Fairy Tail 15

Reading Fairy Tail 15 Author Hiro Mashima Buyprobolan50.co.uk A TEAM OF DRAGONSLaxus Protectors Have All Been Defeated, But He Still Remains One Of The Most Powerful Wizards In Fairy Tail, And His Thunder Palace Is Threatening To Rain Down Death And Destruction On The Innocent People Of Manolia Can The Two Dragon Slayers, Natsu And Gajeel, Manage To Keep From Fighting Each Other Enough To Stop Him Includes Special Extras After The StoryFairy Tail 15

Hiro Mashima is a Japanese manga artist most known for his fantasy manga Groove Adventure Rave, published by Kodansha s Weekly Shonen Magazine, from 1999 to 2005 The series was later adapted into an anime However, the anime adaption was cancelled before it could complete the series.

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  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Fairy Tail 15
  • Hiro Mashima
  • English
  • 01 March 2018
  • 9781935429340

10 thoughts on “Fairy Tail 15

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    4.5 Stars

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    par contre il va vraiment nous refaire le coup de

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    Wow This series continues to finish arcs on high notes In this case, its not so much the final fight, which is okay and it s fun to see Gajeel and Natsu fighting together But tehre are two things that really made this volume stand out for me.1 Fairy Law I love what Freed said about the reason that it didn t work It was pretty obvious that Laxus whole heart wasn t in it from the start, but he was so invested in his own fantasy that there was part of me worried that at least some people might get caught in it This made me, in some small way, start to actually feel for ...

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    Oh noooooo There were two big surprising things in this volume , Luxus is a and Mistgun is Moreover, I really want to know the real purpose of Gajeel Is he a Nakama or opponent This volume has a lot of exciting and impressive scenes so please read it as soon as possible.

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    Not one of my favorite arcs, but I love the characters we meet in it.

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    an action packed story which will bind you till you complete it.

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    The Battle of Fairy Tail continues as Laxus small cadre of wizards, the Thunder Legion, has been defeated He has to enter the fray himself, though few of the Fairy Tail wizards are left Heavy hitters Natsu, Erza, Mystogan, and Gajeel are still up for fighting They have to contend with Laxus s lightening magic and his Thunder Palace a set of 300 small orb encircling the town of Magnolia which threaten to release an electricity attack on the town if the Fairy Tail people can t stop them in time.The fights are exciting and they have a lot of kung fu type sparring along with the magical strikes I am impressed that the battles get and epic as the story goes along You d think a limit would eventually be hit but Mashima manages to squeeze out as he goes He puts in a little character development and some new mysteries as well, so there s plenty to enjoy.The book includes a side st...

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    This volume takes us through the end of the Battle of Fairy Tail as orchestrated by Laxus and his cohorts As seen in volume fourteen the girls get free of Laxus entrapment, as do Natsu and Gajeel Erza briefly...

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    With the wizards of Fairy Tail finally getting the advantage, Laxus decides to enter the battle with his own thunder abilities and show Natsu and his friends just how far his terrifying magic can reach Mashima will have readers ch...

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    This volume was much better than some of the previous ones The story is finally back to linear so you don t have to keep track of what is happening to who The art is great The story seems to be lacking something though.

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