Guy Mannering, or, The Astrologer

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Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name. Sir Walter Scott was born on August 15, 1771 in Edinburgh, Scotland Scott created and popularized historical novels in a series called the Waverley Novels In his novels Scott arranged the plots and characters so the reader enters into the lives of both great and ordinary people caught up in violent, dramatic

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  • Guy Mannering, or, The Astrologer
  • Walter Scott
  • English
  • 03 June 2017

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    After the success of his first book, Walter Scott proceeded directly to writing the next one Its reception was positive again, but at no point approached the enthusiasm with which the readers received the first Of course no one questioned the talent of the author and his virtues were recognized in this second attempt, but there were several objections to some things they considered made the book less good About this I can tell myself by reading this book, there are many of the elements that made me like Waverley, the descriptions are very good and put us in the climate of the time, many of the characters that he introduced us are very interesting and generally reader comes in contact with a story that has an intense end My objections are that this story is not so interesting and leaves a lot of gaps, with the writer not working enough with his heroes to be sympathetic and general with the characters so we can understand their personality and their motivation The plot follows the structure of Gothic novels in general, the strange games of fate, the metaphysical hints and the mysteries that break through a series of coincidences but from then on there is no such intensity except for some key moments that the author gives us in an exciting way There is also the romantic element but...

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    Yet another fantastic tale from one of my favorite classic authors Scott really knows how to spin a good story Everything that makes a story good is included in this one mystery, romance, adventure, danger, conspiracy, pirates, mad old gypsy women, dashing heroes, misunderstandings, murders, kidnapping, mistaken identity, good hearted country folk, heroines both persecuted and steadfast, and crowning it all that inimitable humor that colors all of Scott s writing I laughed and laughed at old Dominie Sampson, and I cried when he cried My blood froze in horror when our heroes were in danger, and my heart warmed at the fireside of each simple tea service shared by friends.Excellent and engaging writing, as always, and not nearly as long winded as Waverley Love this book so much It is going on the top of my list of favorite Scott novels.I read so many of his Scottish novels now that I am learning the lingo, and I don t have to refer to the Scottish glossary as often Beautiful language with so many historic meanings and words It really sets the tone of the Scottish books Wild and unruly and beautiful.Characters Julia is certainly a silly character, but even though Scott is making fun of her, we still feel her charm and wish her weel despite her flaws.Lucy is very admirable, generous and steadfast under hardship, but that makes her almost a boring character in my opinion Her situation is interesting she herself is not.Harry Bertram is a marvelous hero He makes the most idi...

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    This has to be one of Scott s best a wonderful fusion of comedy of manners with high romance which never loses its grip on either Review coming shortly to Vintage Novels

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    The subtitle for this tale is The Astrologer which Guy Mannering is capable of doing, and does on the birth of a son Harry to the Bertram Family, though the lad s future is predicted to be punctuated by several dark moments, or so Mannering predicts Indeed, the child is kidnapped and disappears from the story for many years The characters that Scott brings to life the Dominie Sampson the stumbling once only preacher Bertram, Meg Merrilies Mannering himself, of course, parade through his pages and leave their indelible mark on the reader Mr Brown, the indigent lover of Mannering s Daughter, Julia, proves to be the son Harry Bertram, kidnapped as a child.One needs a good deal of fortitude to pick up and finish a book by Scott or even Dickens , but the effort is well worth it This book, and his Ivanhoe , repay the effort many times over Even after fifty years since reading this book, and wr...

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    Guy Mannering is without a doubt an acquired taste of a read I think all of Sir Scott is really an squired taste of a read, really Unless, maybe you already understand Scottish dialect then all good there Other then a very slow pace of read, trying to decipher 1800 s English mixed with heavy Scottish this book has no drawbacks.Scott tells a good story, complex enough where it s fun to read but not to the point of overbearing so in it by itself it was a good read Top it off with a historical value, as I usually...

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    I loved this book Can t beat these old 19th century novels The writing is so clever and I love reading the dialogue 19th century speech was so much colorful and erudite than what we hear today It s also a very satisfying story of good ...

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    UKUPNA OCENA 4 Radnja Okru enje Pripovedanje Likovi UTISAK predivna istorijska avantura sme tena u kotsku, sa prelepim opisima i simpati nim likovima iji su dijalozi pro eti dozom humora.

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    I first read Guy Mannering about 20 odd years ago, and remember enjoying it a great deal My reread has just confirmed that memory This book has one of the strongest and best female characters in English literature Meg Merrilies, the gypsy queen and seer, who moves most of the action in the second part of the book along In fact, she manages to eclipse both the title character and Harry Bertram, the purported hero of the book, pretty thoroughly The book is set mostly in Scotland, and covers three periods of time the first short interlude introduces Guy Mannering, a young man newly graduated and taking a tour of the southern highlands of Scotland He loses his way and is sheltered for the night by the Bertrams of Ellangowan on the night that Henry Bertram is born Mannering, a student of astrology, produces a horoscope for the child, which predicts three times of danger for the child Later, he observes the wise woman Meg Merrilies crafting her own prediction, which confirms his own Troubled by his prediction, Mannering gives the horoscope to the child s parents, with the stipulation that it not be read until his fifth year The second period describes the explulsion of the gypsies from Ellangowan, increased vigilance by the elder Bertram through his overseer, Kennedy of smugglers, leading to the murder of Kennedy and the kidnapping of Henry Bertram The third and main p...

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    I m in need of a rebuke All this time in my life, and I have never read a book by Sir Walter Scott Well, recently I changed that, and read Guy Mannering Clearly, I have been neglecting my studies, my heritage, and my opportunity to be edified by the prose of one of Scotland s greatest writers The story was pretty clear in and of itself, and the principles were quickly identified Guy Mannering, while traveling in Scotland, chances to arrive at a Laird s house, one of the last of the great and ancient names in Scotland The Laird just had a son, and Guy Mannering, being then schooled in the science of astrology, promptly worked out the son s fate He wasn t happy about it, and as he left, he vowed to give it up The son was then lost 5 years later, and taken away by smugglers from Holland The story is about his return, connections to the family, and importantly to now Colonel Guy Mannering, late of His Majesty s Royal Army in India The story was compelling, and only seemed slow because I wanted to see if my conjectures as to the relationships bet...

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    I almost never think about classics after I read them Generally I finish one and go searching through my Nook for another or search Goodreads for one without reviews that say I wanted to stab my eyes out around the middle , but I finished Guy Mann...

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