Bluebird Canyon

Police Officer Oliver Triphammer Bodley Watches With Dismay As His Old Friend Rex Hooker Star Of America S Most Popular Soap Opera, Father Of An Enchanting Little Boy, Lover Of Two Different Women Self Destructs Nancy PearlBluebird Canyon

Dan received his Bachelor of Arts from Stanford University, later attending Columbia University for his PhD Upon graduation in 1966, he came to Cornell University where he taught American literature and creative writing to generations of Cornell students over the next 40 years He is the author of several novels, including Jack the Bear 1974 , Beecher 1979 , Bluebird Canyon 1983 , Triphammer 1990 , and Messenger Bird 1993 Jack the Bear was translated into over a dozen languages, and was released as a 20th Century Fox film in 1993, starring Gary Sinise, Reese Witherspoon, and Julia Louis Dreyfus, among others His critical and scholarly books include The Example of Richard Wright 1969 , The Silence of Bartleby 1989 , Citizens of Somewhere Else 1999 and the Norton Critical Edition of Melville s Short Novels 2002.

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  • Unknown Binding
  • 373 pages
  • Bluebird Canyon
  • Dan McCall
  • 28 November 2019
  • 0865530327

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    This was the worst book I ever read I felt like stopping halfway through, but thought maybe it would get better It didn t I threw it away.It is full of unnecessary profanity and made up words The character who is an 11 year old child is exposed by his own parents to inappropriate adult behavior including nudity, extremely vulgar language, and sexual situations, as well as experiencing an unwanted sexual situation with another boy.

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    3.5 starsWhat an F ed up group of people The Hooker family Rex, the tipping off his rocker soap opera star and producer his intelligent young son, David his ex wife Joslin his famous architect father, J.O and his ailing mother Leela go through self inflicted traumas as well as ones instigated after a family rivalry, and Rex s high school friend, cop Oliver Triphammer Bodley gets mixed up in the craziness Good story, sometimes brash cop drama writing Not a bad read, though.

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    I read about this book in Nancy Pearl s Book Lust She has really changed my reading life I bought this one online at abebooks because none of the local libraries had it I had just broken my shoulder, so I was really doped up on pain meds, but still this was a really strange book I just kept reading it to see how it would end Ms Pearl had it listed under books with a California theme, and it definitely had that going for it.

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