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The World And Thorinn Pdf Author Damon Knight Thorinn, Alienated From His Father And Brothers, Embarks On A Journey To The Center Of The Earth, Traveling Down A Dry Well And Encountering Strange Worlds, A Variety Of Races, And Finally, A Supreme Intelligence.A Fix Up, Based On The World And Thorinn , Galaxy, April 1968 The Garden Of Ease , Galaxy, June 1968 And The Star Below , Galaxy, August 1968.Cover Artist Tom HallmanThe World and Thorinn

Kate Wilhelm.

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  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • The World and Thorinn
  • Damon Knight
  • English
  • 15 August 2019
  • 9780425051931

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    I first found this book in 6th grade and I remain as compelled by it today as I was then except I understand it even better It is essentially the tale of small, lame Thorinn whose stepfather throws him into a well to appease a rumbling god The stepfather lays a spell upon Thorinn when he tells him to go down into the well Unfortunately, the spell does exactly what it says and Thorinn must continue down, as he finds that he can escape through a break in the well into a cavern.But his adventures do not end here, for although Thorinn s world seems medieval and crude, we now discover that his planet possibly our own earth has metal tunnels running throughout it and soon we discover caverns within caverns, and even worlds within worlds The spell continues to work as Thorinn goes ever onward and downward, discovering a magic box something like a very advanced laptop computer that can tell him some rudimentary events in the history of this planet and how it came to be drilled and w...

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    Continuing my effort to sample some of the great Grand Masters of Science Fiction , I turned to Damon Knight, named by the SFWA as its 13th Grand Master in 1994 He was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 2003.This novel is part fantasy and part science fiction As the title implies there are really two main characters Thorinn, a youngster with a lame leg, and the world itself On the surface, the plot is a fairly straight forward adventure story of a young teenaged boy who is forced down a well and enters an exotic world filled with strange creatures and dangerous locales Thorinn is alone and must survive a multitude of challenging predicaments as he makes his way towards his goal of returning to the surface A large part of the fun of this book is seeing his youthful approach to solving problems and admire his stick to itiveness.Most chapters begin with an italicized paragraph or tw...

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    I read this book when I was younger, and found it bizarrely fascinating I don t remember finishing it, but I recently tracked it down It s held up Thorinn s problem solving is a nice touch He s not strong He s not well educated He is persistent, and willing to try different solutions until he finds one th...

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    This book was hard for me because Thorinn seemed dim witted It is subtitled How Thorinn Goyalson learned he was not the son of his father and descended into the Underworld without wishing to do so I got tired of visiting underworlds before Thorinn did.

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    UPDATEAfter several re checks from the library, it was obvious I was not going to finish this I liked the story, I liked the premise, but it lagged and I have little time for laggingthe author seemed to be drawing out a much shorter story idea Still readingtime for reading has been sparse Victor insisted I read it aloud to him and so we are enjoying it together When asked to describe it so far, all I can think of is dense It s so full of descriptive language and image inducing paragraphs, it feels heavy I think that might sound weirdbut some music makes me feel the same way I feel tired when I m done reading a section, not because it s boring, but because I feel like I m walking against the wind In the instance of music, this is u...

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    Satisfying sci fi story, set far in the future The story is about a boy named Thorinn, and his adventures overcoming obstacles in a very strange and imaginative environment I don t want to spoil anything, because figuring out the secret of the true nature of his reality is half the fun The author does a good job of dropping hints to let you figure this out I ve read both the hardback and ebook The hardback has some nice illustrations, which is a plus.This ...

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    The first time though, as an adolescent, I couldn t even finish it, and it is rare that I give up on a book Years later, as an adult, I muddled my way through The almost psychedelic world was somehow, inexplicably, comprehensible at that point, but I still won t go so far as to say I enjoyed it.

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    I remember this as a quirky book, essentially a series of vignettes I slowly began to deduce what kind of world Thorinn lived in, and found both the overarching concept and the vignettes fascinating, but I don t remember caring what the resolution was I think of it as a sort of Kai Lung book.

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    Although bordering on fantasy, I actually enjoyed this adventure tale originally published in Galaxy magazine in 1968.

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