixing of witches, werewolves, zombies, and vampires was a new take I hadn t been exposed to before There are no bedroom scenes per say, but there are a few heated make out sessions There was no problem with foul language either The mysteries in the book are what really kept me reading until the end The romance was a little lacking in depth, but this isn t strictly a romance novel, so thats fine with me I would recommend The Wiccan Diaries to some people, but the sequels are pretty bad, so probably not.

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    2.5 so round up to 3 Overall review Meh The book had a stellar plot line idea but had an iffy execution of it There were major plot holes as parts of the story were not clearly explained The writing was less than stellar It seemed juvenile to an extent but the author did have some redeeming excerpts I found the author to be. What s the word philosophical No, thought provoking at points in the story, however these points were too few and far between for my taste There were redeeming qualities about the novel however The characters, or at least the main three characters were very well developed and I got a gist for their personalities and mannerisms rather quickly, which is always appreciated The author didn t stray from the characterization meaning he she didn t have a character do something that made me think Why is insert character name doing or saying that As stated before, the plot line idea was very intriguing but I wish the execution was better I may or may not read the sequel depending on how I feel in a few days after digesting the story a bit.

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    Half of the first page hooked me I m in love with this story and I m only on page 5 WowI want to speed read and slowly savor each page at the same time.As I said, I was hooked from the first page I found Halsey and her friends and frenemies to be quite believable I truly appreciated and enjoyed the lack of swearing and the fact that the focus was on the story and not on trying to make every encounter sexual The Wiccan Diaries stays true to the Wiccan beliefs as so far as they get into discussions of wicca which is very minimal , but than that it s INTERESTING and engaging I could relate to the characters and found I wanted to get to know their stories On to part 2

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