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Gustave Flaubert December 12, 1821 May 8, 1880 is counted among the greatest Western novelists He was born in Rouen, Seine Maritime, in the Haute Normandie Region of France.Flaubert s curious modes of composition favored and were emphasized by these peculiarities He worked in sullen solitude, sometimes occupying a week in the completion of one page, never satisfied with what he had composed,

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    This one is often described as the novel to end all novels and I understand why when you are reading it you say to yourself very frequently if this is what novels are like I am never going to read another one in my entire life From about page 50 until when I stopped, I was having these strong bibliocidal fantasies I thought maybe I will leave this accidentally on the bus to work But I forgot to forget it, like that country song Then I thought maybe a column of army ants will chomp it up so that not a shred remains But army ants are never seen in Nottingham, only the friendly variety who bid you good day as they pass by I tried to donate my copy to Oxfam but the shop assistant, having turned very pale when she saw the title, summoned up a courage I had not thought her to possess and said they could not accept that particular title When I asked why she referred me to the Oxfam standard operating procedures, something about health and safety, which includes of course mental health They had accepted copies of Sentimental Education in previous years but there had been some incidents and now all shops had been explicitly warned not to I see that many of my most respected GR friends hand out the big four and five stars to this novel and describe it as brilliantly comic I was trembling in my boots until I found that none other than Henry James was on my side Here is his considered opinion Here the form and method are the same as in Madame Bovary the studied ski...

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    858 L ducation sentimentale Sentimental Education, Gustave FlaubertSentimental Education French L ducation sentimentale, 1869 is a novel by Gustave Flaubert Considered one of the most influential novels of the 19th century, it was praised by contemporaries such as George Sand and mile Zola, but criticised by Henry James The stor...

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    As was the case with Madame Bovary, which I read recently, this book demanded to be commented on as I read, so I posted lots of quips and quotes in the updates.While searching for illustrations for those updates, I began to notice strong parallels between Flaubert s mid nineteenth century story and Honor Daumier s cartoons for French illustrated newspapers of the same period Finding so many amusing pairings between scenes in the book and Daumier s illustrations made reading this book a double pleasure.And since it s a busy time of the year, I m going to incorporate some of those updates into the review apologies to those of you who ve seen them already.L ducation sentimentale is set in the 1840s, and the political upheavals of those years are referenced constantly though they don t impinge as much as they might on the main character, Fr d ric Moreau Fr d ric is a law student who d like to be a writer, but he doesn t find it easy to study or write, so he leads the typical student life, sleeping, eating and drinking and enjoying the cartoons in the Charivari newspaper Fr d ric avala un verre de rhum, puis un verre de kirsch, puis un verre de cura ao, puis diff rents grogs, tant froids que chauds Il lut tout le journal, et le relut il examina, jusque dans les grains du papier, la caricature du Charivari la fin, il ...

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    A sentimental education means your first love, and if Fr d ric s not careful he isn t going to learn shit from it He s an aimless, pointless little man, slowly failing to do anything whatsoever with his life He s in love with his friend s wife, and you sortof wish they d bang just so we d all have something to watch The story or the plot of a novel is quite indifferent to me, though, Flaubert said He wanted real life He s the champion of realism, the late 1800s movement away from moral lessons and towards the real world It s brilliant in Madame Bovary, his first novel By the time he finished Sentimental Education 12 years later in 1862 he seems to have remembered something crucial about the real world its plot is a fucking mess.Fr d ric hems and haws about Madame Arnoux, while having affairs with a trio of other women a courtesan, the girl next door, a different friend s wife They have varying levels of intensity and consummation, from one to.maybe six Fr d ric doesn t go all the way to ten Will he get anything going with Madame Arnoux Certainly not if he s the one who has to do it He can t even get a job You hear merciless about Flaubert a lot, and I appreciate the mercilessness of this picture There are a lo...

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    L Education Sentimentale is well known to be one of Woody Allen s favourite books, and it explores one of Allen s favourite themes Whether life is a tragedy or a comedy depends on hair fine nuances Melinda and Melinda is probably the clearest example the perspective constantly, and rather confusingly, shifts back and forward between comedy and tragedy A bit later, he redid the idea in a convincing way, as the linked pair Match Point the tragedy and Scoop the comedy In the same spirit, here s a linked pair of reviews I wrote the tragic one first, but then felt that I really needed to balance it with a comic version.________________________Tragic reviewO Hamlet, speak no Thou turn st mine eyes into my very soul And there I see such black and grained spotsAs will not leave their tinct.I m afraid it s not exactly a fun beach read If L Education Sentimentale doesn t make you feel uneasy, you re either a remarkably secure person or you decided to quit before reaching the end And Flaubert does a good job of sneaking up on you for the first hundred pages or so, I felt it was one of those books where nothing was going to happen, and it wasn t until I was about halfway through that I really began to feel disquieted He s good.On the surface, it s unremarkable, except for the lovely prose Fr d ric is a stupid and shallow young man ...

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    1852 .

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    An exhausting thrill ride through the zany world of womanising socialite Fr d ric, or for the first 300 pages, at least wannabe womanising socialite Fr d ric Because Fr d ric can t make it happen with his mate Arnoux s missus, nor his mate Arnoux s mistress, this frustration is the bane of his existence as he falls in and out of money, society an...

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    . 1840 1848

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    Floberovo Sentimentalno vaspitanje je knjiga koja po inje u ranoj mladosti, a zavr ava se u ranoj starosti jednog pametnog, ali previ e ose ajnog Francuza sa umetni kim senzibilitetom, Frederika Moroa, na ijem primeru se pokazuje i kako ne tako surove ivotne okolnosti izuzimaju i Revoluciju koja je na nivou epizodnog lika u o ima Frederika vrlo lako mogu da ubu ave mladala ke snove i ambicije Istina, Frederik nije ba nevina rtva nije da se ne anga uje u cilju te propasti, sve i da je taj anga man nekakava samopovodljivost ni za im, gotovo strastvena ambivalentnost da, sve paradoksi , on lebdi iznad i izvan ivota, menjaju i stvarnost za iluzije a iluzije za ivot Na kraju nema lekcije, a mi nemamo ose aj kru enja po istoj putanji.Frederik je od onih likova koji, naizgled, sve rade pogre no, ali za ije postupke ne nalazite alternativu u tom smislu, roman je hermeti ki zatvoren Svakako me u najzanimljivijim knji evnim likovima za koje znam.Iako je glavni motiv momenat iz Floberove biografije tako e celo ivotna ljubav prema jednoj eni, u roman su uklopljene jo 3, koje Ingrid afanek poredi sa 4 elementa koja bi mogla da ine nekakvu celinu Frederikovih potreba Pogre no bi bilo sklapati od njih idealnu jednu, to nije namera Ovo nije ljubavni roman, makar ne u mom shvatanju Pre bih ga svrstala u grupu onih to postavljaju pitanje ta bismo menjali kad bismo iveli u svetu najboljem od svih.Ka u da je Flober hteo da prika e izgubljenost svoje generacije, al...

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    Finished What an achievement Writing it, not reading it I marvel that he has written a book with no character for which one could have a shred of sympathy and yet somehow we sit there caring what happens I mean, really caring, reading through breakfast caring.I kept thinking of The Great Gatsby when Nick says to Jay They re a rotten crowdYou re worth the whole damn bunch put together and isn ...

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